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Money system and dharmic (akashic) system

Virtual money and virtual dharma

I have been long thinking about the duality aspects of materiality and spirituality in term of money and something. I guess that that something is termed nearest as “dharma”.

Honestly, if I have a choice, I wouldn’t use this term. Sadly I can’t find any better term. The meaning is something like your good doings will be archived (into spiritual or mental means), which will influence your mental and emotional state in reality. Another word “karma” which is closely related with this, represents the “bad doings”, and also the “akashic record”, a system about archiving everything in life. However, I do not try to relate myself here with Hinduism or heaven and hell, for I am just to use the words. However, considering that universal laws are not belonged to anything but everything, what am I presenting here has nothing to do with a specific religion.

So, try to think like this way, if money is printed virtual value, a profit or dept measured material property, then dharma is virtual record that measures a person’s (spiritual) doings, as right or wrong, life or death, light or darkness, spirituality and morality… which to me it is as chaotic as to measure the material property as in our physical world.

Is money a bad idea in human society? Yes and no.

Without money, human will still live in batter system as in stone age. Mathematically speaking, money is a result of standardizing the value of material property. Without money, higher logistical trading is impossible. Value like gold measure by weight is impractical since trading nowadays can vary from a million dollars to a mili-cent.

Bad side of money. Yes, when peoples are living in a materialistic world that is totally measured by money, they lost in materialistic possession. Peoples forget about what a real matter is, only be able to recognize money and to earn and buy a property with money. Peoples abuse money without thinking through how a physical world works, which in the end cause the relation between money and matter to break, something like inflation up to the point that money becomes no value at all, happens.

Physical world as measured by money is incomplete. In situation such as certain knowledge and skill can bring a lot profits but the quality of knowledge and skill is not. Job like gold mining is incomparable with farming, the first uses less physicality but earn more than the later, yet without farming the gold miners end up starving. Things get more complicated with physical technology, where technology can be used as improvement onto these skills yet abuses environment.

Just everything has its double edges, as I am trying to make this topic simple here.

Moves on next, it is interesting to apply this money concept to spirituality.

With our archives or (akashic) records of our good and bad doings, which we wishfully believe so that our fortune comes by our good doings, and suffering faces us when we do bad. Yet the question remains since we have really hard time to judge what is right and wrong. This can be reflected to our money system where how are we going to measure a value of a property, as if if gold mining is always better than farming. Usually, the more rare of a certain property is, the higher the value of it as money. So then, we turn around and see our spirituality, something like working with a certain connection with something or someone, has greater “value” of good doing where peoples are respecting more with it. To say, there will be a greater dharma on a certain doings and lesser dharma on the other, yet, it is hard to measure if it is really the case.

Not sure how exactly I come up with this but it is just hard to understand in spiritual way. Not that I am sure of it, but the idea is there. You should knew it, sometimes I am just giving opinion more than to claim.

However, knowing that in money system, we can have debt and loan, so spiritually speaking, it will be karma and wrong doing.

Ok, karma or wrong doing as debt, that is understandable, but wait, karma and wrong doing as loan?

How is it possible for spiritualist “restating historical debt” and “borrow future money”? Why not? People can try to promote him/herself with something like create promise to attract others, whatever the reason he/she is up to, later, either he/she will break his/her promise or fulfils others’s need as promised. So it is possible to have debt or loan, if we try to look at that way.

This makes some sense to me on how I have observed in some spiritual personal or group, where there are people being fortunate in the beginning but suffer later, or in opposite. In ideal situation, of course nobody want to have a debt or loan, and everyone is wishfully working on a life that has only good fortune. Just like trying to work and be rich and live a good life. If karma is similar to a loan, then it is a loan from a person or group whom have loaned dharma to help to solve a problem but has to pay back to the person or group as his/her or theirs dharma. It is like trading a dharma but in deficit.

If so, then the karma isn’t really about sin, it is more like to pay back to where is borrow from. People often refers karma as a bad doing that returns to the doer, like if somebody is in bad luck, it must be from something he/she been doing wrong. Karma, under dharma, becomes a lack of good doing that needs to return, thus there is no such thing as sin. A lack of dharma due to loan from others just has to pay the dharma back to loaner; a lack of dharma due to self, as borrowed from self, or “God”, has to give back to self. With that, sin is not a suffering, wrong doing has nothing to do with right doing, right and wrong are two different manners. Suffering has nothing to do with wrong doing, it is just suffering that has to work out, to gain and repay dharma fill in the lacking, Sin and wrong doing happen when one starts to distort somebody’s right doing, which is blame, and blame is not really suffering but inflict pain on others, where sinner enjoy blaming people around them and enjoy living is his/her own illusion of falsely victorious of finding faults on others, which in turn turn him/herself into an idiot.

How about a person that has not borrow any dharma thus has no karma? If he/she always been working by him/herself without the need of dharma, he should be having no suffering, right? It is possible, if only he/she never interacts with anyone beside him/herself. No good nor bad, it just stop develops.

Yet, a big question here is, what if spirituality is similarly been abused like money? Where good and bad are measured by virtual dharma, instead of the quality of good and bad itself? Yes, just because of you doing a lot of certain good deeds don’t mean you can use that to solve other problem, you are merely trading a spiritual service, dharma, but you are not to promote a spiritual path that claims to be able to overcome everything. Gold miners are incomparable to farmers, the only true path is mutual relationship.

Thus, virtual dharmic system cannot cover all of the morality here. Similar to virtual money system, it cannot cover every material quality on earth, golds cannot replace vegetables.

Morality occurs because of the deficiency of dharmic system. Dharmic system is a standard for measuring good and bad doings, also with the karma or spiritual loan and debt. That system creates and forms rules, but in such a way that human manages rules, not rules manage human, human has morality to justify rules.

Science aligns the money system back to nature, to measure the quality and quantity of material properties by natural constants, not by human desires.

There should be another topic about morality and dharmic system, but right now it is enough.

~dark messenger~

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Comment by feihung1986 on July 31, 2015 at 6:03am

It is clear to me that a global financial reset will also cause the dharmic or akashic record to reset. 

Many people will not be able to survive if it happens, many soul will reset and relearn everything.

It is a very selfish thinking to try to evoke global financial reset, so that a minority of peoples that live upon many deaths and enjoy the new system and the dead ones have to redo everything.

Yet, many so called good guys are trying to push the reset button, and saying that the bad guys are trying to prevent the reset to happen.

So who are the good and who are the bad? I smell many false prophets selling the name of light but not realize that they are in fact work on a dark path.


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