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  • Very Cool! Sending Whiskers Love Light!

  • Hi Bill,  Sorry I missed your comment.  Nitty is doing well.  She has responded to the Rife treatments and the tumor has shrank and she is able to walk again.  Now I don't know how long she will stay in remission.  We will repeat the Rife if need be again.

  • How is the Whiskers doing?

  • Yes DR I have a PayPal account. I will pm you....
  • Kim, do you have a paypal account. I would rather go through paypal if at all possible.

    When you have a chance I would love to know  what protocol the  vet is using for the kitty.  I have had quite a bit of  experience in treating  arthritis in furry babies and would like to know what  is being used.  I  might be able to help, if you are interested.

  • Update - someone donated $25.00 by the name of William Smith.  So grateful something has come in!

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