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Do Banksters Kill Millions Of People? –

July 23, 2012 by Bob Livingston Source: Personal Liberty Digest

Do Banksters Kill Millions Of People?

In the public’s mind, the war trials following World War II demonstrated that evil must be vanquished and punished. But the Nuremberg Trials were simply a propaganda showcase. In reality, the only difference between the “good guys” and the “bad guys” was that the “good guys” had more guns.

What the people of the world did not see and still do not understand is that the real issues of World War II were never allowed to come up for public debate — certainly not at the Nuremberg Trials. The issue was that both sides prosecuted the war with paper money.

What are the facts? The facts are that both combatants were equally guilty of promoting esoteric warfare on their own populations as well as on each other. Someone(s) who wanted to initiate a new world human drama lined up and supplied both sides [the same people, by the way]. The cost of human life was incidental to the money creators. But if there is a “cause,” people will die and sacrifice their own flesh.

Both the United States and Germany should have been on trial at Nuremberg, Germany in 1945 for war crimes. Oh, the German high command was guilty all right — but no less so than the U.S. or British high command.

It is not debatable that both sides sent millions of their own young soldiers to an early death. Both sides also killed millions of civilians. And the allied powers, fighting ostensibly to keep Europe free from Nazism, condemned millions of Eastern Europeans to years of suffering the oppression of communism under Russia’s boot heel.

Forget all the propaganda and all the blame and consider the honest answer as to who was at fault on both sides. Do we want the honest answer? Can we stand the light of day?

The people who caused the great world wars and all wars that have brought death and suffering to millions of people were the central bankers in other countries and the Federal Reserve Bank in the United States.

Central banks create paper money and credit for government and politicians to spend for war and their socialist agenda. All of the money and credit now crushing the American people was created by the U.S. central bank, the Federal Reserve (which is neither Federal, nor does it hold reserves). It is owned, as it has been since its beginning, by a few bankster families in the United States and Europe.

Your local banker is probably innocent in this scheme. I doubt if one person in 1,000 — and that includes most bank employees — has a clue as to how money is created by banks.

Banks don’t have loads of paper money in their vaults. When they start to make a customer loan, they just create the money with a bookkeeping entry. It costs the bank nothing, but the customer has to pay interest.

Bankers big and small love this system, as do politicians. This gives them a silent and unfair advantage over the people.

Paper money and credit are the licenses for all the evil that the human mind of man can conjure up and create. Central bankers have demonstrated in the past 100 years that with a stroke of a computer digit they can create trillions of dollars as easily as they can $1. Yes, they create these dollars out of nothing, but you have to work for your dollars.

Printing-press money is the means and motivation for endless wars and endless death and suffering, courtesy of the banksters. This is banker blood money and with it they devalue all the money in circulation. It is an insidious confiscation of wealth that not one person in 1 million understands or is even aware of.

Devaluation of the currency is the prime and silent purpose of banker-created money. Even at this hour, devaluation is impoverishing Americans by reducing and diluting the purchasing power of their money. This goes on all the time, even while we sleep.

You can’t bury your money deep enough to save it from the money creators. It is all very simple. The more money the banksters create, the less yours is worth.

The point of this article is that World War I, World War II and any war that we can think of — including the wars in the Mideast — would not last more than a few days without the banksters creating money to prosecute war. Wars have to be funded.

Bankster-created money is the blood of war as well as the impoverishment of the people. All central bankers create the money for war and death.

Paper money appears in the absence of the gold standard. Banksters and politicians hate the gold standard because the gold standard disciplines them and the bureaucrats to the rule of law.

Banksters create the money for war and death. The discipline of the gold standard would have prevented all the wars of the past 100 years. Millions of soldiers have died for nothing, as have millions of civilians.

Did your history book mention this?

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