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Astral Entities

There are two types of categories of astral entities:

1) The first category, which we call DISCARNATE ENTITIES, was removed from the atmosphere in the three Americas and a little later from Switzerland, in late 1939, by the mighty Astrea, the Goddess of Light and other Ascended Masters. From that moment, when the lifestreams throw away the physical body, they are removed by the Hosts of Light and are directed to a sphere of light, still far below the Octave of the Ascended Masters, but above the realms that contain discordant vibrations, where they stay and receive instructions and training, until they can reincarnate again;

2) The second category, we call INCARNATED ENTITIES, created by discordant thoughts and feelings from the incarnated life stream. By the law of free will, Ascended Masters cannot prevent these entities from existing, as they are called to life by embodied lifestreams, and neither God nor any Being of Light intrude into a person's thoughts and feelings, unless they are first, warmly invited by that person to do so. Initially, these entities are only small thought forms, but as they are fed by groups of people, they become immensely powerful and end up becoming monstrous entities that take on various forms and take on a life of their own, a life given by those who feed them daily. Who, being potential gods, give through the power of their attention the substance of life from their own lifestreams to these entities. Therefore, it is perfectly correct to say that these people, through discord and fear, become parents of these astral entities that they fear so much and, therefore, being their creators, they are the most affected by their own destructive creations.

Once again, dear friends, this subject that we are dealing with is very serious and very important, so that students become masters of energy, vibration and substance, and are no longer manipulated by thought forms and etheric records of addictions and destruction in the external world in which they move. To this end, the Ascended Masters have given and continue to give constant instructions to draw students' attention to their power to qualify the energy of life and the urgent need to exercise mastery of their thoughts and feelings.

It’s still important to remember that discarnate entities have been removed and can no longer remain in the atmosphere of the Americas and Switzerland, but unfortunately, due to the students’ lack of commitment to making enough decrees for discarnate entities to be removed from the atmosphere elsewhere, they may still sometimes remain in the atmosphere, for some period, in other parts of the planet. And this allows that, as incarnate entities (pure human accumulation) that gain immense power and become gigantic, acting globally, they attract these disincarnated entities, allocated elsewhere, to join sinister purposes.

Dear hearts, unfortunately we cannot force anyone to believe in us, because each one, until he realizes how much he is manipulated by these discordant astral entities and etheric records, and therefore feels a great need to know the truth and through exercise that truth, make the necessary effort for his freedom, the only thing we can do is pour out the truth tirelessly and hope that each one will mature internally and be able to recognize the greater truth in their hearts.

When Saint Germain showed me how everything works and I started to understand the subject clearly, I realized how I was manipulated in the past, in different situations by these entities and how much pain, suffering and discordant situations I created for myself, without being aware that it was me who opened the door, through my thought and feeling, for these forces to work in my life.

I can tell you, if I could show you what I was allowed to see, you would not get out of bed one day without forgetting to call the magical circle of protection of the I AM Presence around you and your outer activity of consciousness.

Morgan Le Fay

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