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Prior to the Battle of the Greasy Grass, lala Tatanka Iyotanka received a vision of soldiers falling out of the sky upside down like grass hoppers. He knew there was going to be a great victory. There was also a warning. He told the people not to take anything from the dead soldiers or we were going to become dependent on their things. The people didn't listen.

In ceremony we were reminded about Sitting Bull and the great victory at the Battle of the Greasy Grass. They said our ancestors were victorious because the Oceti Sakonwin stood together and believed in their cannupa. They told us they knew what we were up against but if we stood together and believed in our prayers we were going to once again be victorious. They said only men in the front, women with no children behind. We were told to be like stone and not react to the wasicu. The people didn't listen.

If the camp had remained peaceful and prayerful then Standing Rock would have continued to support our relatives. Months ago, Standing Rock set land aside for a winter camp but people spoke out against our tribe and refused to listen. They called us sell outs and said they weren't going to go any where. Over the months there have been many leaders from all walks of life, spiritual leaders and elders in camp who have tried to give direction. The people don't listen.

And for you North Dakotan's who follow my page and like my comments, the State of North Dakota is not innocent. What's happening at the Oceti Sakonwin Oyanke is nothing compared to what's happening in the Man Camps in the Bakken. Bismarck Tribune and KFYR like to paint a negative picture of our people but what short memories you have. When oil was discovered in our State it wasn't the best that America had to offer who came. It was the worst and most desperate that rushed to the oil fields. You want to talk about crime? What about how crime has risen in our State since North Dakota started producing oil? More gun related incidents, Drug Cartels, Murders, Rapes, Aggravated Assaults, Human Trafficking, etc. And you want to pass a law that will make it legal to run people over on our State Highways?

That's the whole reason why the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe developed tribal codes that say our tribe will never allow fracking on our lands. People are calling us sellouts but none of this would have been possible if Standing Rock had not resisted. The power of this movement has been our tribe's ability to create relationships. We have lost all of our hearings in Federal Court but our tribe has been successful at creating allies in Washington, DC. When the Federal Judge ruled against us the Department of Interior, Department of Justice and the Department of the Army intervened on behalf of the Tribe. Today we have allies all around the world.

We need to take what we learned from this movement, both the good and the bad, and continue standing up for what's right. I think we need to work together to redefine what being a good relative is. We have to become who we say we are. Look at what is happening right now in America. The Water Protectors are everywhere!!!!

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Comment by Wm on January 23, 2017 at 8:37am

The Indigenous Environmental Network Responds to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Resolution to Clear Camps in 30 Days
January 21, 2017
Press Contact:


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