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From "Unveiled Mysteries", By Godfré Ray King. Saint Germain Press.


...As I was shown these tremendous activities, I wondered why a civilization could be brought forth so wonderful, beautiful, and perfect in every way, and then go down— through the terrible destructive activities of a cataclysm. Saint Germain saw the question in my mind and volunteered the following explanation: "You see," he said, "when a group of mankind is fortunate enough to come under the instruction and Radiation of—a Great Master of Light—such as this Great Cosmic Being is—they are given an opportunity of seeing—what the Plan of Life is for humanity, and the Perfection they are intended to bring forth and live in—by their own conscious effort. However, unfortunately, and it has been so many times down the centuries—the people will not try to understand—Life—but let themselves drop into a state of lethargy. They do not exert the necessary effort required to accomplish these things— by the power of God—within the individual. They begin to lean—on the One giving the Radiation. The sustaining power is only withdrawn, when the individual ceases to make conscious effort to understand—Life—and willingly work in harmonious co-operation with it. "They rarely realize—most of their blessings are the result of the sustaining power— from the One giving the Radiation. If a certain group of souls have been taught the— Way of Mastery—and reminded lifetime after lifetime of their Divine Birthright—the hour arrives—when no more assistance is permitted. It is then—the Radiation of the Ascended Masters is withdrawn—and those souls are compelled to come face to face with the fact—the sustaining and accomplishing power was not due—to their own effort. "These must understand—they can only receive that—for which an effort is made. In such activity, the experiences passed through—compel them to make the necessary self-conscious application—and when that is accomplished—expansion and God-Dominion begin to express. "There is no failure for anyone—who continues to make self-conscious effort to express Dominion of the Divine over the human—because failure only comes—when self-conscious effort ceases. All experience—through which the individual passes—exists for one purpose
only, and that is to make him—aware of his 'Source.' He—must learn— who he is, recognize himself as a Creator and—as such—Master of what he creates. "Everywhere throughout the Universe—whenever the power to create is given to a Being—the responsibility of creating is always co-existent—with the power. All creation is by Self-conscious effort, and if the individual upon whom this—Great Gift of Life—has been bestowed refuses to take his responsibility—and do his duty, his experiences in Life will prod him with misery—until he does, for mankind never was created in a condition of limitation and it can have—no rest—until the Perfection—with which it was endowed in the beginning—is Fully expressed. Perfection—Dominion— Harmonious use—and Control of All Substance and Force is the 'Way of Life,'—the Original Divine Blue Print for humanity. "God Within the individual—is—that Perfection and Dominion. It is that 'Presence' within the heart of everyone which is the—Source of Life—the Giver of every good and perfect thing. When the individual looks to and recognizes his—Source—as the Outpouring of All Good, he that moment automatically starts the flow of All Good things unto him and his world because—his attention—to his 'Source' is the—Golden Key— that opens every good thing unto him. "The Life in every person is—God—and only by the Self-conscious effort to understand Life, and express the Fullness of good through himself—can the discord in the outer experience cease. Life—the Individual—and The Law—are 'One' and so it is—unto Eternity. *

* From "Unveiled Mysteries", By Godfré Ray King. Saint Germain Press.

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Comment by Wm on June 24, 2018 at 4:28pm


Always demand proof, proof is the elementary courtesy that is anyone’s due.  —Paul Valéry, "Monsieur Teste"

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Indonesia Plate NOT Collapsing -- The TruEarth Images offered by ZT as "proof" are 11 years old! 

Oh, Buoy! (Misinterpreted buoy charts)

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