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Published on Jan 20, 2017

Something is creating a state of chaos across the world, not only are we seeing a significant climate influx, but the earth is beginning to open up creating giant fissures. While at the same time there are bizarre cloud formations and peculair sky anomalies appearing in many places . 


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  • At that time in the late 80's early 90's I was working in Fredneck (Frederick) MD 5 days a week and commuting from Emmitsburg until we moved right across the line (then 6 more moves till I ended up on my farmette not far from Eburg).  Route 15 and i 270 have changed some what since then....

  • It is beautiful!  I loved living there in the late 80's early 90's but at the time worked in MD and DC.  I left to go to Denver to go back to school.  It was beautiful there too but brown, lol.  The gangs and crime rates were horrible there but I loved exploring the Rockies.

  • Hi Jen.  We live near National Shrine Grotto of our Lady of Lourdes right across the PA line.  One of my most favorite places to go.  The energy is extremely powerful there.  It IS a miraculous place, and an apparition/Visitation site.  And I have been to Rainbow Lake many many times.  My dad used to take us fishing up there when we were kids.  That is cool you lived in Gettysburg!  When?  I have lived in this area all of my life.2948469167?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024  I have lived in this area all of my life.  

  • Thank you for the link Kim. I've bookmarked it for study later.

  • Kim your very lucky. We had been looking at moving back to PA but the Radon levels are so concentrated and high in the York/Hanover and Eastern portions that I soon gave up that idea. Thanks for the link Kim.  We lived in Gettysburg.. loved it! and often stopped at

    National Shrine Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes on our way to Rainbow Lake.


    Byron, they won't always laugh but you will see the black goo/spiritual darkness growing and spreading until the Times are complete. I've often spoken of my Dad's involvement with AI / UFO investigations and my own experiences with sightings and visitations.  Don't listen to their laughter... they are quite insane.


  • Sorry I get a little angry when we get blamed for everything. did you build a nuclear power plant do we own a poison making plant like Monsatan or Bayer. Do we have a say in what the FDA or the CDC approve for our children or environment. do we have a say in the chemtrails that are killing us. JEN that was an evil awakening about us paying for abortions. With the Deep Water Horizon oil spill came the slowing of the gulf stream and maybe a mini-ice age for Europe, which seems to be happening. Even worse was what the found in the oil, a substance called black goo that has intelligence and is tied to AI, morgellons and D wave quantum computers. Kim basically we have always been paying for our own demise, I can hear the elite laughing at us in the wind. 

  • Trials and tribulations that's for sure

  • Jen I bet they use our tax money for other types of atrocities also.  Disgusting.

  • I agree Byron.  It is the Elite with their destructive corporations in oil, etc.  I happen to live in PA luckily there is no fracking in my part of the state.

  • we the human race.  I take no credit for abortions either and yet the forced taxes I pay helps fund them.

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