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Cicero is alive, the spirit of his words echoing across the millenia, begging America to listen in her time of crisis.  He lived in first century B.C. Rome, one of its most famous citizens, and witnessed his beloved Republic degenerate into a despotic empire.  To him, patriotism to the Roman republic was the highest calling.  He was assassinated forty-three years before Christ was born; resolutely standing, to the end, in the path of tyranny that eventually engulfed Rome and wiped out an entire civilization.

His warnings were not in vain.  While he wasn’t able to save Rome, the wisdom and insights contained in his writings offer sustenance to America.  You see, he lived during a similar crossroads in history and has much to say about what is happening here and now. 

Do enough noble citizens remain who will stand tall and push back the rising tide of bad politics and treason?  Cicero calls to those of us who love our country to heed his warnings.  The tide can be turned, if more than a handful care enough, and are brave enough, to take that stand.  And to remain standing when everything else falls.

Cicero’s Ghost (CG) is an American, and lifelong admirer of Cicero, who has escaped the veil of illusion about our world.  The purpose of this site is to help you awaken, too.   CG blogs will offer commentary about the dysfunctional U.S. government’s various machinations, as well as other things of which to be aware.  Together, we can make a change for the better.

CG has a Bachelor of Arts degree, as well as a Master of Fine Arts degree, both from accredited U.S. universities, and is currently working towards an advanced degree in religion.  CG reads extensively and has a broad background with which to evaluate what is being passed around for news.  While not perfect, CG has a good sense of what’s true and what’s not.  So, before you give in to fear and throw your hard-earned money at survival vendors, check here first. Whatever is spooking you may not even be real.

Do not rely on, they are biased in favor of our corrupt government.  And if you stumble upon an issue not addressed here, then say something so it can be looked into.  While similar to and the activist post (as far as examining issues), the CG blog is different because it has no advertisers or vested-interest employers paying the bills.  CG presents as many sides to an issue as possible so readers can be as informed as possible.  This is a labor of love for CG and it is offered free as a public service.

After saying that, CG does encourage folks to be prepared for local events for we do live in an increasingly uncertain world.  Trying to plan for an end-of-the-world scenario is futile (learned first-hand).  There are many merchants out there who hope to sell you on the idea that you can prepare for TEOTWAWKI. A six-months’ supply of food and water per-person is the high end of what is possible to buy and manage for the average person.

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