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Important message from Mother Mary
December 20th, 2017
By Linda Li

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. Divine and the company of heaven, are busy bringing the biggest news to the planet. In the process of doing so, we noticed a couple of things we would like to bring to your attention.
First, there are souls on the planet right now that are ready hear our news but may not be ready to digest the news in a proper way. In other words, there are souls who still have a great deal of doubt about whether Jesus is coming and why he is coming at the present moment, and why he is here in America rather than in Jerusalem. Yes, these are good questions. Divine and the company of heaven will answer all of these questions in separate changelings. The only thing I want to address here is that the reason Jesus is here in America, but not in Jerusalem, is because America has been designated by the heavens as the new Jerusalem, the battle ground for us, and when America is in the control of heavens, the world will automatically follow suit. Some may doubt this, but that is the design dear heart, take my word for.
The other thing we noticed is that there are a lot of light workers who are ready for the news, but only on the intellectual level. If you look into their hearts, there are still lots of the hatre and lots of unfulfilled desires and wishful thinking. And these unfulfilled emotions will trip them up at some point when the new Jerusalem finally is here, when Jesus comes out to lead. That is the second thing I want to address so that you get a chance to look at thy heart, see what is there and how you can heal thyself, know thyself. We all have certain level of self fulfilling prophecy tendency. But in order to make sure we don't fool ourselves, we need to be very careful about what we believe, what our hearts hear, and what we should follow through. There is a certain level of the human conditions in every body. But don't let these human conditions trip you up is self mastery. How you can get rid of some of these conditions matters. There are light workers who think they're done with the condition removal process, they feel pretty good about themselves till next time when they are tripped up by hidden human conditions they were not aware of before. That is the trick. How do you detect yourself before the conditions show up? How can you prevent yourself from being tripped off? Those are the questions I leave to you to think about and hopefully you see what is there in you that needs work and you can fix it.
I love you dear heart, I am Mother Mary. In the next couple of days, Divine and the company of heaven, are going to continue to carry out our biggest news yet for the planet. We are so excited. Humanity is so ready for the news. Divine timing is here. All is coming. All is well. Be ready dear ones. I am Mother Mary. So it is.

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  • Thumbs Up Kim

  • This one is nice too.  So many great messages from Mother Mary:

    My dear children, the Love of my Son is never more prevalent than it is at Christmas.

    At this time, during the celebration of His Birth, He floods souls with His Love. It is at this time that you must live the Love that was given to you, naturally, as children of God. You must cherish the Gift of Love, which comes from God and share this Gift with everyone you know.

    The Gift of Love is intensified at Christmas in the souls of all God’s children and it is at this time you must acknowledge that love begins in the family. My Son was born into a family and this was for good reason. God manifested Himself – not as an individual sent on a Mission, with no one close to him, but within the Holy Family.

    Love your families and forgive past transgressions. Love all those, including those who hate you. You can overcome hatred by sharing love and while this may be difficult at time, you will be stronger for it and at peace. Hatred is a negative emotion and drains the soul with a deep sense of unhappiness. It eats away at the core of the soul until it dies. Do not allow hatred to separate you from the Gift of Love, which is the most powerful Grace, because it comes from God.

    Love one another, as God loves each one of you this Christmas. Pray for those who have carried out any wicked act against you and ask my Son to relieve you of the burden of hatred.

    God’s Love in all its glory is witnessed in the family, which thrives on Love. Such families, fortunate enough to feel love for each other, must spread this love to others who do not have love in their own lives. The person who are reared in a loving family, and who loves with a tender heart, touches the souls of others. This is how God’s Love is spread – from within the bosom of the family.

    It was from the heart of a loving family, that my Son, Jesus Christ, set about in His Mission on earth to redeem man from sin. And so, this Christmas, I ask that you love one another and ask my Son to bless all families with the graces to love each other more.

    The love that is present in a family can overcome all obstacles placed before it by Satan. It is the family – the foundation of God’s Love – that is despised by Satan. It is the family that is targeted by the evil one and he will do anything to destroy the family unit.

    Love and unity in a family is a great Gift from Heaven and you must strive, always, to remain united at all times.

    Your Beloved Mother

    Mother of Salvation

  • Btw i dont think the elite will get very far with their nasty plans...

  • Interesting message indeed.  This one here from Mother Mary tells what the elite are up to...

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