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Analysis: The Tidcombe Crop Circle, (Near Burbage, Wiltshire, England) of August 16, 2009

I was asked my take on this crop circle. Here it is. Lots of great pics and a surprising conclusion!


First, I noted that a thumbnail size image of this crop circle looks like an 8-point star. On enlargement, the points appear to be 8 separate "arms" (each arm a closed system yet each arm linked to the next) all of which do not touch but appear arranged or orbiting around the central object.
I will use the "arm" directly above 06:00 as a point of reference. Within each arm, there appears to be a closed system which consists of 3 orbs (the closest one to the central object I'll label O1 (followed by O2 and O3, to complete the set of three orbs). Around O2 there are four small donut-shaped circles. These are smaller than similar ones around the set of two orbs that will be discussed below. Out of O3 there is a line, in the shape of a half circle or hemisphere bearing to the right which I think represents some sort of power or force field that connects the O1-O2-O3 chain to a second set of same-sized orbs (labeled Oa and Ob), making them both one unit.

In the two-orb set, I'll label the lower orb Oa and the upper orb as Ob. While O1-O2-O3 appear to touch, Oa and Ob do not touch, but seem to be joined by a force (represented by a straight line). Two small, donut-shaped circles are on each side of the force/line/link between Oa and Ob. Note that four similar small donut-shaped objects surround O2 (rather than a force/line/link). Out of Ob, a hemispherical-shaped line representing some force/line/link connects Ob with O1.

This next image is an enlargement of the main image at Notice how it looks like there are three main parts to the body (not including the wings) which seem like O1, O2 and O3, and there seems to be a break and then another, fainter square (Oa, Ob?) trailing behind:

This next image also shows that configuration, 3 objects in the main body, a gap, then another object trailing behind). Also note the red in the center of the main body, which may indicate heat, and relate this to the theory that the 4 donuts around O2 may be a power source of some sort and the heated area is right in that area:

And while on the subject of heat, this next image shows heat in the main body and the tail (as two separate yet joined bodies) and the blue/white color I think represents the force shield. Make note of this as it will be discussed further below:

The Tidcombe Wiltshire crop circle was made on the date of the Hellion-1957 event, August 16, 2009. Following are the NASA pictures showing what was going on in space at that time. First, note the sets of three orbs arranged or orbiting around a central object (the sun)....

Here's the same image, taken a few minutes earlier, by a different camera at a different angle, which shows this isn't some kind of camera malfunction. It adds on two more sets of three orbs, to the six above, for a total of eight. (I'm thinking the set around 08:30 may be the same set as faintly seen just above.) Also, the green image clearly shows the force fields surrounding each orb.

Notice the donut shapes and how their energy fields are overlapping. It looks like three orbs are acting in concert.

Disclaimer: I assume the crop circle is a sort of artistic representation so don't expect it to be "to scale" or everything to be exact because things move around. Also, we know the NASA images were edited and only a few images slipped through, so the pictures could be missing the "full fleet" (i.e., no one image with eight sets of three orbs are visible, perhaps some had already departed by the time this image was made, or some were further away and didn't show up. For example, along about the 08:30 position in the Stereo Ahead Cor2 (red) image just above you can see a very faint set of three orbs, while in the Stereo Ahead Cor1 (green) image an extra set of three orbs appear at the top and at the bottom that don't show up on the red image. And eight arms was all the crop circle could show.  Space is vast and eight could have been just an indication of "many," though I was able to see at least eight sets between the two images.

The orbs are obviously artificial. Comets and asteroids don't line themselves up in sets of three and hang out on street corners while their buddies do the same thing around the neighborhood. These orbs were in a particular arrangement in order to combine forces to correct the trajectory of the Hellion 1957 object.

My conclusion is that each "arm" on the crop circle represents a set of one or more space vehicles. Whether one vehicle or more, I'm not sure. It seems that all the orbs are linked together to perhaps combine power in a kind of "the sum is greater than the individual parts" kind of strategy because they did shoot amazingly powerful proton beams at the Hellion-1957 object, see images below.

The four small donuts around the central (O2) orb could be the energy sources linking the O1-2-3 orbs together. Notice how the color is brighter where the three orbs overlap. Of course, it could just be the overlapping itself creating the more intense color, or it's extra power plus overlapping, it's hard to say. But after I enlarged the orbs around 08:30 on the green image, the overlapping parts aren't a darker green which is what you would think you'd get if you overlapped two of the same color. No. It glows bright white. Thus, I think the overlapping is power related.

The Oa and Ob orbs I think are related to the O1-2-3 orbs because they are the same size. I note that the two donuts connected with the line between Oa and Ob appear larger than the four donuts around O2. Half as many donuts in the tail, but twice as big? The tail carrying less weight than the main body but providing extra power needed to help push the main body forward? Perhaps.

On August 17, 2009 (the next day), the Tidcombe Wiltshire crop circle was destroyed. Here is a link to that information: (Search crop circle.)

Here is the picture of the "destroyed" crop circle:

A similar image to what was going on up in space at the time (superimpose the blue image over the red image in your mind):

Reminiscent of some earlier activity:

As I mentioned earlier, the thumbnail image of the Tidcombe Wiltshire crop circle looks like an 8-point star. In the link I gave earlier, the StarViewer team drew lines on one of the NASA images that had 8-points (though not in a perfect star shape, however you can see an "X'd" out cross just like in the crop circle thumbnail). I posted it below for convenience. (I think the blue line represents the Hellion-1957 trajectory.)  Does this not fit the eight sets of "arms" depicted in the crop circle? 

For description of the lines and other information related to the Hellion-1957 event, see

Later, I found the following image which I believe sheds some light on the hemispherical lines on each side of an "arm" in the Tidcombe Crop Circle. It is also quite suggestive that the "wings" and "tail" on this space vehicle (which may the winged globe that ZetaTalk had labeled as PX) is actually a force shield. Further, the "wings" in this image have an appearance of something swimming and the crop circle has a similar motion-like quality to it in the half-circle designs.  I can't say with any certainty that this vehicle is the same as the blips on the above images or in the crop circle, but it is a good candidate.  BTW, somewhere in my travels, I saw a video of some kind of ET/UFO swimming by the International Space Station.  If I ever find that link, I'll post it.  Anyway, seeing what appears to be power emanating from the central part of the object, plus power coming out the tail is suggestive of the objects in the crop circle.  There could be three and two objects, blurred together as one object because of light reflection and distance.

So, I still think this crop circle was an indication of the Hellion-1957 event which, by the way, was said back in 2009 to be returning in about two years (= August 2011). I don't think it was a hoax because there are too many pieces fitting this puzzle.

Are there any other interpretations that could support or discredit this theory? Not that I could find. However, back during the time of the event (August 2009), I emailed the ZT emissary who had nothing substantial to say about this major event, and basically brushed it off as not being related to PX. And, indeed, it's not!  However, I found it odd that the Zetas were not asked to comment on what exactly it was, since it created a buzz on GLP and they are asked every other question under the sun. So I researched and found a minimal discussion on ZetaTalk @, more than five months after the event, as follows:

(From the GodLikeProductions Chat of 01/30/10:)
"Q: I couldn't find reference in ZT to this magnificent crop circle from 2009. Could you offer some insight as to it's meaning? [Note: link no longer works]

"ZT: The serpentine twist is, as we have mentioned in other crop circle analysis, the magnetic dance that the Earth and Planet X have now entered. Planet X has a retrograde orbit and a retrograde rotation, and thus collides with the Earth on both those fronts during a passage."

I don't think Earth and PX are represented on this crop circle. I think a large comet, Hellion-1957 is the center, and eight sets of UFOs are lined up to combine their power in altering Hellion-1957's trajectory so it didn't collide with the sun, are the subject matter of this, the Tidcombe Crop Circle.

To see more, especial what the StarViewer Team of Spanish astronomers said about Hellion-1957, see

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Comment by Alesiah on November 16, 2010 at 11:07am
I think this little gal is closest to truth......Have ya heard of Little Gandmother? Kiesha Crowther
Comment by Sonny Sisomphou on November 16, 2010 at 4:42am
Yes and that too Teresa, think I read it somewhere about galatic war around Earth or even on Earth between ill intent and well intent aliens.
Comment by Sonny Sisomphou on November 15, 2010 at 9:55pm
I for one begining to believe that our alien friends are looking after Earth's interest. They have disarmed many missile lauches and testings. I remember back in March this year Mashall Master was echoing the October nuclear missile attack by Pakistan extremists on Mumbai India. He sounded very serious about this then prediction. And oddly, Pakistan was flooded in October, makes me wonder a lot about alien intervention (knowing that they can have the mean to control climate on their own planets)

My take is that our galatic friends are allow to change thing or intervene if the future outcomes are to be caused by humans, but not if they will be caused by Nature/MotherEarth action. Having said that they are "friendly" I still not sure their ends intentions are? but I tend to lean on the goodside.
Comment by Cheryl Nelson on November 15, 2010 at 10:41am
Alesiah, a good question that I don't have an answer for. Zetatalk mentions they aren't allowed to help, beyond I guess keeping us from getting fried, because of the transformation and the learning experience we will be undergoing.
Comment by Alesiah on November 15, 2010 at 10:21am
but why then can't or wont "they" then change our looming earth-changing poleshift?
Comment by Cheryl Nelson on November 15, 2010 at 12:37am
Alesiah, the images lend credence to that idea, and the fact that the crop circle was made at the same time as the NASA images were capturing the Hellion-1957 event further lends weight. So, yes, I think that crop circle was speaking to starships in formation around the sun, and the NASA imaging showed the reason for the formation...the Hellion-1957 object that almost crashed into the sun but for their intervention with powerful proton beams to change its trajectory.
Comment by Cheryl Nelson on November 15, 2010 at 12:32am
Paris, yes the NASA images are the best evidence there is. Everything else, without hard proof, is just speculation.
Comment by Alesiah on November 14, 2010 at 11:40pm
Cheryl, so u believe the crop circle is a starship fleet formation representation...
Comment by Paris on November 14, 2010 at 11:37pm
This is a very good analysis Cheryl. I never would have connected those triple donuts to crop circle. But now that I look at it, its obvious. Like I said in another post, SOHO an STEREO are some of the best proof we have right now.


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