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THE CHRIST ERA has officially begun with effect from this spring Equinox, March 21st 2019. We want all HER disciples and Christians to know that your CREATOR is here. She is sitting on the throne. She has returned, except as the ruler, The Queen.

Christ wants the world especially the Christian countries and leade.... He is leading the ascension effort, and ushering in the new Golden Age, the Christ Era. He is so thrilled to be back on the planet. He is ready to bring in the new teachings, and also he is going to bring down the old houses so that eventually the truth will be told.

1. Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. The planet, right now, is in such a vulnerable situation due to the planetary ascension and the state of human consciousness. We, the Divine have come to a conclusion that we need to move forward with the Divine plan. Currently, the consciousness of the planet and humanity is harmful. It is dangerous to have this kind of collective consciousness for a planet with this size. Your Father God has a plan which has already been implemented, of which I have spoken. The plan is to have the Divine government to come online. Now, what.... On earth though, even the advanced souls who, sometimes, forget who they are, and once that happens, tragedy strikes. That is why we, the Divine have decided to come and it is time for the ego games to end. This is a monumental moment in human history. ~ Jan 18, 2020 New

2. Dear angels on earth, I am your Divine Mother. Your body is indeed in the process of transforming to intense light filled body. And that means that your body has to absorb the ascension Rays on the daily basis so that gradually, the light body can be fully activated and guiding you moving forward in your earthly journey. In time like this, the physical body tends to be intensely activated. Especially the ones who carry a great deal of the Divine mission. The process is going to be more and more demanding to the light workers and humanity in general. We, the Divine have foreseen the process and that is why your Father and I have decided to bring some elite beings here to help with the process. The ones who are coming in the near future, are the archangels. The.... They have been through a lot of the planetary ascension before and they are pretty experienced in this kind of process, which means that they will jump in to the process right after their arrival. ~ Jan 17, 2020 New

3. Guan Yin says that the releasing that is supposed to happen, has been diverted to a different area of the planet. Gaia has decided to let the ancient energies to be released at different energy portals. The reason for that is because these energies are quite dense. When these energies are being released, the outcome is going to be very violent. And the Divine has concerns about the timing and the outcome of the releasing. Since the planet has been uplifted. Gaia has ascended. There is really no urgent need to let the release happen so dramatically. The Divine has taken Gaia’s advice and let the releasing of these ancient energies delayed till a later time. For now, Gaia has decided to continue the releasing but at a milder level. And now the releasing is mainly focused in the Americas and that is where Gaia resides. Thanks for pinching in dear ones. Gaia has decided to change the releasing plan. The plan for now is to continue to release the energies that are much milder. Once this round of the releasing is done, the Divine will decide what to do next. But for now, Gaia wants the planet to stay calm. And that means the process has been modified so that the releasing can be manageable. I love you dear ones. I am Guan Yin. So it is. ~ Jan 15, 2020 New

4. Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. Now, in the last few days, the Divine has discovered that there are some regions, on the planet, are having hard time to release the energies. Quite contrary, what we, the Divine have found out is that the reason the planet is not releasing the energies equally is because there are energies buried so deep in the core of the planet, and Gaia has forgotten about them. The energies are from ancient times. They are here because the plan.... In the next few days, these ancient energies are coming out of the core of the planet and will be released. In the process, the planet will see a lot of activities. Nature related activities. ~ Jan 14, 2020 New

5. Dear children on earth, I am your Divine Mother, the Mother of all creation. The Divine and the company of heaven are currently working to spread the ascension light and to make sure that the planet has the ascension Rays evenly, and the entire planet will have the chance to ascend. Now, the planet is at a position that the ascension Rays normally reach the planet very quickly, Although some regions get the Rays quicker than others. But overall, the planet has indeed received the intense ascension Rays evenly in most parts. We, the Divine have the technology to distribute the light evenly. Other than that, the planet wide ascension is going well dear ones. The ascension of America can be reached at a reasonable speed, and .... ~ Jan 13, 2020 New

6. Dear children on earth, I am your Divine Mother, the Mother of all creation. The continents of the Americas are the regions that the releasing will happen mainly. Of course, the repercussions of the releasing happening in America may impact the other parts of the world. Gaia wants the United States to be the first to ascend in the next .... In the next few days and weeks, you are going to see quite a bit of releasing in the land of America. Gaia has already started the releasing process. She has decided to release the past through weather pattern changes, and also the changes in human behaviors and activities in the public arena. ~ Jan 12, 2020

7. Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. The Divine has decreed that the planet earth has been in a position.... My advice is to let them behave the way they do, and send them your beautiful love and light to assist their awakening journey silently. They are in the process of awakening. They are acting out without knowing the reason. They have fear and they want the attention so that the fear can be released. Even though, the awakening process can be threatening for some, but at end of the day, they will be alright. ~ Jan 11, 2020

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Comment by Kim B on January 19, 2020 at 8:59pm

"Currently, the consciousness of the planet and humanity is harmful. "  For sure it is!  Been this way for WAY too long!

Comment by Kim B on January 19, 2020 at 8:57pm

"absorb the ascension Rays on the daily basis so that gradually, the light body can be fully activated and guiding you moving forward in your earthly journey."

Watch the Schumann Resonance.  It has been gradually rising for the past decade.  Today it was off the charts.  


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