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We have been trying for years to warn our friends and Family to get ready for what is coming with little response. Now what happens next is going to be painful but necessary

 I like most of you are going to be in a very disheartening situation. We who know something bad is going to happen have been warning our friends and families to save Food, water, medicine, guns and ammo and all the thing that will be needed in the new world we will soon be living in similar to the 1800's. We have begged them over and over to get prepared and if you are like me they have not listened. We know that they will not survive and that is a fact. That is something I knew for a long time and did not want to face up to until now when it is almost inevitable. Now may be the time to tell them that since they did not listen to you no matter how many times you have warned them that they are not welcome at your home and if they arrive they will over tax your supplies and you to will starve and die. If they have nothing to contribute to your community they are a major burden. I have saved extra because I knew this time would arrive.  If you do let people in they have to have value, do they have guns and ammo and are willing to pull guard duty and hunt, but can they pull the trigger if somebody is breaking into your home, to save the rest. How do you throw them out after you let them in and they are lazy and useless, do they leave and come back with a gang. Now is the time to make these decisions and it is not easy but you are not going to make it if you don't do it soon. You have to put your big boy pants right now. After following the economic reports for a year, the dollar is dead. the police state is coming and a major false flag to leave O in office with martial law is close. This year the UN took over the sovereignty of 193 nations and they didn't even notice while the celebrated the 70th anniversary of the organization that is the real NWO and always has been. We now have an international police force and army that you will not escape. Our saving grace was the internet and this week congress may give control to the UN and the cabal. Muslims are entering all western countries and destroying their culture and the UN is mandating it. If you are not prepared now you will probably not be anything but a memory to those that have . I have always been a positive person and still will be till I die. I find it very hard that most of mankind will be alive next year and I hope that you who may take the time to read this understand what I have said. There is no one coming to save you, that is your job so get a hustle on and be who you came here to be. If you choose not to, your life on earth was for nothing.         

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Comment by Byron wilkins on October 24, 2015 at 12:31am

Rattle snake Ranch ought to work pretty well. Guns pointed at you is also good. 

I posted a video of The hurricane hitting Mexico and in it was a picture of a stores shelves EMPTY and we have seen it in Greece,Argentina. and in the Ukraine not to mention the food stamp glitch. Why can't people understand that the smallest problem can starve you. Cannibalism comes up so many times in history, but is unimaginable for me to even think about. I plan on helping people for a short period but I know it will be dangerous to think about it. And more dangerous to do it. I have killed many people in Vietnam and have paid the price with PTSD. I know I will have to again This time I will avoid it if possible. That is why I brought up signs. Hopefully the people reading them did not get a common core education and can understand the words.   

Comment by Jim Haas on October 23, 2015 at 11:49pm

After 4 days everyone without food becomes a potential CANNIBAL.  The AVERAGE household has just that.....4 days supply of food.  People caught out in the ultraviolet light and radiation will be blinded and go semi crazy with pain and desperation.  With the sores on their skin from volcanic ash and radiation burns they will become the "zombies."  ( I know, you thought those sci-fi movies just made that stuff up, didn't you?)  These people will be more desperate than you can possibly imagine.  You may very well have to shoot cannibals and zombies once you have dealt with the raider people who want your food and/or your women.  Learn to shoot first and ask no questions.  Get in a hardened mind set or you won't survive, either.  Only the well prepared tough ones are going to survive this one, folks.  I hate to sound so hard hearted and cold, but these people are coming to eat you or your food.  Yes, Byron.  The dead will have to be buried within a few days.  You should have adequate hygiene supplies and water so that you don't have to leave your safe haven for many days after the "event".  Go out doors only at night when you do need to go out.  Otherwise, you become a target. Crops planted from the TWO years supply of seeds you have will most likely FAIL due to volcanic dust and a semi-nuclear winter type scenarios, including much colder temperatures than normal.  That's when you'll need the second year's supply of food to get you through to harvest season of the SECOND year.  It may even take a THIRD year of supplies to make it, folks.  It's supposed to be an 8-10 year recovery cycle before anything much returns to some semblance of "normal"..... good luck, if you prepared....shame on you, if you procrastinated..... you are already dead people walking..... feel no sympathy for those who could have prepared and didn't.....they will find their fate, shortly....

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on October 23, 2015 at 11:43pm

Nyet!  Don't tell anyone you are weak.  Say, ten shotguns are trained on you.  Back away slowly, turn around and leave quietly.  And don't come back. 

You can also post signs that say "Rancho Cascabel" (Rattler Ranch), or "Scorpions R Us."

Comment by Byron wilkins on October 23, 2015 at 11:13pm

My worst worry is the people that have robbed others and will survive longer that a couple weeks. Leaving a dead person on the porch will bring Typhus to your group, you will have to bury all bodies as fast as possible. It is a nice thing to give to the church. I think they will be raided also. You are going to have to hide your food in different places in case you do get raided. What worries me most at this time is a financial collapse coming first. We are not in this place and time with all countries collapsing at the same time by accident. I believe that the the elite are propping the economy up for a reason and that is because they will need to get to their hiddy holes safely and that will not happen with chaos in the streets. I have more compassion than you do Jim but I do need to harden myself. I am working on it but it is no easy task. I have thought of many signs to put up and which might be the most effective to stop people from even knocking on on your door. WE RAN OUT OF FOOD AND JUST ATE ONE OF OUR DOGS AND YOU MIGHT BE OUR NEXT MEAL DO NOT TEMPT US. WE ARE ALL VERY SICK AND MOST HAVE ALREADY DIED WE HAVE NO FOOD. ALL OF US HERE ARE DYING OF STARVATION PLEASE LEAVE FOOD AT THE FRONT. WE ARE VERY TIRED OF DIGGING GRAVES FOR THOSE WE ASKED TO STAY AWAY DO US AND YOURSELF A FAVOR AND LEAVE NOW NO FOOD HERE. 

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on October 23, 2015 at 10:47pm

The extra food we collected for charity during the aftertimes.  I'm all for seeing mankind survive.  I'll do what I can, but I will draw the line when it comes to my own survival, because otherwise, what's the point.

Comment by Jim Haas on October 23, 2015 at 10:12pm

What EXTRA food, Cheryl.  If you don't have at LEAST 2 years, you aren't going to make it.  Three would be better..... EXTRA FOOD?  All the extra food has been confiscated for the privileged elite in the DUMB bases....

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on October 23, 2015 at 9:57pm

Life wasn't for nothing, and not achieving one's purpose happens.  Lessons will be learned, even the hard one of failure.  And, we'll be back (if we don't graduate).

Jim Rawles of suggests folks donate their extra food to churches and let the churches dispense the food.  This keeps refugees from coming to your front door. 

Comment by Jim Haas on October 23, 2015 at 9:14pm

Yes, Byron.  I've been over the same gut wrenching scenarios that you have.  I've been mocked, laughed at, ridiculed, and asked what's the new date for the fly by, more than once.  Oh, it will be sweet to see the look of horror on some of their faces when the big orange ball appears in the sky over their heads...... dead men walking, is the phrase I think I'll be using.  All tose who did not prepare after being warned, WILL BE DEAD MEN WALKING.  As to beggars coming to your door either asking , begging, or demanding, this is the policy myself and others in my survival group have come up with.  Polite asking equals a polite refusal.  " I only have enough for a few more days myself," would be a possible answer.  Be on guard for someone out in the bushes that might shoot you if you answer your door to a female beggar.  A DEMANDER has to be shot upon demand.  No threats, no I'll be back with my buddies, can be tolerated.  If you let them go, they WILL be back with their buddies, to clean house on you.  The first two weeks will be the worst, I think.  If a blood relative or close friend wants into the group, it must be voted upon by the group, and strictly adhered to.  No exceptions.....The survivability of the entire group is at stake.  Maybe you could use the extra guy on guard duty for a few weeks.  When things settle down, do you still need him?  How do you kick him out of the group now?  Will he leave voluntarily, or not?  You must run these things through your mind and come up with a plan of action.  Having no plan will doom you to failure.  Probably the hardest thing to do would be to turn away a woman with small children.  It must be done, unless someone wants to share THEIR PERSONAL FOOD SUPPLY with the refugees.  They must know that when their food supply runs out they are ALL getting "The Boot".  That's why the ROK (Republic of Korea) Marines in Vietnam never took any enemy prisoners.  It's not that they weren't allowed to take them.  It was because if they took a prisoner, they were then responsible for feeding that prisoner out of their rations.  Guess what?  No prisoners taken by ROK Marines!  The best no trespassing sign you can have, is a dead body or two laying on your front side walk.  Hopefully, the real bad anarchy will be mostly over in a couple of weeks.....

My opinion is that people who were warned and did nothing, don't deserve a second chance.  I'm more inclined, but not by much, to help someone who was totally ignorant of the situation.  If they had access to the WWWeb, and were too lazy or dis interested to read a few news articles, or were warned by some one like us, Byron, I will have absolutely no sympathy for them, at all..... sorry, I've had it with lazy, low I.Q.'d people.  Most of them making much more than me on my SS Pension.  If I could prepare, then why couldn't they?  And they want ME to give them some of MY food?  I don't think so.  Not in a month of Sundays......oh, well.  I've ranted too long now.  It's almost my bed time anyway....good luck everyone....don't come knocking on my door if you're hungry.



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