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This is by an "insider" called Daniel...

The sun is transitioning from yellow to yellow-white.  NASA has life of stars backwards... red giants are babies, not geriatrics.  Chemtrails is to dim the extra light/heat/radiation hitting the earth from the sun's transition.  Interestingly, iron is part of the mix... guess where NL's "red dust" is coming from?  Not Planet X!  "Don't look at the sun," she says.  Now we know why.  She really does work for NASA, doesn't she?  Read more, about weather control, the causes of droughts and superstorms, GMO foods, how they have delayed ascension...

"If you look at all the weird UFO stuff going on over the last 60 years, most of it was nothing more than steps towards the focus of creating an artificial world and artificial population, to continue 3rd density life on the Earth after the solar transition.

"And it was not just people. Long-term food sources had to be adjusted to remain viable in the artificial environment, and that's where your good friends at Monsanto came in with their drought-resistant, toxic chemical resistant, GMO foods. Sure, experiment with the mass population to find the good strains for the people who deserve them. And make sure you have HIPAA and “health care” to get all that genetic data back to the computers, to determine what worked and what didn't. After all, they're not collecting mountains of medical data, they are protecting your privacy!

"They are really quite happy now with their little, artificial empire and are engaging in all the stalling tactics they can. The solar transition is already under way and all they have to do is keep the masses distracted long enough for the good stuff to start so they can lock themselves away in their underground bases and let the rest of us burn.  Or so they think. To quote Dr. Malcolm from Jurassic Park… “Life will find a way…”


"Consciousness doesn't grow from being told facts—it grows from the search for them. And I think that is what the people of this world really need—a chance to grow up on their own in a free society."


"Knowing that hurricanes are the product of “co-magnetic thredules” in the Earth's core, they are natural events and cannot be artificially created. Nor can they be directed in their early stages, when the magnetic forces are at their strongest. But they can be intensified during formation by the same process that creates the super-cell thunderstorm mentioned earlier—excessive amounts of water vapor nuclei forced into the upper atmosphere through chemical seeding of the tropopause to create vast quantities of clouds and torrential rain. When the generating thredule begins to collapse, the hurricane can be controlled by localized changes in temperature and pressure, just what HAARP does best.

This was observed in the case of hurricane Sandy. A small, tropical depression that never got to more than a Category 1 hurricane. Nothing spectacular about that, and common for this time of year—except the quantity of water vapor present in the system was significantly higher than it should have been. Watch the animations of the storm as it grows—the center of the storm is literally throwing off massive amounts of clouds because the small amount of ocean water being pulled up met the excessive amounts of condensation nuclei that were sent to that location via atmospheric chemicals—chemtrails.
The co-magnetic thredule creating this storm lasted longer than normal, which is why the storm followed the “sunspot” track, rather than being deflected by the Gulf Stream back out to sea, as hurricanes normally are. This indicates that, like the solar transition, the Earth is getting ready for a similar change down deep.

"HAARP would not have been able to direct or deflect this storm with an active thredule, though they probably tried. It followed a natural course, but an unnatural intensity, thanks to chemtrail geoengineering.

This from Chrys:

Insider "Daniel" is the same Daniel that David Wilcock relied upon to gather a considerable amount of information when writing his The Source Field Investigations book.  At this critical time prior to the end of 2012, Daniel has come forward again and created several PDF files explaining the purposes behind geoengineering, chemtrails, activity expected from the sun, ascension, the NWO/illuminati plans, and different timelines.

I briefly read the documents but need more time to fully digest the information.  I have noticed that other reputable researchers on other forums have said that Daniel and this information both are the "real deal".  These documents may unlock the mysteries we have been trying so hard to solve.

Quote from the soldierhugs site:

"Folks, prepare for the ride because this is JAW DROPPING!
"We all know the “NEW WORLD ORDER” conspiracy exists, but what you DON’T know is the SUPER SECRET science they have so desperately sought to conceal in covert obscurity for almost a century which culminates the END GAME for the rest of “US” as part of their twisted and insane quest for absolute subjugation and eradication of everyone outside of their demented and synthetically false plan to keep the majority of humanity locked into a spiraled web of deceit, manipulation, and DE-EVOLVED state.
"This is being done as a means of DISTRACTION and ultimately a STALL tactic in order keep humanity locked into the current 3D paradigm and installed BELIEF archetypes, as the Cosmic Clock rapidly thrusts the Sun, the Earth, and Mankind towards the natural and inevitable Stellar evolution of ASCENSION!…"

PDF Files:

Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension

Q&A with Daniel (after release of Geoengineering PDF above)

Time and Timelines

The Uncommitted Investigator

If anyone has any problems downloading the files, please feel free to ask and I will send you copies.

UPDATE 11/20/2012:

GW Hardin, "The DNA Tesseract":
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"The Birds" ~ Maybe Not Science Fiction?


I had two unusual incidents this past week with birds.  Both times, a large amount of birds were on my roof.  I could see their shadows against the curtains, flying to and fro.  They were scuffling around, squawking their heads off.  The second incident, yesterday, was so loud that I went outside to see what the heck they were doing.  I opened the door and a large black crow was standing on the porch railing.  It just stood there and looked at me for a few seconds, then flew up into a tree.  I have a lot of trees around my house, most with leaves half gone.  I walked out and did a perimeter sweep.  I could see them (LOTS of them) in the trees.  As I walked around, I heard one caw behind me.  Then a crow in another tree parallel to me cawed.  Then another cawed in a tree ahead of me.  The birds were signaling each other.  It was creepy.  Remember the above scene?  That's what it felt like.  Maybe Alfred Hitchcock wasn't so far off base, after all.

So, then I received an email from one of our members today...

"I live in the Upper West Side of Manhattan next to Lincoln Center in an 8 story apartment complex with a small adjacent park. Was awakened this morning at about 6am by many birds, perhaps 500+ that arrived in the park who were making a loud ruckus chirping, squawking, and screaming. Opened my window to see what was going on as my unit faces the park, and observed the birds frantically harvesting small branches and twigs from the trees. Some birds were actually fighting over materials and were falling all over each other. Creeped me out a bit as I wondered what these birds sense, and/or know, that we don't?"

Something is definitely up with the birds.  Could they be agitated by HAARP?  By the Frankenstorm? Let us know if you are detecting abnormal behavior with the birds in your area.

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Hurricane Isaac and the Gulf Coast

Well, Isaac is coming at 875 miles wide!  I will be right here in Biloxi and will try to update you all if at all possible.  Please pray that he doesn't get to the projected cat 3 they are calling for!  Right now they are saying 85mph by Monday night with landfall Tuesday night.  Thank God for all my prep work and stockpiling!!!   

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Norwegian Hurricane...Cat 4

From an email from Sheldon Day...

"Dagmar," a storm that "hit the coast of Norway with hurricane strength on Dec. 25th and 26th," says Hagen. "Record breaking winds up to 145 mph were recorded.


Jim Mccanney calls these Land Hurricanes as 'Himmicanes'..

These will become MUCH MORE COMMON as Nibiru zeros in on Earth....

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10957981090?profile=originalThanks to his work as an unpaid volunteer, at 911, Doug Copp still has frequent coughing convulsions when he coughs until he 'vomits' slime and mucus from his lungs.

Hi Doug,

I've written an article for your blog and copied it below. I hope it's informative and helpful for your readers! Please let me know when it has posted.

Thank you for the opportunity!

Lydia Miller

What does mesothelioma have to do with disaster survival?

My first introduction to mesotheliomawas through television commercials. It seems there are endless advertisements starting with, “if you or someone you love” and moving on to, “call for more information.” Long lists of possible candidate characteristics go zipping up the screen: “shipbuilding, coal mining, oil refining, plumbing,” and on and on. What was tying them all together? What is mesothelioma and how does one disease get around to so many different places? I found the answer in the cause: asbestos.

Asbestos is really what has gotten around. Through the last century asbestos was spread though all of America and much of the world in everything from ship engine insulation to residential ceiling tiles. Any nation seeking to build its industries in the 1900s was mining, buying or selling asbestos. Asbestos was so heavily used in the US alone, it earned the nickname ‘backbone of American industry.’ Today, however, any nation that has handled asbestos is counting cases of malignant mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is a cancer. The more common of two mesothelioma types, pleural mesothelioma, is specific to abdominal cavity lining, most often found in protective lung tissue called the mesothelium. Peritoneal mesothelioma affects lining of other organs such as the heart or diaphragm and is much less common. Both types of mesothelioma are characterized by long latency periods typically ranging from twenty to fifty years. This makes mesothelioma hard to diagnose. Making it even harder, are the symptoms that mimic pneumonia or bronchitis. Mesothelioma is regularly misdiagnosed and treated as a passing virus.  Sadly, after decades of quiet development, mesothelioma enters its last and most aggressive stages.  By the time it is properly diagnosed, mesothelioma life expectancy is short and grim. 

So, why do I share this on Doug Copp’s blog? What does mesothelioma have to do with surviving disasters? Again, the answer is asbestos. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says this about asbestos: “Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber, once widely used in building materials and products for its thermal insulating properties and fire resistance. Intact, undisturbed asbestos-containing materials generally do not pose a health risk. These materials may become hazardous and pose increased risk if they are damaged, are disturbed in some manner, or deteriorate over time and release asbestos fibers into building air.  A number of building materials and products still in use today contain asbestos. Asbestos remains in use as an acoustic insulator, and in thermal insulation, fire proofing, roofing, flooring and other materials,” [emphasis added].

Natural and intentional disasters not only cause immediate and acute damage, but they can release asbestos fibers, a source of suffering that will go undetected for decades and cannot be stopped. Every time there is a fire, an earthquake, a hurricane or some other disaster, asbestos fibers, which may have been safely contained before, are released into the air. Even in the event of a planned demolition project, asbestos may be released without intentional and careful removal of asbestos containing materials. Additionally, being confined in a small space during a disaster can heighten chances of asbestos fiber inhalation, as there is limited ventilation.

Once asbestos fibers are inhaled they begin a cancerous process leading to mesothelioma development. Many mesothelioma patients have no idea they were ever exposed to asbestos and therefore never seek medical attention regarding the matter. By the time symptoms demonstrate and they have reason to ask a doctor, it is too late. Although many disasters can be lived through, there is no cure for mesothelioma.

I share this on Doug’s blog hoping that anyone caught in a disaster or seeking to help others who have been affected, will use some common sense precautions. If you’re caught off guard, cover your nose and mouth with any available, breathable material until you can find a suitable respirator. If you’ve planned to help others, use a respirator as the least of your safety precautions. Asbestos travels best when its dry and airborne, so soak any questionable content with water and wash your clothes, and yourself, after possible exposure. This could keep you from spreading deadly fibers from place to place or person to person.

Lydia Miller, New Leaf Copywriting


Hi Doug!
I was checking out your blog and wondering if you accept guest blog posts? I write about mesothelioma and its cause, asbestos, which is often exposed during disasters when buildings and structures are demolished. Looking at your blog I thought this topic might interest your readers  I keep it simple and informative with a few helpful links to provide some education. If you think this would be helpful for your readers, please let me know and I will send you an article.

Thank you!
Lydia Miller
New Leaf Copywriting
Dear Lydia
I would like you to do what you think will accomplish the most 'good'. Be inspired.

doug copp

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