"In this New Year ahead … you will notice yourselves changing so much, in so many ways.

Understand, that which you are now walking towards is going to have a quickened pace within you.

Many, many things shall be presented to you that have not been ‘thought about’ before and as to how you conduct your ‘thought patterns on all things new, will bring about almost instant change … An upgrading of self.

Vigilance of mind set is of upmost importance to your progress, Dearest Friends. As you stay alert to all that presents itself that no longer serves … and immediately dismantle its ‘make up’ … you will find yourselves heightened to such a degree in such a short space of time that it will surprize and astound you.

Click into gear that which ONLY serves. You are ready NOW to enter into the ‘full speed ahead’ zone. You are able to Master now your Mastery … IF  … you KNOW that you can.

The key Dearest Souls, in your future enterprises is to KNOW how INTELLIGENT AND AMAZING YOU ARE."

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  •   "Oh! Dearest Souls … focus not too much … on all that you learn regarding the ‘Mr Nasties’! They are and will be taken care of by those whose role it is to do so.

    Remain in YOUR LIGHT and FOCUS ON THAT."

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