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Global Rumblings: Pole Shift is Happening Fast-Hidden Info Found

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pole Shift is Happening Fast-Hidden Info Found

Someone, "Skippy" was "poking around" the National Geophysical Data Center and found an updated list of the North and South magnetic poles. It was updated last month and shows where they think the North and South magnetic poles will be in 2015. It goes all the way back to 1590. He posted this info in a  Forum with the title,"I found something I'm not sure I was supposed to find."

From Parent Directory of NGDC - NOAA:

  1. north pole position data - NGDC - NOAA

    Updated Feb. 22, 2012

Partial list of positions of the North Magnetic Pole:

-100.068 73.527 1947 -100.144 73.6 1948 -100.195 73.665 1949 -100.222 73.726 1950 -100.274 73.829 1951 -100.271 73.889 1952 -100.32 73.993 1953 -100.378 74.098 1954 -100.39 74.161 1955 -100.444 74.265 1956 -100.485 74.367 1957 -100.509 74.465 1958 -100.465 74.517 1959 -100.459 74.611 1960 -100.448 74.705 1961 -100.442 74.8 1962 -100.452 74.895 1963 -100.426 74.946 1964 -100.397 74.995 1965 -100.401 75.082 1966 -100.336 75.123 1967 -100.206 75.117 1968 -100.115 75.152 1969 -100.021 75.187 1970 -99.935 75.224 1971 -99.867 75.268 1972 -99.827 75.319 1973 -99.869 75.423 1974 -99.942 75.536 1975 -100.093 75.699 1976 -100.223 75.824 1977 -100.429 75.993 1978 -100.606 76.118 1979 -101.108 76.315 1980 -101.254 76.389 1981 -101.453 76.506 1982 -101.6 76.579 1983 -101.801 76.695 1984 -102.004 76.809 1985 -102.169 76.926 1986 -102.393 77.086 1987 -102.563 77.201 1988 -102.793 77.359 1989 -102.968 77.473 1990 -103.269 77.68 1991 -103.579 77.885 1992 -103.832 78.047 1993 -104.155 78.25 1994 -104.488 78.451 1995 -105.131 78.798 1996 -105.808 79.141 1997 -106.525 79.481 1998 -107.37 79.859 1999 -108.265 80.314 2000 -109.478 80.772 2001 -110.807 81.225 2002 -112.268 81.67 2003 -114.026 82.149 2004 -115.83 82.578 2005 -117.828 82.996 2006 -120.273 83.443 2007 -122.814 83.838 2008 -125.681 84.218 2009 -128.62 84.548 2010 -131.91 84.86 2011 -135.594 85.154 2012 -139.28 85.396 2013 -143.339 85.618 2014 -147.264 85.791 2015

Here's the link with the complete list going all the way back to 1590:

 He checked the data on this map from Japanese scientists and it matches up:

Look at how fast the North Magnetic Pole started to move in 1990:
Dire_effects  Wrote:
And thus a natural cycle of climate change.

Yes, a natural cycle.... but look how fast it's increased its speed since 1990!
Post: #6
RE: I Found Something I'm Not Sure I Was Supposed to Find....
Excellent find, Skippy! Supports the theory that there is a brown dwarf passing by on its regular 3600 year cycle, affecting our magnetic field.
RE: I Found Something I'm Not Sure I Was Supposed to Find....
I looked at the list all the way back to 1590 and the pole has never moved as fast as it has since 1990. That's over four centuries of data!
Lapis Lazuli  Wrote:
Dire_effects  Wrote:
And thus a natural cycle of climate change.

how does magnetic North affect weather patterns?

The Earth is a giant electro-magnet. 

The poles shifting could cause real time planetary shift. 

Ergo, large earthquakes. 

The planet takes radiant energy at a slightly different angle and el nino is affected, ergo,climate change.

Another interesting extrapolation:

Contributing sources:

Forum, Lunatic Outpost


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Comment by Blavatsky on March 14, 2012 at 5:42pm

Well there is something going on at the poles for sure

BROKEN RECORD? The recent sustained activity of sunspot AR1429 has kept the Arctic Circle alight with auroras for almost two weeks. "I have spent many thousands of hours watching and photographing the Northern Lights," says aurora tour guide Chad Blakely of Abisko Sweden, "and I can honestly say that I have never seen the auroras this strong for so many days in a row." In a movie he made last night, March 12th, a green tornado of light swirls across Venus and Jupiter:

Comment by nicholas fowler on March 14, 2012 at 1:25pm

Thats correct, in those days prior to the great cataclysm there were 360 days in the year, five more were added, this sounds though as if the earths orbit had changed so its orbital period was stretched by five days. we have testimony, that the earth stood still, stopped turning, whether jt s held in its orbit or simply was held on its rotational axis, the latter I think.  We hear of the Mayans or was it Aztecs , the king sending parties of men out in four directions to see which direction the sun would risen in. those days must have been pretty hair raising. !!!!!

Comment by Amy Evans on March 14, 2012 at 1:11pm

Ipuwer mentioned at or near the end of his work ... right after Nibiru/The Destroyer left, that the growing seasons had turned on their head, and the plants were rotting in the ground and on the vine.  Combine that with the change of the setting of the Moon & Sun, that can only lead to a Geographical Pole Shift

Comment by nicholas fowler on March 14, 2012 at 12:49pm

there are many disparate sources , whistleblowers, contactees such as Tolec, plus  many others and the same message is given a planetary pole sfift is in the offing, very soon. my question is, are we talking about a geomagnetic reversal which may not be too bad, or are we talking about this plus an axis shift, a passing cometary object, this brown dwarf if it s not a fiction, will do th trick. nicely. maybe we will see  a few more signs towards this October, look at the seismic monitors, just checked them a minute ago, they are even more black, something is upsetting the magma, and it can't be put down to just happenstance. we must assume if something massive is affecting the sun it will affect the earth, Venus has slowed down, Mars has had some recent?  violent earthquakes, and storms, according ti extrapolation from movements of boulders I believe on the Martian surface.

Ed Dames  is on Coast to Coast tomorrow I believe talking about his remote viewers and the solar storms they have seen. something not to be missed.

Comment by Alex Cortes on March 14, 2012 at 12:06pm

considering the ramping up quiet plausible...

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on March 14, 2012 at 11:44am

HAARP hasn't always been around.  Jim, you're thinking this time around is being influenced?

Comment by Alex Cortes on March 14, 2012 at 11:25am

Interesting perspective Jim...I have a hard time wrapping my mind around HAARP because of how much is attributed to it.  I guess I still can't accept that man has that much of an influence on his environment....  I tend to lean towards it simply being part of a natural cycle....but I can easily be wrong.

Comment by Jim Balister on March 14, 2012 at 11:04am

I started reading about the pole shift about 1956 or 7.  The thoughts then was that the earth winds like a clock and when the spring gets tight enough it snaps and starts over again.  After I have checked much data over the years like Zeta talk, I now think that the movement of the magnetic pole is caused by HAARP. 

Comment by Byron wilkins on March 14, 2012 at 10:49am

What a rapid change in a short period of time. Good find Amy  



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