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The Great Battle between Two Kingdoms

Message received April 24, 2021

The awakening continues as the keys I have given you reveal more and more truth, raising you up into all that you are purposed for. Your journey here is that walk to remember I have spoken of before, as My Spirit, the Spirit of wisdom, counsels you and prepares you for your full indwelling of all that I AM. Your election is sure, and all your training will very, very soon be applied, as the fulness of who I AM completely consumes you, My remnant army and My chosen priesthood. 

I knew you before all things were. I knew you and I predestined you for your role here now. Every one of you ever created in My image has a purpose and is part of My great plan in your time here on earth. I have imparted within you all you will ever need to fulfill your destiny here. I have promised those who seek Me with all your heart that My Spirit will bring to your remembrance all you must know. All things will be revealed to you as I will, and in its perfect timing. 

You have been sent here and given free will choices. Your choice is to participate and come into agreement, operating in either the carnal nature which is governed by satan and his dark kingdom, or your true spiritual nature as My children birthed from the Kingdom of your Father and the one that is your true home, the Kingdom of Light and Yahushua, the Son of Light and everything that I AM.   

Each generation made in My image from the beginning carries that Light of My Son and My Kingdom within, and is responsible for spiritually teaching the next generation this truth. Each time any one of you chooses truth and walks in this, paradigms shift all around you and frequencies are raised. Operating in the fulness of who I AM within you, as you seek My face throughout your journey causes great change both in the natural and in the spiritual, as your choices move you from glory to glory, and the keys given to you open more revelation to My secrets and mysteries. It is in this way that My Kingdom is on earth as it is in Heaven. It is in this that I speak to you, that I have given you the keys of the Kingdom, and what you bind here on earth is bound in Heaven, and what you loose on earth is loosed in Heaven. I told you that you would do all the things I did while here, yet more. 

The keys I give you have many purposes. There are keys to greater insight, revelation and understanding. There are keys to knowledge and wisdom. There are keys to gateways and doors, which are only opened through close intimacy with Me. Keys solve mysteries and keys open things previously shut. Keys offer authority and are given to those in obedience. 

A great battle is raging, as you are very well aware. This is a spiritual battle, a war between good and evil, a Kingdom of light versus a kingdom of darkness, those in allegiance to the only Creator, against those who rebelled so long ago. The war you are now in is in its final season of this age, the culmination of the war of the serpent seed against the Holy seed of My only begotten Son. This is a war between satan and his offspring whose destiny is eternal fire, and My children, My heirs, who will receive their rewards and live with Me eternally.  The enemy's seed will die, but My seed through Yahushua cannot die. My Son, who is the Light, is the only One whose blood is incorruptible and gives eternal life and salvation to all who believe.

As satan came to Eve and seduced her, Cain was birthed as the offspring, and the seed of satan came forth as a bloodline along side of My Holy seed, therefore, pitting two bloodlines against each other.  This corrupt seed is in many of those who war now against My people, the cursed seed versus the pure seed that is holy and incorruptible. This is critical understanding to know what is happening now in these end days. 

My blueprint, the very image of who I AM, My essence has been encoded in all those made in My image, unlike that of the enemy of your soul.  Your DNA carries in it the Creator Himself, the Light of My Son, and all that this encompasses. Each molecule is specifically, intricately designed, fashioned, and gifted with all that I have purposed for that soul. No one can replicate that precious blueprint that only comes from Me and My heart, and no one can attain immortality or access to My Kingdom without going through the Door, the Portal to My Kingdom through the shed blood of My Son. In Our great mercy, He incarnated to shed His holy blood which carries in it Life eternal. He laid down the incarnated body, and raised it up again. The enemy of Heaven cannot do this, nor can he recreate or replicate what has been done, as the Life is in the blood, and only those in My image carry this life, because I have given it.  I have breathed into you My very Spirit. Belief in My Son and His atonement for you is how you are reconciled back to me from your sin, and freed from the curse.  He is the only One who demonstrated by His physical death in this realm that My blood is Life and cannot be extinguished. When you are in Me, in Him, in My Holy Spirit, in Us, that blood spilled and resurrected gives you access once again to your true home, and establishes you as heirs to My Kingdom, where you will receive your rightful inheritance. 

There are several distinct groups here battling now. The first group is the enemy and his kingdom and forces, along with all the manifestations, creatures and hybrids who are not fully human, or made in My image, who desire to bring to destruction anyone who is of Me. This group knows who they are, and they are of the seed of Cain or the seed of satan. They seek to destroy the soul of man, forever separating you from Me. Satan hated Me before you, and hates you because you are made in My image. He desires to take from Me all those he can win through sin, to prevent you from eternal life in his revenge. He cannot destroy Me, but he desires to destroy you through your sin which is what separates Us. This is why I came and shed My blood, to atone for you.

The second group are those made in My image, but have not understood the purpose of this life and who operate in the carnal, sinful flesh, as they have not accepted the truth that has been presented. They have ignored that still small voice within, the seed planted from the beginning, that gives them the innate desire for truth. The influence of the fallen realm has hardened their heart and they desire only to fulfill the lust of the world and the lust of the flesh, rather than the spirit. I have given each person the deeper understanding of the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, darkness and light. This is the test between dualities, being the choice given between what is holy and what is unholy to Me, but many have chosen that which is not of Me. 

The third group are those of Me, who have sought Me with everything they have and live according to My ways and My commandments and have sought My wisdom and counsel in all things, living in obedience, desperate to be found undefiled and holy at My coming. These are known in My Word as My manifested sons and daughters, the heirs to My Kingdom, kings and priests, and My crown jewels. It is very important now to understand the distinction between these groups, as your experience now is a direct result of the group you have come into agreement with. 

The spiritual battle intensifies greatly almost daily now and you are seeing things never before witnessed. In his quest to become like Me, and in his desire to usurp My Throne, and in his eyes, win this battle I speak of, the enemy of your soul has inhabited a human form and will soon publicly call himself 'the messiah.' He has planned this from the beginning of his rebellion, and many preparations have been made for his rise to power. Many give their allegiance to him and his forces, and the mandates for living under his system of governance have already begun to be implemented around the world.  Those who have ears to hear what I am saying- beware! For those of you who have not learned to know Me, to know My voice whispering to you in the secret place, you will be deceived, and you will remain to be ruled for a time under this beast system. This will be a most terrible time on the earth, and this time is ever so close at hand. 

The darkness that has been embraced and fed by those who have not chosen Me fully is now visible and manifesting powerfully in the earth like never before, as the forces of darkness amass their armies and display the fruits of their wicked and evil ways. This must be, as I am allowing each and every soul to make a choice. There is a further separation of those who need further refinement by fiery trials, and it must occur, so that you are made aware that your choice for light or darkness will determine your position- whether in My Kingdom as My Bride, or those invited as guests, or whether you make a choice in free will, separating yourselves from Me eternally. Your choices in the past and now, have and will determine where and how you will spend the remaining final moments here, as I give the earth over to darkness for a short time, bringing judgment and recompense where it is due, and removing My arm of protection. Have I not said that judgment begins in My house? The clarion call goes forth! Who do you serve,  for I tell you, you cannot serve two masters. 

This is not only about a battle, the greatest battle of all time for mankind, but about a covenant. You are either in covenant with satan, or in covenant with Me. A profound fact, but inherently simply. His covenant may bring you your heart desire here in the worldly things that are fleeting and without substance, but My blood covenant brings eternal life and the fulfillment of the deeper desires of your heart, bringing you back into Oneness with the One who so lovingly formed you, breathing life into you, so We could be in relationship and communion together in perfect harmony. 

There is a plan in place for all that is happening, and the battle plans have been told to you in My Word. My Kingdom is a Kingdom of righteousness, order, justice, authority, power, and dominion, with a governing body and precise strategies. Just as My Kingdom in Heaven has elders and My council, so too will there be a governing body on the earth after this battle finishes, as I have already won the victory. It must only play out in the natural before you according to My Word.  

Those of you who have sought to know truth and become My disciples and have been in training are aware of your positions and what I would have you do. When I say in My Word that you will be kings and priests, this is because as We gather in the harvest of souls, there will be order under you as My governing body. You will minister and witness, heal and raise the dead. Miracles will abound as My Spirit floods the earth through you.  

You who are called My first fruits, the wise virgins who have already come through the trials by fire in this life and removed yourselves from the worldly beast system,  I will indwell first,  as you have awakened in the spirit and are to step into your Kingdom assignments now. I will fully indwell you and use you who have been prepared beforehand, My barley group, and you will be used as instruments of righteousness and holiness right in the midst of the darkness.  I have ordained this so all who were not previously ready to meet Me may have a chance to be saved, as they see the Kingdom of Heaven visibly manifest on the earth. Satan knows of this plan, and his efforts to stop My remnant are furious and increasingly aggressive now, but I tell you, nothing will stop My army and My Word from being fulfilled! 

Those who have not made this commitment to follow Me in full surrender previously will endure for a time, as I allow further refining, before I will draw them to Me. Some will be protected in places of refuge, some will be fleeing the beast system and on the run, others will be martyred for My name. It is all ordained as I have designed it to be. I would tell you this beforehand so all might understand that this time to undergo tribulation is a great mercy that I extend, in order that through the exploits of My manifested remnant, the remaining group comes to know the truth that will set them free. My remnant army will display awesome manifestations of My power, authority and miracles,  that all the world may see the presence of the Great I AM in this place,  and know that I AM THE CREATOR OF ALL AND THERE IS NONE BESIDES ME. When this occurs, no one will have excuse as to the choice they make, as Truth embodied collectively known as My first fruits will stand before them. 

I have come that you might have life, and to save all My children from the powers of darkness. I will never forsake any who call on My name, but your experience from here forward is shaped by your desire to follow Me. Great and radical faith will be necessary as all things are shaken. Humble yourself and cry out to the living God of all things and know your position. When you can do nothing else, stand,  stand firm in Me, your Rock and Defense, I will be your help in desperate times of need. 

Only those firmly grounded in Me will be sure of their positions now. Pray for radical faith. Pray for discernment and especially pray for wisdom and those who are lost. 

Prepare My children, prepare - for the end of all things is at hand. 

Prepare your hearts to receive your King! I am coming sooner that you would believe!



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