The Seven Sacred Weeks

Beloved Morya El says you must learn to practicing the “Presence”:

The Cosmic Light not only permits it, but demands that mankind use the Words “I AM” with the Understanding that They are the Infinite Power, and that each one has this great Individualized “God Presence” which supplies Life and ever greater Intelligence with which to act. There is only this one Source, one Point or Focus of Light to which you can come. Unless you come to this Point in your attention, you cannot have Its Freedom and Perfection. Neither you nor anyone on Earth can expand the Light to a larger degree, until you give your attention to your own “Mighty I AM Presence” and hold it there.

I do not mean that you must interrupt your daily activities in order to give your attention to the “Presence”; but when a lull comes in your outer activity, you can turn your attention to your “Mighty I AM Presence.” For instance, the ladies or gentlemen who are in the department stores can return to the “Presence” for a few moments between activities – even when their attention is constantly being turned here, there, and everywhere concerning the requirements. There is no individual who does not have one minute or two minutes in which he can turn his attention to the “Presence” and receive Its Charge back into himself and his world. That is practicing the “Presence”; and when you come to do that, Beloved Ones, you will find such results as will satisfy the most exacting.

Volume 7 – Ascended Master Light, p. 333
Book: Saint Germain Press

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