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"Greetings, Beloved Ones.

We are sending you Blessings of LOVE and LIGHT, in this NOW Moment, and we invite you to open your Heart to our message for you...

The world is undergoing a Massive Change.

The separation between the "Matrix" (lower vibrational third-dimensional world) and the NEW Divine Earth of the HIGHER Dimension has BEgun.

It is NOW up to each individual in which world you wish to reside.

You have Free Will to choose.

How do you Consciously move towards the world of your choice?

Your Focus and Attention is Reinforcing your Reality.

Your Thoughts, Feelings, Words, and Actions are Reinforcing your Reality.

You can choose, which pieces you wish to allow into your Reality and which pieces you wish to leave out.

Perhaps, you might be experiencing a reality that is less enjoyable.

NOW, you can BEgin to choose what you Think, Feel, Read, Watch, and Talk about with others.

Each time you make a choice, you are either moving closer to your desired Reality or further away.

When you BEgin to choose one direction consistently, you will create a Powerful Momentum.

"What about world events?" you might ask.

We would like you to try an experiment to leave the "Matrix":

For a moment we invite you to imagine a Bubble of LIGHT around you and your immediate world.

What if, you BEgin to focus only on your Bubble of LIGHT and stop reinforcing what is not in your immediate world and not in your control such as world events.

What if you would stop watching the news and social media posts that are designed to keep you in fear and stress?

What if instead, you would Meditate more to turn the power over to GOD?
GOD has All the Power, not humans and circumstances...

As long as you are giving all the power to humans and circumstance in your world, you will be disappointed.

But, if instead, you are giving All the power to the Almighty GOD, you are employing Powerful Forces to assist you BEyond BElief...

That takes consistency and after a while, your connection to GOD will BEcome unshakable and your world, humans and circumstances will follow the command of GOD, who is Divine LOVE only.

What if you would do this for just one day?

Would you feel a little bit better?

Would you be a little less anxious and stressed?

Your vibrational Frequencies would BEgin to Raise.

Your Energies would BEgin to BEcome more Positive.

NEW Solutions and Ideas would BE able to enter your world because you would BEgin to BEcome a vibrational match to them.

Before your experiment, you would be a vibrational match to the problems you are interacting with and more problems would be able to enter your reality...

But NOW, you would BE a vibrational match to the solutions, ideas, and the Almighty power of the Loving GOD, to bring you All the Blessings you are asking for.

You can continue this experiment for as long as you wish.

For many it has BEcome a way of life and what a life they have created, together with all Loving GOD...


KNOW That All Is Well, Beloved Ones.

Welcome, Home.

We are walking beside you, every step of the way.

Dear Ones, you are Loved BEyond measure. Always.

I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and I bring you this TRUTH.

Thank you, Archangel Michael!

Channelled through Asara Adams

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Comment by Wm on January 23, 2021 at 10:38am
A message for 2021
Dear Starseeds and lightworkers. A message for 2021.
Firstly let me congratulate you all for coming into 2021 and getting this far. There are a large number of souls who have been leaving this planet in the last year for a few different reasons.
1. Many were first wave seeds whose mission was done and a lot of them consciously wanted to get out of here and did.
2. Others have left because they were resonating in 3D fear and attracted Covid19 unto themselves and energetically were not a match for it. The virus has actually cleared out a lot of very dense 3rd-dimensional souls.
3. Those that were born into 3D were an older generation who did not physically raise their vibration mentally and physically in these very new high vibrational energies were not a match and their vessels were not able to handle the new high frequencies. So they decided to part.
4. There are some souls whose missions simply have been completed and they have given humanity a head start in various ways that might not seem obvious yet, but who have none the less helped these new energies, some of whom gave their lives in circumstances that would have helped others or allowed changes as a result in various systems and structures that are now changing as a result.
The next thing I notice is that a lot of you are tired after 2020. That is understandable. The result of that is that you only want to read the posts all about love and light because you can't face much else right now. Your souls won't allow it. I understand this. Dear Starseeds this is not the time to be fence-sitting and hiding in the shadows because you don't feel you can take another step. I see many lightworkers treating the energies like a buffet. They pick and choose which bits they like and disregard the rest.
Let me give you an analogy that will better explain this and how to move forward. Imagine you are a religious person. Perhaps on a Sunday, you go to your place of worship and you sing various songs and even wear the correct spiritual clothing at these meetings whilst carrying out the various levels of preferred worship that day. Upon finishing, you hang your robes back up, close the books, and go back to your routines and daily lives as if the worship or spiritual practice never happened.
3D and 5D timelines have now separated. If you are now walking out of that church, or place of worship and not continuing on a 5D timeline, It will be a struggle because the universe won't support the fence-sitting anymore. going to a 5D food buffet but only picking out the bits you like won't resonate with birthing this new world now. Creator source and Gaia do not have time for that for much longer as this new world is going to be birthed regardless.
More about 2021...Things are going to get more rough till about March or May. So hold on tight. The tree has to be rocked for the bad apples to fall. There must be turbulence to unearth all the darkness and bring it up into view for healing. If you are on a 3D timeline these apples are going to fall on you hard. If you are on a 5D timeline it will fall on you like summer rain and wash away all those 3D soars and itches. Some souls will go into even greater fear and many more souls will be checking out of here ( see the Pleiadian message below. They refer to it more polity as ( or something else ).
Now there will be 3D lightworkers who will say, But ALEX! you're just pushing fear, you're trying to scare us, don't listen to him! and my response would be that yes you are correct, because from a 3D fear consciousness your 3D perspective will only allow you to see more fear and interpret this as something to be afraid of. In a 5D consciousness, this is something to excite yourself with!
Many truths will start coming out in the second part of this year. So prepare your minds and keep looking after your bodies. You can keep it up, I know you feel tired, and getting out of the bed has been hard as of late, especially as so many of you are doing so much in sleep time and fighting battles in the astral.
Your teams ( on the other side ) are all around you right now. Just reach out. Talk to them. Ask them to help you transmute low energies into high ones. They are all around you just waiting to help on any level, but it must come from you.
Be excited about the dark and many secret atrocities and lies coming to the surface because it must come out to be purged. There is no other way. Remember you all are doing so well. 2020-2024 are the great years of purging, restructuring, and the dark narrative coming to the fore to be viewed for what it really is, so we can call it out, name it and then bury it once and for all.
I thank you all for your service being here at this time.
Stay strong.
All my Love, Alexander Quinn

A message for 2021

Comment by Kim B on January 22, 2021 at 9:04pm

Giving it all to God.  Yep!

Comment by Wm on January 22, 2021 at 12:20pm


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