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  • Yes, excellent song!!

  • Another dream song "Fight the good fight" by Triumph

  • Another dream song

  • Another dream song (happened in dream state) I do not listen to this artist at all!! What the heck lol!

  • I agree with gowithin.  Sounds similar to remote viewing.

  • Either that, or I have a night job, lol.

  • Yes, early this morning.

  • Cheryl this was a dream you had?

  • This was a wild one.  I was looking at my work queue and saw the name "Pope."  Then there were other names that were Italian sounding.  (My work is law enforcement related.)   I then went in to the main office to question how to deal with these new investigative reports.  There was more but I don't remember.  The gist is the Pope has been arrested and is now under law enforcement custody.

  • What the heck morning dream song (as I awoke)

This reply was deleted.

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