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"Q: What do you Want for XMAS?" by Sierra (NZ) - 12.5.18

Entry Submitted by Sierra (NZ) at 10:55 PM EST on December 5, 2018

Q post number 2557 links to an article from The Hill...

Here are excerpts from the article...

'Just before Thanksgiving, House Republicans amended the list of documents they'd like President Trump to declassify in the Russian investigation. The law-makers...added a string of emails between the FBI and Department of Justice (DoJ) to their wish list...'

'Sources tell me the targeted documents may provide the most damning evidence to date of potential abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), evidence that has been kept from the majority of Congress for more than two years.' (John Solomon, The Hill)

Below the article link, Q has written these words..

'What do you want for XMAS?'

It seems that top Alliance members have been meeting in secret. Here is Q post number 2555...

Long meetings held within a SCIF [unusual], usually indicates
something 'highly important' was discussed [planned]?'

Here is Lisa Mei Crowley's tweet about this post...

'Whitaker, Horowitz, Huber and Wray holding meetings in SCIF's (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) indicates they are discussing highly-classified FISA-related intel on those they have been monitoring for the past year. They likely know the Deep State's next move to delay Huber.'

Q has said all along that the FISA declassification will 'bring down the House'. Remember, as many as TWO-THIRDS of Congress members could be on the list of sealed indictments.

We must continue to have faith in the Alliance Plan. It was only slightly delayed by the Bush funeral. And as Q says, the Deep State have now used all their ammo by delaying Bush's funeral to coincide with 5th December hearing. The game is over for them. They're toast.

It will be a busy few weeks in the lead-up to the military tribunals on 1st January. Stock up on popcorn!

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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