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Fallen Angels
Dear hearts, a student asked a question yesterday in a memory that I shared and as I think that this issue is important and necessary to be understood perfectly by many students of light, I decided to write a public post with the answer.
You agree with me, that man, at some point, has descended to lower levels of consciousness. This fall of man did not happen in one day, but it happened gradually. This was because mankind gradually drew their attention from Christ Perfection and Purity to imperfection and discord.
So, beloved, the fall of men happened because mankind began to accept as truth in their world of thoughts and feelings distorted ideas and patterns of discord as well as gradually opening their world to lower sensations, using vital energy to selfish purposes, or wasting that energy through passions, sensuality, and inferior relationships.
Well, man had his fall and built a world of limitations around him, full of problems, ups and downs, physical and mental illnesses, financial problems, relationship problems, difficulty to connect again with his true Inner God. By divine mercy and love of humanity, divine beings and ascended masters are working for centuries to re-erect humanity from this condition of limitation.
All of us, more or less, have densified our garments, falling into an inferior condition, otherwise our bodies and worlds would be present today in this moment, manifesting a pattern of beauty, purity and perfection visible to all! If you still have basic challenges like imperfections in your body, limitations in your world, it is a sign that you are still affected by imperfect conditions that you have created in the past.
The law is perfect! If one purifies one's karma one hundred percent, his physical body necessarily needs, as a consequence, to present a pattern of increasing beauty, perfection, and youth, otherwise one can say that it makes no sense to make any effort to purify oneself if even after we are completely purified, we still have to suffer with diseases and limitations equal to that of a being who has not done this work of purification yet.
Well, going back to the key subject of this message, if man has fallen and needs to rise again in the condition of original perfection and beauty, I ask a question in the love and wisdom of my Inner Christ: "If there be fallen angels, like many believe, please tell me, why do not they also have the same right to be redeemed as you and I of the human race? "
You see, I do not believe in the theory of fallen angels, at least in the sense that many of my friends here believe, but I think that, discussing this, only causes revolt, controversy and generates feelings of opposition and dislike between us and when we are instruments which cause these negative emotions in others, we are also responsible for this psychic filth that is generated in the atmosphere of the planet and therefore we are influenced by these destructive creations. And I do not want to stay connect in this human creation!
Therefore, my question here is not to discuss whether fallen angels exist or not, but rather to convey to you as meekly as possible what I have learned directly from an Ascended Master on the subject.
Think well, dear hearts, whether or not there are fallen angels, the atmosphere of this planet is full of entities with that name, for they are living things created and nurtured by thousands of people, most of whom are students of light, who have eyes sealed to the truth of the higher spheres, and are unable to realize that because they think, believe and struggle against these human qualifications every day, they end up, consciously or not, only giving more power to monsters such as these, living thoughtforms, to exist and expand ever more in this human octave.
Therefore, my beloved friends, think with your hearts, even if there were fallen angels, it would not be a more constructive attitude of the students of the light, to make daily decrees and prayers, so that these beings may, as we ask for humanity, be resurrected again in beauty , purity and divine perfection?
Why we think that the man who one day also fell is worthy to receive forgiveness and divine mercy and be re-raised to its perfect pattern and the fallen angels not deserve the same blessing? Are angels less worthy than men? Should the law work differently for the angels? Oh please, think about, look into your hearts and ask your Christ Self the truth!
I tell you, if you think that the law that should be applied to fallen angels is different from the law that should be applied to fallen men, then you are being unjust to life! You are privileging one part of life and keeping another part imprisoned! And if you are unjust and unable to forgive, tell me then, how can you expect to receive forgiveness and mercy for the mistakes you have also made in the past? If you want forgiveness, you must learn to forgive life, no matter how it expresses itself, first!
What Master Saint Germain said in the memory that I shared yesterday is valid for all the life of this planet, whether of the hierarchy of men, angels, or elementals. Redirecting a negative energy into discordant elements, which generated it because of ignorance, does not diminish the black clouds that hover in the atmosphere of the planet! What diminishes and consumes these negative creations is the use of forgiveness, of divine mercy, in the use of the Violet Fire for the requalification of that disqualified creation in the perfection of Christ again! Thus bringing the vital substance to its original balance and purity. This is really a good thing to do and the best way we can help the Ascended Host to rebuild the Golden Age on Earth!
Know that each time you feed feelings of hatred and anger against fallen angels or any form of life, and redirect negative energy to them, you are only feeding creations like these, giving them more energy and openness, and through it, they become stronger and enter into your worlds and lives, generating problems and limitations of all kinds! By doing so, you are only harming yourselves!
In so doing, dear hearts, you daily only further pollute the atmosphere of this planet and the atmosphere of your own individual worlds. If you do not accept what Master Saint Germain told you, and I am here, humbly trying to explain it from a different angle, then continue with your destructive habits, but please do not complain to me, to the Ascended Masters and to God about the problems and limitations that you consciously call in your own worlds, for you are responsible for what you create!
And if you do not change your thinking about it, you will live in the ups and downs of your own human creation until the day comes that you can perceive the truth, accept it, and apply it correctly. Only depends on you!
Please learn through love and in love to free life! For only love can redeem all imprisoned life on earth!

Humbly, in the love of my Presence,
Morgan Le Fay

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