Free Speech in America is Non-Negotiable

In the interview of Pamela Geller (who organized the "Draw the Prophet" contest at the heart of the controversy, and whose interview follows Judge Jeanine's various clips), just the fact that the judge raises the question  -- did Pamela Geller put people at risk by taking a stand against Islamic sharia law -- shows a serious problem exists, far beyond the scope of that particular event. The question also deflects attention from the real problem: sharia law in America, onto the person who is trying to warn of its perils, a common disinformation tactic.  Beware the mainstream media, it likes to shoot modern-day Paul Reveres.

It is unclear whether the judge is raising the question to elicit a response to an already existing accusation or to ask the question to satisfy her own curiosity.  In any event, it shows the absurdity of the notion, because if we don't push back against Islamic vengeance, many more people will be endangered, eventually resulting in the death of freedom of speech. 

Don't think that vanquishing Islamic imperialism from America (or Europe) is going to be without risk.  The founding of this country was fraught with risk.  But Freedom was worth it then, and it is worth it now. 

Make no mistake, Pamela Geller is a hero.  And so is Dutch politician, Geert Wilder. They are both risking their lives to raise America's awareness of the dangers of Sharia law. Pamela's "Draw the Prophet" contest was not a "dumb move," in fact, it was a brilliant strategy. It tackled the problem head on, which exposed the *jihadists' existence in America, their hatred of American values, and their murderous intent to enforce their own.  Now we know.  No more "conspiracy theory" labels to cover up the truth.  It's real.

Many alternative news criers have been sounding the alarm for years.  But this was a wake up call from the enemy itself.  They tipped their hand and demonstrated for all of America to see that if we dare to practice freedom of speech in our own country, speech which Islam does not approve, then free exercise of those rights will result in a near-immediate death penalty.  Our government can no longer cover it up, nor can it protect Americans, even if it wanted to (which, under the current administration, is highly doubtful).

This act was not only hostile to everything we believe and to what America stands for, but demonstrates loud and clear the hidden dangers of Islamic extremism brewing in our country.  Jihadists are an enemy force and they have brought their unholy war** to our shores.  There is nothing holy about war for any reason, especially one that purports to be religious.  In fact, Islam acts more like a rogue political movement than a religion.  A political wolf in religious sheep clothing.

Freedom of speech is no longer free because a very troubling price tag has been attached to it. And it's not just Islamic bullying.  It also includes deaths of journalists who expose government corruption and mainstream media who cover up truth.  You see, freedom of speech and of press and of thought are what keep this country free.  When they go down the chute, the country follows.  Jihadists, in the name of religion, are rabid dogs trying to shut it down because freedom is highly inconsistent with Islam.  And the U.S. government and its lackeys are allowing it, for their own illegal and immoral purposes.

It is being floated around that the correct behavior in all dealings Islamic (no matter how violent or treacherous) is to be "sensitive."  "Sensitivity" is a government-defined, politically correct concept which has the effect of manipulating the people to sacrifice our various freedoms on the altar of sharia law (or whatever program the government is running).  This is part of a government disinformation campaign.

As more people awaken, expect Geller, Geert, and the Ghost, as well as others who speak out to be reviled and made out to be hideous monsters not worthy of New World Order citizenship.  The disinformation has already begun.  According to the interview, Pamela Geller has become the focus of the controversy (which shocked her), not the Islamic doctrine which drives the jihadists to murder.  In other words, exposing the peril is the crime, not the crime of attempted murder itself.

This is what happens to people who tell the truth, and especially who get a large following, to shut them down.  The focus becomes you, not the perilous situation.  The water is muddied so thoroughly no one can tell fact from fiction.  Just know that if a person is doing something to try to save the country, then what you're reading or hearing is likely disinformation at work against him or her.

While our government hasn't legislated Sharia law into existence yet, in a prior blog it was mentioned that the darkening clouds of that movement have become evident in some U.S. courts, as well as seen in the government-assisted expansion of Muslim populations being seeded around the country.

In conjunction with the aforementioned, and among many other illegal acts being perpetrated against The People, the government is trying to sway public opinion through its morally- and patriotically-bankrupt lackeys ~ the mainstream media political correctness machine ~ by using its widespread influence to undermine free speech and free thought with its incessant lies, cover-ups, and other forms of manipulation and brainwashing. 

Just remember when you are being told to be "sensitive" to Islam, that the same government has no problem with a crucifix being put in a container of urine or an image of Mary is surrounded by pornographic images and elephant dung.  What happened to its "sensitivity" toward the feelings of other religions?  Or maybe it doesn't have any feelings at all.  Maybe it sold out to Islam.  That perception is valid given the public favoritism it gives Islam.

Another thought on sharia-sanctioned murder is that it not only represses free speech, it violates US criminal justice laws... the right to face one's accusers, the right to a trial by one's peers, the right to appeals, etc.  It also violates every American's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  The government's allowance of jihad groups and radical mosques in this country has violated every American's rights and I dare call it TREASON!

It is imperative to study Islam's past history, because Islamic imperialism is as alive today as it was in the past. Winston Churchill witnessed it first hand.  For a starter, read these pages: and

You can't just say NO! to Islamic imperialism. You have to actively resist it.  And you have to do it NOW!  Tomorrow will be too late.

Are your daily concerns more important than doing something to stop the forward progression of Islam?  Do you really not care enough to act to prevent your sons' minds being put into Islamic boxes and taught to hate, to fight and to die, while your daughters lose their identities under full body veils (body bags), denied education, denied the ability to travel about without a chaperone, to live in fear of violence, unable to make their own life decisions, and endure violence perpetrated against them for "transgressions" or husband edicts (for instance, sodomy is legal under Sharia law, whether the wife consents or not).  The plight of women under sharia law is tragic. 

Further, you don't have to be Muslim to enjoy the "benefits" of Islam.  It has already happened in Australia, where non-Muslim women have been raped by Muslim men for not veiling. Will you wait until jihadists begin attacking non-Muslim American women for not veiling?  Or Americans are killed for exercising free speech? 

If Islam conquers the U.S., the consequences are grim.  History shows conversion or beheading will be your choices.  And if you convert, you could end up a slave.  Which shall you choose?

This is the bleak future for our children and their children, for generations to come, unless we act now.  Stand with Pamela Geller, Geert Wilder, Judge Jeanine, and others who are putting their country, as well as everyone's freedom, before their own lives. This issue is that important.

Remember, Islam was born in the Dark Ages.  It is still a primitive movement and will force another Dark Ages on this world.  Much of what has been gained will be lost, if that is allowed to happen.  It must not be allowed to happen, at all costs.

In closing, I stand in spirit with Pamela Geller, Judge Jeanine and Geert Wilders.  In doing so, I clarify my position that this is not a call to rise up against all Muslims in America.  I can see, just like with the obvious racial divide ops going on, that voicing opinions about Islamic imperialism could be used by Big Brother to create a religious divide to foment martial law.  Let's not play into their hands.

What this blog is about is a call to arms against excessive government favoritism towards Islam, and includes demands that all known jihad camps and radical mosques which violate U.S. laws should be eliminated as soon as possible, there should be an immediate cessation of importing Muslims into this country with the relocation out of this country of those already seeded, legislation should be introduced and passed posthaste banning sharia law in this country, and any other necessary acts to protect the national security against Islam imperialism.

This is not about harming innocent people, on either side of the religious aisle.  It is about returning to Constitutional rule and removing rogue elements from our government.   It is also a reminder to that "government" that it is Americans who are entitled to American liberties.  Not the foreign enemies of America and their religion.

*What they call a jihadist (one who struggles against injustice), we call criminally insane.  Let's remove the romantic labels and call things what they are.

**It  is understood that our government shouldn't have been meddling in their affairs in the first place.  However, most Americans don't agree with our own government on many things and killing innocents is one of them.  Thus, the American people should not be the target, it should be the reprobates in Washington, D.C. that should suffer the consequences of their actions.  In the current case, resisting Islamic imperialism is also an act of resisting our rogue government.  Once the legitimate Constitution and a valid government are restored, wrongs should be righted.  However, in the interim, the seemingly destructive path that is being laid before us calls us to be pro-active before it does go out of control and becomes destructive.

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