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It is the process of working to identify and change the patterns of destruction in order to shift one's frequency. This does involve going through many shifts. The amount of shifting can also depend on how clear one is. Your path is personal to you, and at some point, you have to take full responsibility for yourself. It is getting deeper into improving ourselves. Getting back in touch with the soul. It is not always easy and this does involve going through many shifts. 

The basics remain the same no matter who you are — heal your wounds, face your emotional fears, love yourself, love others, and get in alignment with your inner guidance. But beyond that, there is always some (prayerful) discernment needed. There are many vibrational levels of love in this 3d world. It is aligning with the highest vibrational love there is, and that is Divine love. To achieve this is connecting and aligning fully with one's heart center. This will allow one to be fully in touch with one's soul. One's true guidance.

Being in one's true guidance involves getting past the intellect and ego and trying to be what others expect from you. These are some of the obstacles to finding the way back to your heart and the truth. Truly connecting with the heart connects one with your inner guidance. It is the way of alchemy, of burning off the dross in order to achieve heart-center sovereignty. Alchemy helps direct us into the Truth of Divine love, to heart-centered sovereignty.

Okay. So how do we reach heart-centered sovereignty?  What patterns of "destruction" can one identify within themselves that one might repeat on a daily basis? How do you identify such programming? And also how do you identify wounds that need to be healed that hold one back? It is like picking the good fruit over the bad fruit. Taking the higher road (vibration) behavior over the low road behavior. It is a work in progress in order to identify and clear such programming and or wounding. For everyone as a collective to raise in vibration the bad fruit must be eliminated, burnt off, alchemized. Rotten fruit of violence, hatred, envy, control, greed, lust, murder, evil agendas, etc. is what holds back humanity as a whole energetically (as a collective). "Bad fruit" is not of the heart, it is an obstacle and must be removed, alchemized, and replaced by Divine love.  Without this change, humanity as a collective could very well self destruct.  If one has trouble with identifying and releasing dross (the garbage of bad fruit), there is a very important tool to use in order to get help. The power of prayer. We do hold the keys to change, and that is with the power of prayer. A few minutes a day can move mountains. Through prayer one can ask for discernment, and the tools to heal and change. A few minutes a day of prayer connecting through the  power of the heart can create vibrational change within oneself. And after a time, one will be able to notice this change. Meditate through prayer on what you want to achieve to improve yourself. And meditate on the change you want to see in the world. For example, the intentions of peace and love.

Quotes of change: "Change your hearts. Take the right way"

"Little children, pray with your heart, listen with your heart, speak with your heart, think with your heart, and see with your heart" - OLOE 12-1-94

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Comment by Kim B on September 23, 2020 at 1:17pm

Thanks for the awesome replies!  Grace glad you liked the analogy.  I was led to the analogy of good and bad fruit.  It fits perfectly.  ;)

Comment by Grace Light on September 23, 2020 at 1:04pm

I love the analogy of picking the good fruit!  This is so helpful to really seeing how it is all about how we feed ourselves with energy, intention, emotion, thoughts, action, etc.  Thank you for this beautiful post!  Blessings.  

Comment by Gowithin on September 23, 2020 at 12:30pm

That says it all! some people like to meditate and others prayer, whatever it takes to listen to your own inner pings,  going outside and being close to nature, feeding birds, or having a CD to help guide you through a process.  Silence to the outer thinking and noises.

I have been going outside and actually doing chores.  I like to stay busy and take advantage of being able to be outside, being alone and having me time always helps me.  A lot of times we do not take time just for ourselves with our busy schedule.  


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