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Human beings, Having turned from the Light of their own free will, must return to It of their own free will.

THE Ascended Masters, through Saint Germain’s Instruction concerning the "Mighty I AM Presence,” are establishing Great Pillars of Their Light at various points in America to illumine, protect and supply, during the time of cataclysmic activity, those who serve the Light.
These Pillars of Light are Sanctuaries or Altars of Light direct from the Ascended Masters, for all who come into Them with full acceptance of their own "Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Masters. The Light which forms these Pillars is a Mighty Stream of Electronic Force from the Great Central Sun, qualified with whatever the people need most for illumination, protection and freedom.
However, the people themselves must come into these Pillars of Light of their own volition, if they are to have Blessing and Protection, for the Light does not seek out the individual. Human beings, Having turned from the Light of their own free will, must return to It of their own free will, for their return to the Light must come about because they love the Light more than anything else in the Universe. Otherwise, it would not be permanent.
If human beings think they can use the Ascended Masters’ Gift of Light and Freedom to bolster up some old method of teaching that is falling to pieces, because the Light which it had in the beginning has gone out, they had better never been born in this embodiment. They fail before they begin, if they attempt it.
We issue a definite warning to all who attempt to commercialize this teaching or prey upon students, who sincerely seek the Light, for the hour of reaction has already struck and only that which is True, Pure, Perfect and of the Light, "The Light of God that never fails,” the Light of the Ascended Masters—can have protection, guidance and supply over the period of change.
The Ascended Masters are offering Their Light, Their Victory and Their Freedom—without limit —to assist every individual, who will sincerely turn his attention to his own "Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Masters, and make definite determined effort to reach up and receive the help They offer.
The Great Ascended Masters plead with individuals everywhere, to harmonize their feelings and make the call to flood the earth with the Victorious Light of the "Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Masters, but the people themselves MUST reach up and make the call, if they are to receive the answer.
We are entering the hour, the day, the age of the "Mighty I AM Presence,” which is the Perfection of the Limitless Shadowless Light. That Light SHALL flood the earth with Its Dazzling Radiance and Perfection and whatever cannot stand That Light is consumed thereby.
The Light of the "Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Masters is increasing hourly, for It will soon take possession of the whole earth. The Light knows Its Own and releases unto Its Devotees, the Fulness of Its Gifts—the Perfection of Itself.
Every instant of Eternity, all activity of every individual depends on Light—Spiritual, mental and physical Light. Therefore, we ask every student of Saint Germain to call constantly to the "Mighty I AM Presence” and Ascended Masters to release greater, greater, and greater Light! Light! Light! NOW, NOW, NOW throughout the earth, in such a Mighty Onrush of Its Irresistible Perfection, that nothing else can stand before Its Mighty Presence and POWER, controlling forever man: kind, the earth and all that is therein.
The Ascended Masters are the channels through which comes all Light, whether it be for the individual, state, nation or the earth. Only enough Light can help humanity and the world, in this the eleventh hour of its greatest struggle.
Oh, "Mighty I AM Presence,” Great Ascended Masters! Oh, Mighty Legion of Light and Great Angelic Host! we call unto Thee as never before, to flood the earth with that Light as of a thousand Suns and release—everywhere—Its Glory and Perfection, for the Eternal Blessing of the Children of Light, the earth and all that is therein forever.

The Voice of the I AM, June 1936. Saint Germain Press.

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Comment by Kim B on June 16, 2021 at 7:44pm

Those who have turned away from God must turn back and yes it has to do with free will.  There will be an Illumination of the soul in order to accomplish this task as some are so consumed by the dark their free will has been infiltrated...


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