A Special Message from Sananda

Sananda:  On This Night, There is A Great Gathering

Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the Light,
I want to tell you of a very exciting and inspiring event that is taking place tonight, July 8, 2016, across the Planet and across the Galaxy.
As a show of solidarity and love for all of you there on the ground working to bring Light back to Planet Earth, a gathering of incarnated beings has occurred to join with each other in spirit and with us above to join energies in support of our beloved Earth Humankind.
Ancient tribes - the Earthkeepers who have kept their Faith and their connection to God throughout the millennia - are recreating their ancient ceremonies, in the jungles of Myanmar, the deserts of the Southwest US, the forests and plains of Australia, Africa and South America.  They answer the heart call to gather, light their campfires and gaze upward at the stars from which they came, to join with others across the globe and across the Multiverse.
Together they pray, call on the Heavenly connections to their ancestors and to God; they invoke the Love and support of the great Earth Mother, and envision together the Peace, Brotherhood and abundance of the ancient prophesies, the Vision they all carry of a New Golden Age on Earth.
At the same time, Galactic beings on ships that fill the skies around Earth bow in reverence and dedication to offer their prayers in support of the Lightworkers on the ground, as they connect directly with their home planets, where billions of souls send their Love and blessings to Earth.
All have invoked the ancient traditions, the chants, drum rhythms and songs that celebrate their deepest and most profound feelings of connection and Unity with God and with their Brothers and Sisters, especially those who now reside in human bodies on Earth.
Across the Galaxy and beyond, Beloved Ones, the hearts of innumerable races and billions of beings join in harmony with the loving intentions of Humankind on Earth, the children of Mother and Father who have suffered and struggled in this historic era to free themselves from the yoke of darkness, the legacy of the Anunnaki overlords.
All hearts are joined, all minds focused as one to create a gentle but powerful energetic network of bright filaments of Light, a cocoon of Love intended to nourish and sustain Lightworkers, while simultaneously awakening those who have been unaware of the growing Light.  Mother and Father are overseeing the entire Light shower, while millions of angels sing of the glory that is Love, and that will heal and restore Earth to balance, Light and Peace.
Join with us, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, as we sing our praises for all who have carried the banner of goodness, for all who have embraced this Ascension process as the answer to their prayers.  We sing as well to those who have yet to awaken to choose the Light.
Be joyful, dear Children of God.  You are not alone, and you are honored throughout the Galaxy as the Bearers of Light and Love.
I am your Sananda, together with my Kathryn, bringing you this message of Joy.  We are One!


Transcribed July 8, 2016

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