Here, in this NASA image, is the familiar winged object. It is very close to the Sun, firing what looks like an energy beam toward it. Suddenly, the winged object said to be "Planet X" does not look like a planet surrounded by a dust cloud with moon swirls in its wings and tail. It looks like a starship.

This explains why the object, which many have been led to believe is Planet X, has been seen bouncing all over NASA's images, not limiting its position to 4 o'clock or even staying below the ecliptic at all times.

To explain this object's divergence from the official story, numerous excuses were offered: the cameras were bobbling, Earth was being pushed above and below the ecliptic to simulate seasons, Earth was pushed back in her orbit, Earth was wobbling, and so on.

Something wasn't adding up so we examined the most reasonable excuse, the bobbling cameras, and did not find it to be credible. See Since the most reasonable of the excuses isn't credible one should necessarily be wary of the ones that simply cannot be verified.

So, if it wasn't bobbling cameras causing the winged object to appear where it shouldn't be (otherwise we would already have experienced the passage, according to the story), then what else could it be?

The only reasonable explanation is the winged object is a starship patrolling the neighborhood. That's why it appeared close up, then far away. Sometimes on the left, sometimes on the right. Sometimes at the top, sometimes at the bottom. Why? Simple. Because it is an artificial, self-propelled vehicle. As proof, consider the distances it traveled and how fast it did so, as well as the changes in course. There is no way this object is a planet or a comet. As further proof, you will see a picture in the comments below of an image of the "winged thingy" turned 90 degrees sideways, like a starship maneuvering. Planets and comets don't act like that. Also, on enlargement two separate heat sources are seen, one in the main body and one in the tail. Another indication that this is a self-propelled vehicle. So, let's follow the story to its logical conclusion. Based on the well-known details, if the object is PX and it rose above the ecliptic, solar forces above the ecliptic would have assisted it to jet out of our solar system the first time it crossed the ecliptic and the passage would have already happened.

Further, what we have been led to believe is a "string of pearls" appears to be an energy beam of some sort. The ship is firing on our Sun (or perhaps absorbing energy from the Sun) and it has its shields up, presumably to keep from being fried by the Sun! Notice the distortion waves around the ship, 2 rings: one inner and one outer. Those waves have been misdiagnosed as the signature moons in PX's tail.

What is the significance of this picture? It proves that the object seen on NASA's imaging is NOT Planet X and those saying it is Planet X are in error. It also proves that Planet X is not between the Sun and the Earth.

Ah, but to err is human, is it not?

NOTE:  This means that the alleged second sun sightings are most likely sunlight reflecting off of metallic UFO's, at least in the northern hemisphere. 

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  • Many of the pictures of winged stars are just planets of our Solar system. There are a few pictures of  a body with a long trail of smaller things behind it i am curious about. One of them i know is jupiter as i have researched it, the other is a little harder to pin down? So many pictures on Youtube are of the moon or Sirius, depending on the time of day or year they are taken? Depending on what kind of camera or how the operator is useing it. A very good telescope with a camera operated by a knowledgeable user can put most of those anomalys to rest!!! Which usually isnt the case! Taking a picture out of anykind of window can usually cause things to look like they are not. It is quite possible that Nibiru is still a few if not many years away. And even all the ancient text sometimes contradict each other as to what is really going on at that time. Yes it is obvious that there were poleshifts and many cataclysyms in the past and the timeline of one of them is around 3600 years as well as 13,000 years? But are we really at that place and time for a recurrence of whatever may occur? We may yet be 50 years away from this possible reality. And will all of the so called benevolent ETs, even allow such to happen? I would be worried more atm about TPTB! For their Darkness is present and confirmed in so many ways. Just the same as the rest of you i keep my eyes peeled, one never knows just what the future may bring!

  • Who owns GLP now?

  • Weiynala, I'm sure they are more frequently seen, but I had a triangle and a couple of disks hovering near my backyard last summer, so don't give up.  You might get to see one.  :-)

  • y.w.

  • Ahhh, I see. I wonder if that is the triangular ship sighted all the time near our military bases. Those are seen all over the place and reported, but are never claimed to be anything the military owns. They are always triangular in shape. But I never heard of these planet sized orbs, they are obviously other world ships! Wow, I cannot wait for a true disclosure...if they allow us to finally know the truth! Thanks for the info! :)
  • RLP, no, not the ones out by the sun.  Those are planet sized.  I seriously doubt we could have built them.  The picture of the triangle with the big light orb in it are said to be ours. 

  • So the orbs are formed by our secret crafts? I have never seen or heard of them before today and I am amazed there are even pictures of them! I have seen the winged craft, but not the giant orbs. If they are planet sized, they cannot be from us.....we cannot be that advanced...could we?
  • RLP, it was said that those orbs by the sun are planet sized. 

    I think if we had that kind of technology, our gov't wouldn't be building DUMBs to ride out the earthchanges.

  • Kim - LOL!
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