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An Introduction to the Addresses of the Four Directors of the Nature Element By Ascended Master El Morya

The Seven Sacred Weeks

The Fours Elements of Nature
An Introduction to the Addresses of the Four Directors of the Nature Element
By Ascended Master El Morya
The knowledge and control of the four elements and their inhabitants is an essential part of the training of the chela. He should know the good uses to which these elements and their inhabitants (elementals) can be put to, and also the distortion of their expression through the wrong qualification of mankind. The fire element is the most important of the four as it is an expression of the Sacred Fire, from which the Violet Flame and all other flames proceed. One of its constructive activities in the physical plane is that of purification through the incineration of rubbish and human bodies, which allows the elements to return to the sun for repolarization. Its destructive activity is shows in the burning of human bodies, building and woods, also in thunderstorms and in the use of firearms, bombs, etc.
The air element is also very important for the maintenance of life in the physical plane, as without air, people cannot live for any length of time. By the conscious control of the breath, you can not only harmonize your bodies, making them better temples of the living God, “I AM,” but you can purify your surroundings, as well. It’s beneficent activity is seen in the warm and cool breezes, wherever they are required. They are also the means of propelling boats and ships on oceans and rivers, as well as airplanes. We see its destructive activity in cyclones and thunderstorms.
The water element is related to the emotional body and the purification of it results in the purification of this body. In the physical plane it is a great cleansing agent and one of the factors for the balancing of the weather conditions and the production of harvests. Its destructive activity is shown in floods, droughts and wrecks at sea in which men and animals perish. That this element like all other can be controlled was manifested by the Ascended Master Jesus when he stilled the waters in the turbulent waters in the Sea of Galilee.
The earth element is vital for the production of food so important to mankind to build perfect bodies. We see its beneficent action in the beautiful landscapes, in flowers, in beautiful minerals and of course, in the production of harvests. Its destructive action is shown in the landslides, volcanoes and earthquakes.
The daily purification of the elements and the cultivation of the friendship of the elementals, as a prerequisite for their control and conscious cooperation, is a daily requirement of the chela, hence the importance of the wise selection of the words of the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings, and the corresponding decrees contained in these pages, meant for daily reading and application.

Book: Electrons – The Building Blocks of the Universe and the The Element..., Ascended Master Teaching Foundation – AMTF.

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Comment by Wm on April 26, 2019 at 7:53am

101 dictations explaining the origin and function of electrons as well as their relationship to individual life. Explains energy and vibration. Dictations by the Directors of the Kingdom of Nature (earth, air, water, fire). The chapter on elementals explains the different types of elementals and their function in the kingdom of nature. These details lead to a better understanding of elementals such as sylphs, undines, gnomes and salamanders. Causes of catastrophes and how to mitigate them. 320 pp. Item E12


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