Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - 28 February 2020

Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - 28 February 2020

At a time when many new inventions are being developed in secret, it is nevertheless a most amazing time to be present on Earth. Behind all of the turmoil that is taking place, great steps forward are being made that will propel you faster than ever into the New Age. Advancements are happening in many different industries and are such that it is going to be impossible to keep them secret. In fact where they are of a necessity there is a certain degree of urgency to get them introduced. Free energy and water are amongst those at the top of the list, and the way that climate changes are taking place, the needs of people in some areas is becoming urgent.

For example for some time now it has been known how to cheaply convert sea water into tap water, and the release of such information would ensure that there was not a worldwide problem due to a shortage. Free energy would be a great addition to ensure people could be self-contained and able to see their way through extreme climate changes one way or the other. If you added food replicators then people would become almost entirely self-supporting. These changes are already coming along and the question is will they come quick enough to avoid the result of the more extreme climatic changes.

Some of you will ask why any group should have the power to prevent new inventions from being available to everyone and the most likely answer is the Military do not want the technology to be available to those viewed as their enemies. However, most inventions can be used for peaceful purposes and they should not be denied to the populace. The dark Ones are in decline but can still interfere with the work of those who have positive intentions, but the Alliance is already too powerful to be stopped from their aims to make the world free from their interference

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