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Morgan Le Fay is celebrating Christmas.

Morgan Le Fay is celebrating Christmas.

December 22, 2019

My beloved ones, we are approaching Christmas Day and our hearts are filled with joy, hope and gratitude to Life, for all that Life gives us, for all that Life is!

Life is the Holy Spirit itself, also known as the White Fire that gushes through the breath of God, and fills his entire kingdom. This Blazing White Fire is the Electronic Flow, charged with elementals, which through the attention and qualifying power of Divinity itself, shapes and sustains all that exists in the universe.

Life! What a magical thing, my beloved ones! What a beautiful and amazing thing! Life! Life! Eternal, pulsating and uplifting! Waves of light that expand and retract, and in this movement the whole universe and its forms are created and sustained!

Have you ever stopped to reflect that the air you expel from your lungs and then again inspire to once again feed and quicken your cells is the same air or breath that emanates from the Heart of the Great Central Sun? Your breathing is a movement similar to God's breathing! Oh, children of life! Gods embodied in these vehicles of flesh! You are individualized gods! Immerse yourself in your hearts and recover the memory of when you came out, like a small particle or ray, from that Primordial Heart, where the Permanent Atom of this System of Worlds lives forever!

Remember the joy you felt as you became individualized and thinking beings! Remember the joy of receiving the privilege of a divine form and plan, so that you can walk through the spheres as an individuality, performing a special service in the Name and Honor of the Creator!

A sacred melody has been blown into your hearts that no one but your twin flames possesses! This tune is your real name! Through this tune you are recognized anywhere in the universe as a special, unique and irreplaceable being!

Immerse yourself in your hearts, at this time, where the Christmas Spirit, a Conscious Cosmic Being of Pure Blazing Light, shines in the Earth's atmosphere, making everything on this planet lighter and enlightened, greatly favoring your contact with the Source of Light, which lives in the center of your heart, and then, try to remember this tune! Wake up! Wake up, children of life! Remember your divine origin! Remember your Creator! Call him back to rule your outward activity and rebuild in this octave in which you are aware, once again the paradise you have lived in bygone golden ages! This paradise is not a place to go! This paradise does not live in the future or in the past! This paradise lives in the present and can be manifested in your lives and worlds here and now! Just wish it, with all the love of your heart, and make the conscious effort necessary to maintain harmony in your feelings, and so, this oasis will be reshaped and will become a visible and tangible reality on your worlds!

Always repeat, “I AM the Paradise that I wish to live here and now manifested! I live, think, speak, move and relate in this Paradise of Love and Light! And nothing and no one can interfere with it! And I know this is forever sustained!”

May the Light of the Christmas Spirit fill your hearts and homes with the joy and blessings of the Cosmic Christ! May your world be a true paradise here and now manifest!

Saint Germain

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Comment by Wm on December 23, 2019 at 10:03pm

Morgan Le Fay is celebrating Christmas.

December 23, 2019

Children of life! Do you not perceive the light of the Christmas Spirit illuminating the planet's atmosphere at this moment? Look at the news, the social networks and TV programs, and you'll see that this time of year we have a far greater, far greater amount of constructive and selfless ideas coming forth to bless human minds and hearts! Do you not feel the winds of hope blowing stronger in the hearts of everyone? Know that even the densest lifestreams at this time of year yield to the Spirit of Christmas!

Yes, this Christmas Spirit exists! It is a powerful Cosmic Being who shines in the atmosphere of this planet, bringing the Victory of Light! The Light that once more overcomes darkness and again begins to expand, bringing hope and joy to human hearts. It holds in his hands a cup full of pure liquid light - the sacred fire of Love, the Christ himself!

Oh, how wonderful to watch the Earth right now! The whole atmosphere is charged with its Splendor and we, in all ethereal retreats, rejoice and celebrate its Light Presence that once again blesses men and all life on Earth!

The retreats are decorated and prepared for this moment. We receive visits from friends from all over the solar system and other galaxies, we exchange information about everything that happens inside and outside this system of worlds and we celebrate, we celebrate indeed the Victory of Light on Earth!

This Spirit begins to shine on Thanksgiving and remains with us for 49 days, which make up the Seven Sacred Weeks. It is the brightest period of the year! And at this time, the blessings that will descend to this planet during the next cycle or year are usually prepared and established.

Children of life! Open your hearts and let the light in! Absorb as much light as you can right now and that light will sustain a 365-day cycle of victories for all of you!

In the Name, Power and Authority of God, the Almighty, within my heart and the heart of every human being on Earth, I call the Christmas Spirit to come down in this hour with oceans and oceans of Sacred Fire of Love and Peace, and may it illuminate the human minds and hearts here, there and everywhere! May the joy and blessings of the Christmas Spirit expand hope in men! The hope of a better world, a harmonious life and constructive achievements that bless all life and human activity in the new cycle that begins!

I envelop you in this Radiant Spirit and may its Presence bless your hearts and worlds with boundless joy and blessings!

I, and all Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohim, and Cosmic Beings of Light, wish you a Merry Christmas.

Saint Germain


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