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Jason D. replied to Keith H's discussion Florida Board of Health suspends hundreds of health care licenses over student loan defaults
"Thanks to the USC 523 (a)(8) change to bankruptcy laws, student loans are exempt from bankruptcy protection. They are the only form of debt that can't be discharged in bankruptcy filings.  This is a constitutional violation of Article 1…"
Mar 30
Jason D. replied to Cheryl Nelson's discussion "Food Stamps" For February are being distributed now
"Its interesting to note that the food stamp/ebt monies are held by Chase Bank. Apparently the government contracts with them to disburse ebt funds. JP Morgan/Chase Manhattan Bank were, or are Rockefeller outfits."
Jan 21
Jason D. replied to Cheryl Nelson's discussion ODDITY at McCain’s Funeral: Gen. Mattis and Gen. Kelly Eye Lindsey Graham and Huma Abedine
"It was also interesting to note that the demon toad Henry Kissenger was right there in that pocket looking dumb. So, there was plenty to stare down there. When Huma walked in front, Kissenger looked like he wanted to talk to her, but she wanted the…"
Sep 8, 2018
Jason D. replied to Cheryl Nelson's discussion Update 8/31/18 2238 hours -- 7 CIA Mainframes Still Down
"Imagine the operations and movements that could be made while those servers are down. I wish it was the Dept of Education servers that were down, but who knows it might propagate there yet. Maybe Skynet is taking control."
Sep 2, 2018
Jason D. replied to Cheryl Nelson's discussion Over The Last 7 Days Our Planet Has Been Violently Shaken By 144 Major Earthquakes
"Last year the quakes were getting bad in Mexico around September 8th from what I can tell. Hurricane Harvey formed on August 17, 2017 and Irma formed August 30th. Now we have several hurricanes globally but this year most are in the Pacific.…"
Aug 22, 2018
Jason D. replied to Byron wilkins's discussion EVERYONE HATES TRUMP
"Seems like the deep state/shadow government/establishment is already pushing one of their candidates -Eric Holder. I keep seeing articles about about that smarmy snake running for president."
Jul 29, 2018
Jason D. replied to Jim Haas's discussion Victoria Nuland, biggest threat to the deep state. Will she be Arkancided? .....
"She will most likely BS her way through the hearings. I thought she was very unprofessional when she handed out cookies to the Ukraine protesters. I don't think it befits an ambassador or assistant secretary of state to do those things and…"
Jun 21, 2018
Jason D. replied to Jim Haas's discussion Holder tells DOJ to rebel against the President and the Constitution!
"I get a really bad Nazi-like vibe about Holder. If he would recommend going against the  Constitution and government now, then he must've done it under Obama. Holder is establishment/cabal for sure."
May 26, 2018
Jason D. replied to Wm's discussion Thousands of Americans jailed for debts chased by private collectors
"My Student Loan Justice group was just discussing how people were committing suicide due to student loan debt.  Congress stripped bankruptcy and consumer protections from student loans in violation of Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution.…"
Mar 1, 2018
Jason D. replied to Jim Haas's discussion Trump defies the Left. Issues huge endorsement of NRA!
"Cheryl, I think this is where it shows his right eye looking irritated."
Feb 26, 2018
Jason D. replied to Jim Haas's discussion Trump defies the Left. Issues huge endorsement of NRA!
"Did anyone notice that Trumps right eyelid was red and swollen recently? It almost looked like he had a shiner that had been covered with makeup."
Feb 26, 2018
Jason D. replied to Cheryl Nelson's discussion ALLIANCE INSIDER: “Coup in Stage 4 of Stage 5”
"This may be unrelated, but and (Library of Congress) are both down. The Library of Congress website says that will be available during the Feb 16-19 maintenance period, however, it is the 17th and it is unavailable.…"
Feb 17, 2018
Jason D. replied to Jim Haas's discussion Trump to have U S Military put on big parade......really !
"When I read about this, the first thing I thought of was Jade Helm."
Feb 7, 2018
Jason D. replied to Byron wilkins's discussion TRUMP MUST SURVIVE: M_ke P_nce DEEPLY TIED To PedoGate. #STORM #FIREWORKS
"Most likely, Trump knew that Pence was establishment before picking him as VP. However, Trump might not have realized what a tattle tale Pence was. With all that turbulence when Trump took office, both he and his advisors probably had alot to say…"
Jan 3, 2018
Jason D. replied to Byron wilkins's discussion TRUMP MUST SURVIVE: M_ke P_nce DEEPLY TIED To PedoGate. #STORM #FIREWORKS
Jan 3, 2018
Jason D. replied to Byron wilkins's discussion TRUMP MUST SURVIVE: M_ke P_nce DEEPLY TIED To PedoGate. #STORM #FIREWORKS
"Mike Pence wasn't a very popular governor here in Indiana. He was trying to get some kind of state controlled media going, and very discriminatory. Recently, there was a story about how Pence tattled on a frat house party and got the whole…"
Jan 3, 2018

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At 2:14pm on July 13, 2016, Cheryl Nelson said…

Bill, remember when I was having those episodes of vibrating?  Jason, it may be related to our bodies adjusting to higher vibrations, being in closer proximity of our higher selves, as well as the energies coming in.  Many mornings, I'd wake up and feel like my entire body was vibrating.  I didn't hear a hum, that I remember, but it could be same causes manifesting differently in different bodies.

At 5:18pm on July 12, 2016, Wm said…

I will have to type this out again because someone doesn't want you to know this!

I actually thought the hum was a cell towers, hey really I did! Ask Cheryl. Now I was reading a channeling of Father GOD and he was introducing to everybody there Vibration(frequency) that was reading that channeling!

And it was the Hum that I thought was cell towers, wow who knew, in came all the way into my body while I was reading the channeled msg!

At 11:15pm on July 11, 2016, Wm said…

The Grinding Hum is Your Vibration from your Higherself! Ask your higherself to move around and this hum will move for you!

At 9:36pm on October 26, 2011, desertrose said…
Hello, Jason and Welcome to the group!
At 6:38am on October 11, 2011, Keith H said…

Welcome Jason, please take a look at our Welcome Center, we look forward to your input.



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