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What does mesothelioma have to do with disaster survival?

Thanks to his work as an unpaid volunteer, at 911, Doug Copp still has frequent coughing convulsions when he coughs until he 'vomits' slime and mucus from his lungs.

Hi Doug,

I've written an article for your blog and copied it below. I hope it's informative and helpful for your readers! Please let me know when it has posted.

Thank you for the opportunity!

Lydia Miller

What does mesothelioma have to do with disaster survival?

My first introduction to mesotheliomawas through television commercials. It seems there are endless advertisements starting with, “if you or someone you love” and moving on to, “call for more information.” Long lists of possible candidate characteristics go zipping up the screen: “shipbuilding, coal mining, oil refining, plumbing,” and on and on. What was tying them all together? What is mesothelioma and how does one disease get around to so many different places? I found the answer in the cause: asbestos.

Asbestos is really what has gotten around. Through the last century asbestos was spread though all of America and much of the world in everything from ship engine insulation to residential ceiling tiles. Any nation seeking to build its industries in the 1900s was mining, buying or selling asbestos. Asbestos was so heavily used in the US alone, it earned the nickname ‘backbone of American industry.’ Today, however, any nation that has handled asbestos is counting cases of malignant mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is a cancer. The more common of two mesothelioma types, pleural mesothelioma, is specific to abdominal cavity lining, most often found in protective lung tissue called the mesothelium. Peritoneal mesothelioma affects lining of other organs such as the heart or diaphragm and is much less common. Both types of mesothelioma are characterized by long latency periods typically ranging from twenty to fifty years. This makes mesothelioma hard to diagnose. Making it even harder, are the symptoms that mimic pneumonia or bronchitis. Mesothelioma is regularly misdiagnosed and treated as a passing virus.  Sadly, after decades of quiet development, mesothelioma enters its last and most aggressive stages.  By the time it is properly diagnosed, mesothelioma life expectancy is short and grim. 

So, why do I share this on Doug Copp’s blog? What does mesothelioma have to do with surviving disasters? Again, the answer is asbestos. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says this about asbestos: “Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber, once widely used in building materials and products for its thermal insulating properties and fire resistance. Intact, undisturbed asbestos-containing materials generally do not pose a health risk. These materials may become hazardous and pose increased risk if they are damaged, are disturbed in some manner, or deteriorate over time and release asbestos fibers into building air.  A number of building materials and products still in use today contain asbestos. Asbestos remains in use as an acoustic insulator, and in thermal insulation, fire proofing, roofing, flooring and other materials,” [emphasis added].

Natural and intentional disasters not only cause immediate and acute damage, but they can release asbestos fibers, a source of suffering that will go undetected for decades and cannot be stopped. Every time there is a fire, an earthquake, a hurricane or some other disaster, asbestos fibers, which may have been safely contained before, are released into the air. Even in the event of a planned demolition project, asbestos may be released without intentional and careful removal of asbestos containing materials. Additionally, being confined in a small space during a disaster can heighten chances of asbestos fiber inhalation, as there is limited ventilation.

Once asbestos fibers are inhaled they begin a cancerous process leading to mesothelioma development. Many mesothelioma patients have no idea they were ever exposed to asbestos and therefore never seek medical attention regarding the matter. By the time symptoms demonstrate and they have reason to ask a doctor, it is too late. Although many disasters can be lived through, there is no cure for mesothelioma.

I share this on Doug’s blog hoping that anyone caught in a disaster or seeking to help others who have been affected, will use some common sense precautions. If you’re caught off guard, cover your nose and mouth with any available, breathable material until you can find a suitable respirator. If you’ve planned to help others, use a respirator as the least of your safety precautions. Asbestos travels best when its dry and airborne, so soak any questionable content with water and wash your clothes, and yourself, after possible exposure. This could keep you from spreading deadly fibers from place to place or person to person.

Lydia Miller, New Leaf Copywriting


Hi Doug!
I was checking out your blog and wondering if you accept guest blog posts? I write about mesothelioma and its cause, asbestos, which is often exposed during disasters when buildings and structures are demolished. Looking at your blog I thought this topic might interest your readers  I keep it simple and informative with a few helpful links to provide some education. If you think this would be helpful for your readers, please let me know and I will send you an article.

Thank you!
Lydia Miller
New Leaf Copywriting
Dear Lydia
I would like you to do what you think will accomplish the most 'good'. Be inspired.

doug copp

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Comment by Rosemary S on June 3, 2011 at 1:21am
My Doug. You went through a lot. I am also grateful for the lesson you gave me through your words. You are a good teacher. Kiss Kiss and Huggs
Comment by Doug Copp on June 2, 2011 at 10:37pm

Dear Rosemary:

This is going to sound strange; but, I am very upbeat about my health. I have many medical problems; such as, cerebral edema, toxic glaucoma, lead in the cartilege of all my joints, spine disease, various repirarory problems, thyroid etc etc..I had 47 simultaneous medical problems, at the worst point.I went for years expected to not live another day..soul;dn't speak, my IQ went from 164 down to 70, One of my 54 Doctors wrote a 20 page summary of my health problems. I had over 300 'attacks', back-outs..constant pain etc etc etc.


Having said this I am very grateful that I have only a few problems, now and no matter what..nothing can happen to me as bad as what I have seen happen to others, at major disasters. People crying in my arms and dropping to their knees. Really bad stuff.


My primary care Dr told me, last week, that my 'spine was crumbling'. i replied that "I better get a move on and have some fun'. He shook his head and asked how I could be so upbeat and positive. I am very lucky and very grateful for my life.Making the most good out of a hellish situation has been 'constant' throughout my life.

This is the same attitude that has convinced a long , long list of world leaders to place me in charge of their disaster response.It would be nice to have a little less pain but 'onward and upward'. I am grateful for what I have.The people here have been very nice..what a difference ..with ARC hate campaigns, death threats and 'lies without limit'.Thanks for your kind thoughts I really appreciate it.

Re the Barometric process. I have had US Medicine, Czech Medicine, German Medicine, Japanese Medicine, Chinese Medicine, naturopathic, blood changes, 250 intravenous procedures..a long , long, long  list..but I am 'hanging in there'.

Comment by Rosemary S on June 2, 2011 at 5:56pm
Doug I so sorry to hear about your predicament. Especially hearing about your lung conditions. I have taken care of patients with emphysema and how they had to relearn how to breath. Do you breath through your mouth like small breath? One Mr Robert Munro who wrote books about out of body experiences use a barometric chamber for a medical test prescribe by his family doctor. He mentioned that if you bring the air pressure to zero, you simply stop breathing. Is it possible that it will have a positive impact on you??
Comment by Doug Copp on June 1, 2011 at 9:35pm

Just to get it all of my chest. I am a member of the Mexican Red Cross. I stayed at the home, post earthquake, of the Secretary General of the  Costa Rican Red Cross. Some Red Cross's are wonderful and filled with great people. I love them.


Let me tell you this: Years ago, The Canadian Red Cross refused to pay $250,000 to test, their blood, for AIDS. Their business sold most of the blood available, to Hospitals, in Canada. Their Director said that it was too much waste. 8,000 ...EIGHT THOUSAND.... people, later died from the tainted blood


The Director and CRC were charged in court. After legal battles, for years, The decison was 'handed down'. The Red Cross were prohibited, from collecting, distributing or selling blood ever again. Nobody went to jail..and the Canadian Red Cross received a fine of $1.00. Yes ONE DOLLAR.


Two years ago, the local CRC representative, told me himself. He laughed, in my face, and told me about the couert decison: He said:  "NO PROBLEM. We are ging to make a ton of money. We are going into the disaster business! LIKE THE AMERICAN RED CROSS!We will get rich! "

He told me this because he had organized a little 'hate session' for me because of the 'triangle of life' and wanted to rub it in. I 'bit my lipo' and refrained from punching the bastard, in the face.


It even gets worse....a few months ago,  he sent me an email asking me if I would train him, for disasters. He said: " I hope their are 'no hard feelings'


Instead of 'blowing my top', I calmly replied that he could start by getting the Red Cross to stop promoting 'Duck and Cover'. ..that this change to the 'triangle of life' would save 200,000 lives per year.


The bastard never wrote back! Pisses me off..'to no end'..just to think about it.

Comment by Doug Copp on June 1, 2011 at 8:55pm
Dear Cheryl: To be honest. I have calmed down but there was a point when I was so mad at the American Red Cross that I was 'fit to be tied'!
Comment by Cheryl Nelson on June 1, 2011 at 8:48pm
That truly sucks, Doug.  I am so sick of this planet and its god, money.
Comment by Doug Copp on June 1, 2011 at 8:40pm

Thank you all for your kind words. Cheryl amkes an excellent point. I suggested, in a previous comment regarding 'Joplin' that people should carry kerchiefs to wet and place around the neck veins, to cool the head. Cheryl made ahuge improvement on that concept, by adding a safety pin and a bottle of water so that it could serve an additional purpose of filtering out dust.


FYI. My lungs are totallly trashed. I did have a repirator at 911; however, it got quickly clogged and became useless. There were no more to be had..I made the decision to go back under the rubble and take my chances.


Within a day I started coughing up black soot, blood started coming out of my lungs and nose, I became soaked in sweat with fever and I passed out unconscious. For several years I could not walk farther than 3 ft without hyperventilating for air.


A year later I was told by the President of 3M Corporation, that they had donated $750,000 worth of respirators, to the American Red Cross. ARC had kept them in their wharehouse, for later sale. this is the MAIN reason why thousands of 911 first responders have died or are dieing from respiratory disease.


This is one of dozens of ARC 'crimes', including opposing the 'triangle of life' to show their support for the vested financial interests who profit from 'dick and cover' having a 98% death rate. 

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on June 1, 2011 at 8:21pm

Minimum for your bug-out bag is a kerchief, large safety pin, and a bottle of water.  Wet the kerchief and fold it diagonally.  Then pin it in the back.  The wet kerchief will help filter debris in the air.  It won't just be building materials, but also dust and all kinds of other debris in the air.

Yes, Doug, thank you for your service to humanity.  You are appreciated.

Comment by john miller on June 1, 2011 at 6:36pm
Comment by Rosemary S on June 1, 2011 at 5:46pm
That was a good idea Doug to post this blog. Too often we tend to forget that older building affected by earthquakes or fire may contain Asbestos. There is no real policy of the presence of Asbestos inside building especially in developing countries. A lot of workers in poor country are exposed and their employers are not willing to provide PPEs.


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