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Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel: Creating Light Fields of Bles...

Angel of Light - gabriel - marleneDear Ones,

As Divine Light works through the old earth structures, it is being met by a powerful resistance from the Earth that represents the old paradigm at work in the dimensional shifts of this powerful time.

There is an overlay that is in the process of being transmuted into Divine Light. You empower this transformation by turning your attention away from discord and by strengthening your devotion to the power of Divine Love active within you. You may notice the ways these forces of resistance are also affecting your ability to stay in alignment with true Source energy working through your spiritual practice.

Just before the new energy can break through the multidimensional levels of Divinity, there often is a groundswell of old patterns that surface becoming more apparent. These are being met by the power of Light that can shift mass consciousness. Do not focus on the patterns but instead turn your attention to the attitude of Gratitude and the power that Blessing energy can have in your life.

Remember to be grateful for how beautiful is this sweet Earth and bless it with your love that the planet can be respected and cared for. Remember how powerful is your dedication to anchoring the Sacred Feminine on the Earth and bless the Balance and new Creativity this energy will bring.

Remember to be grateful for that part of you that wants so much to follow your Soul’s purpose. Bless the power of this directing energy and allow it to work in new ways within you. Be grateful for all you have received in this life and bless the new ways you are bringing your Soul lessons into the world.

Be grateful for the Soul impulses that create the deep longings in your heart to live in a more awakened state, and bless these desires so that all humanity can be awakened. Be grateful for the purity of your heart and bless your heart that it can be a Beacon of Pure Love radiating into the world.

Be grateful that you have pure water to drink and healthy food to choose from and bless these gifts that all beings on Earth may have enough food and water to sustain and bless their lives. Be grateful that there are Creative Solutions for all that appears to be challenging in your world and bless the Benevolent Outcomes that are unfolding for you now.

Be grateful for the profound ways you are loved and supported by the Angelic Dimensions and especially your Guardian Angel. Bless all your support system, both physical and nonphysical, so that you never need feel that you are alone and without guidance.

Be grateful for the path you have chosen and bless the Divine Light that guides your way. Be grateful that there is a divine flow of Infinite Abundance working in you and bless it that you might anchor the Light of God’s Infinite Abundance on the Earth through your being.

Be grateful for the new structures of Divine Light that you are building within you and on the Earth. Bless these structures that they may be flexible and stabilized for new life to thrive on the Earth within all beings.

Be grateful that the Peace of God is working within your heart and bless the Eternal Peace that is awakening within the heart of all humanity, anchoring on the Earth in this most auspicious time.

When you bless yourself or any area of life, you are conferring Divine energy into that situation. You are strengthening the power of Light working through the challenges as well as your physical being. In the process you are anchoring Divine Light on the Earth and you become a clear channel of Divine Love awakening within you and within the heart of all beings. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel
January 24, 2017


“Archangel Gabriel: Creating Light Fields of Blessing and Gratitude,” Channeled by Shanta Gabriel, January 24, 2017, received via email, original source

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