Messages from Mother Mary July 6th, 2017 By Linda Li

Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that Gaia and her children and humanity will go through yet another great shift. It is due and can arrive any time now. This one is particularly special and Divine warns you so that you all will be prepared.
Yes dear heart, mass ascension has begun. The ascension energy coming to earth is becoming more and more powerful. In order for you to stay and stay well, you need to heed Divine's advice and do whatever it takes to maintain your cool. This energy is very powerful. Mother designed it this way so that all Gaia's children and humanity will heed the call and go home. This energy will do just that, bring Gaia's children and humanity home.
Yes, some may say, they have had it. I agree with you dear heart. You have been bombarded by strong energies for years if not decades, and your patience is running thin. Just think of it this way dear heart, if it weren't because of these energies, could you be where you are today? Could humanity be where it is now? Far from that, you and humanity most likely would have stayed in the dark, and struggling, and found no way out. That was the case before for eons of time dear heart. We finally made it this far. Gaia and humanity finally have a chance to go home, all because of these energies. So, be patient dear heart. I know it is not easy when you are in form, and experience these strong energies. Sometimes your body may not reach well. But believe me, these energies do wonders if you let them. Just give it a chance, you will see how far these energies will take you. Going home you need these energies dear heart. Nothing else can do it for you, remember that. So, stay put and let energies do the work dear heart. It is in Divine's interest that you work with these energies and not lament it. When you embrace these energies, you go home faster and struggle less. Why not adapt the energies and make your path easier instead of fighting hard dear heart, think about it.
I am Mother Mary, I love you. In next few days, Divine is going to pay tremendous attention to our light workers who are at the verge of ascension. It is Divine's wish that these light workers who are ready to ride this ascension flame and ascend. Yes, we cannot wait. We want you to ascend dear heart so that you don't have to suffer from the dark night of the soul. It is time dear heart, come with us and go home. This is your chance, embrace it.
I love you dear heart. In your ascension journey home, I also want to remind you that regardless how far you have traveled, you still have far to go in terms of full enlightenment. It is the truth that spiritual journey has no end, you always evolve, going home. There is no such thing that once I ascend, I am done. Yes, once you ascend, you will be done for one phase. But next phase will await you. So, be prepared and you won't feel disappointed. Remember your spiritual journey has no end, you always expand. That is the law. I love you, I am Mother Mary. So it is.

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