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  • An excerpt from the article:

    "Recently I went through a massive shift where I had to move through an intense amount of density.

    There were days when I felt like I was pinned down to the couch, so heavy, like a stranded whale.

    When this happens, it is a sign that we are receiving MASSIVE upgrades and are undergoing cosmic surgeries from our spirit guides. This usually happens at nighttime but when we are experiencing huge shifts and accelerated timeline changes, we can be receiving cosmic surgery throughout the day and night.

    At the moment, many of us have agreed before we came here to receive these cosmic surgeries and upgrades in this life which are going to be particularly potent in April 2023, which we are now preparing for."

  • I have never heard of upgrades being referred to as cosmic surgery.


  • Everyone should read this. 

  • Hi! No but I'd like to fix my teeth with as little pain as possible.

This reply was deleted.

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