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A Vision for True and Honest Elections

A Vision for True and Honest Elections

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In this election year when so many of people are saying that we really don't have a choice for a true leader with a conscience, we felt it timely to present the following Vision:

We see a world where the sham that used to define our electoral process has been set aside in favor of a system that honors the true dictates, dreams and desires of the people; where the masses have seen, ever-so-clearly, that the elections of the past were orchestrated and decided behind the scenes by the 1% of the population in order to keep 99% of the people controlled and under their thumbs. We see a world where Super PAC groups have been outlawed; where no business: no chemical factory, no pharmaceutical manufacturer, no environmental spoiler, no arms dealer, banker, foreign investor, insurance corporation or fat-cat lobbyist can buy a candidate, and no candidate can sell-out to big business. We see a world where campaign lying has stopped and the people have stopped believing in the lies of the candidates. And we see a world where our lawmakers are no longer lawbreakers because they now act, 100% of the time, on behalf of the people they're sworn to represent.

We see a world where the people have, without equivocation, seen that the media has a vested interest in the outcomes of our elections, and where the media now has to provide equal coverage to all candidates with absolutely no favoritism toward one candidate over another; where polls of all kinds are a thing of the past because they have been seen as a means by the powers-that-be to influence the outcomes of elections.

We see a world where the American people realized that they deserved better; where the two party system that kept the American people unrepresented for decades finally deteriorated and was replaced by a system that offers the people several high quality candidates to choose from, candidates who have true leadership skills, candidates with a conscience, candidates who have not sold out their values for money.

And finally, we see a world where the voting machines and polling places are operated and accessed only by those who are honest and truly caring for the highest good of the people. We see complete accountability - with nothing hidden - throughout the entire election process; where the winners of all elections have honestly won their positions based upon the actual and accurate number of votes they received from the people - and not based on a skewed, "rigged", outdated electoral college system.

  As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!

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