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Group Activity for the Balance of the Four Elements on Earth

Group Activity for the Balance of the Four Elements on Earth

Dear hearts, I invite you to join me in an activity of decreeing for two weeks, three times a day, for the balance of the four elements on earth. We are experiencing a time of many extremes of nature around the world. One place has many fires, another has many floods, in one place the water is getting scarce, in another we have tornado, etc. We need to ask for help! We need to send our love to the four elements, we need to work with all our hearts, asking for the balance of the Forces of Nature. Flooding the nature and the elements with our love and gratitude!

You know that these conditions are not a punishment of God, but only the consequence of mankind does not clean their own flow of discordant thoughts and feelings, which accumulate day by day in the atmosphere of this planet. It is our responsibility to clean it, because this planet is our house. No matter who is doing more wrongs or not, but matter that we need to do something, as quickly as we can, to help the balance comes back to this planet!

I would be very grateful for your help! I select two decrees, wrote by beloved Lotus, which are very beautiful, powerful and complete in this sense. I'll transcribe them below. If you join me, put your name below, so that we can make together a virtual group or activity, giving our best service to mankind and this planet. Together we can make a difference.

For this service, I need to give you some instruction, that can make you calls more effective. So, if you want to join me in this service, try to follow these steps:

1. Calm your mind
2. Sit in a relax position
3. Put your attention in your I AM Presence over your head and then within your heart, in your Threefold Flame, sending the Presence above and within you, your love and gratitude.
4. Then focus your attention in the Great Central Sun or in one of the Ascended Masters which is more near and dear to you. If you choose the Great Central Sun, imagine during your call, the Rays of Love, in Golden, Pink, Violet or Blue Color descending from this Great Sun and enfolding the entire planet, especially the region where you live, and in those places that need more help in this moment. Imagine these rays sweeping, enfolding, blessing these places. Imagine these rays, flooding the Forces of the Nature, the Elements, the Elementals, giving them the release from all accumulated discord upon them. If you choose for your visualization the Luminous Presence of one of the Ascended Masters, send your love to Him or Her, imagine this Presence descending in visible and tangible body upon the earth, enfolding the planet and specially the places you would like to give more attention. In the same way, imagine this Luminous Presence expanding His or Her Rays of Love, Peace and Harmony upon the places, flooding the Elements, Forces of the Nature, Elementals and the atmosphere of this planet.
5. Do the calls holding the visualization, as clear as you can.
6. When you finish the calls. Try to feel the Love, Peace and Comfort in each corner and place on this planet.
7. End the service by giving thanks to the Great Central Sun or the Master you have chosen, the I AM Presence and all Cosmic Beings that govern the activities of the four elements and nature. Giving thanks to them for the balance and peace reestablished on this planet and everywhere here.

It looks a little large the instruction, but as you do it daily, you will see, that you can do it in 5 minutes! And with the same power of hours of decreeing without feeling what you are doing. God bless you all. I hope we can work together in this unconditional service.

Love always,

Morgan Le Fay
Decree 1

BELOVED MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE”! I CALL to the Forces of the Four Elements—the Powers of the Water, Air, Fire, and Earth! Stand Guard over the people of Earth! Even though they have made mistakes, still do I call on the Law of Forgiveness for those mistakes! and I ask that you give to the Children of Light your Assistance, that they may neutralize all destructive elements mankind has created from the face of the Earth forever!

“MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE”! Call forth from the Great Central Sun and pour to the Forces of the Four Elements the full Power of Divine Love and Blessings of my own Life Stream! to the Gnomes, Salamanders, Sylphs, and Undines; also to those Great Beings of Light and Love who govern their activities—the Lord the Maha Chohan, the Gods of the Mountains, the God of the Air, Beloved Neptune, the God of Nature, the God of Gold, Mighty Oromasis; Diana, Goddess of Fire; and the Lords of the Flame from Venus!

Decree 2

I DEMAND Cosmic Christ Angels in Legions uncountable, come closer into the lower physical atmosphere of Earth! control all forces in Nature! and hold the balance against all destructive forces and activities!

I DEMAND Legions of Cosmic Christ Angels blaze the Flame from Their Hearts into all conditions in this physical world! and shut off all intended destruction! Right Now! this instant and forever!

“I AM” Decrees, Series One, Set O, Decree 1 and 2
Saint Germain Press, Inc.

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