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DAY 24/30 - MAHA CHOHAN CHALLENGE "I AM the Comforting Presence that brings relief to all life I contact!"

The Seven Sacred Weeks

"I AM the Comforting Presence that brings relief to all life I contact!"
Maha Chohan’s Comfort to you:
Every manifestation, whether it be in the unseen or outer world (that of physical appearance), is the result of the use of God's pure energy. We know that the limitless energy with which the creator has endowed his children is within the electronic light flowing from the Supreme Source into the individualized I AM Presence. However, when that light reaches the consciousness of the lifestream yet abiding upon the Earth and in its atmosphere, the manifestation takes on the qualification of the consciousness in which the unascended lifestream is dwelling at a given time.
Every minute particle of the resultant effect of man's use of energy is written in the book of life, and before he attains his full freedom in the ascension, there must be an exact balance of a constructive nature on that ledger.
We are at the end of a cycle, and in order for the Earth to take her rightful place in the cosmic progression of the planets in the system, she must emit more light. The shroud which she is now forced to wear is the result of mankind's imperfect qualifications. This is elementary, and you are aware of this fact, but the effluvia and the weight of the impure substance which man has forced upon the shoulders of beloved Virgo must be transmuted by the Sacred Fire. Then the rays from beloved Virgo and Pelleur’s kingdom of light can infiltrate the Earth by reason of a more porous substance comprising her garment.
Along with the transmutation of the imperfect energy of others abiding on the Earth, the wise chela knows that there is no unascended lifestream who can by-pass the responsibility of balancing his own misqualified energy. I BRING THIS TO YOUR ATTENTION TODAY, FOR I COUNSEL YOU NOT TO WEARY IN WELL DOING, AND EVERY DECREE WHICH YOU ARE SO GENEROUSLY MAKING, PIERCES THROUGH EARTH'S SHROUD OF NEGATIVELY QUALIFIED ENERGY AND READIES HER TO TAKE HER RIGHTFUL PLACE IN THIS SYSTEM.
The cosmic law has signified that the Earth must become self-luminous, and I appeal to you to continue in your calls for those who are not aware of the Sacred Fire and its efficacious use. There is a cosmic moment for the fulfillment of every edict of the spiritual law, and every chela will do well to keep this in mind.
Book: Electrons, The Bridge to Freedom

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