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Morsi Trial Expected to expose Obama’s ties to Muslim Brotherhood


Cairo, Egypt--Former Egyptian President Mohamed  Morsi’s trial begins on Monday November 4th, (Valentine’s day in Egypt), and intel rumors are rife that the trial will prove President Barack Obama’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

If former Chief of Egyptian Intelligence Murad Muwafi, can prove Morsi’s agreement to the presence of terrorists in Egypt and providing them with protection, he will be executed for the crime of high treason.

Egyptian intelligence had begun spying on and recording the telephone calls of ousted President Morsi after it was discovered that he was leaking information to Palestinian Hamas and jihadi groups in efforts to sabotage the Egyptian Army’s efforts to eliminate terrorism in the Sinai Peninsula, mainly the demolition of secret tunnels between Egypt and Gaza, which Hamas was using to smuggle arms, money, drugs and terrorists.

These are the facts Muwafi will present to the trial:

  • The Muslim Brotherhood was linked directly with the CIA—before the massive Peoples’ Revolution of January 25th—and the Barack Obama Administration kept inciting the Brotherhood to participate in events—including the demonstrations.

  • Morsi met with U.S. intelligence in Egypt,  negotiating with the Americans on the country’s status before the overthrow of Mubarak. U. S. intelligence officials held meetings in Istanbul, Turkey with International Muslim Brotherhood leader Ahmed Abdel Aaty.


  • Morsi’s mission was to be the main link between the Brotherhood in Egypt and the International Brotherhood run by Ahmed Abdul Aaty in Turkey. Turkey was to play a mediating role between the Brotherhood and the Americans if the Brotherhood had problems circumventing security services in Egypt.


  • The plan, between the Brotherhood and the CIA,  was to cause chaos through riots leading to the collapse of the Hosni Mubarak regime.  Attacking police stations and prisons was part of that plan.


  • The Brotherhood expressed their willingness to open communications with Israel if they came to power but failed, so Morsi suggested to let Hamas or Turkey help the Brotherhood to achieve this goal.


  • Morsi admitted in one of the taped phone calls that the chaos in Egypt was planned to happen before it occurred in Tunisia between the Brotherhood and the Americans, but the young liberals jumped the gun, surprising everyone  by going out to demonstrate en masse before the Brotherhood plan could be implemented.  Stunned and not knowing what to now do, the Brotherhood started to join the Revolution about a week after the youth sit-in at Tahrir Square.


  • In spite of keep-out warnings from the Interior Ministry, the Brotherhood began recruiting support on Facebook and Twitter.
  • The telephone calls between Morsi and the International Brotherhood organization confirmed that Ahmed Abdul Aaty—who came to Egypt from Turkey after the Brotherhood succeeded to get a majority in parliament—was the one who had been giving orders and instructions to Mohamed Morsi before he became president. This continued after he took over the presidency with Abdul Aaty appointed as the director of Morsi’s office, and  Aaty remained the decision maker and the most powerful man in the presidential palace, with Morsi only following his orders.


  • Numerous reports and leaks are coming from Brotherhood supporters in Cairo and throughout Egypt with warnings of widespread demonstrations to confuse the police and army and cause a state of chaos in the streets on the trial day. Further Brotherhood activity hints at possible attempts to invade the court to smuggle Morsi out of the country. Word on the street has it that the Brotherhood has provided weapons for the attackers, including machine guns, RPGs, and a number of rockets!

Esam Aleryan, last on the Brotherhood Most Wanted List was captured on Wednesday.

Meanwhile,  an  Interior Ministry official announced that the trial will be tightly secured—televised like the Mubarak trial—so that Egyptians can witness the events.

Morsi’s trial Judge Ahmed Sabri, said that he’s not been told about the place of the trial so far, and that all the speculation in the media about the trial setting are  all based on incorrect rumors.

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Comment by Byron wilkins on November 1, 2013 at 10:42am

When Morsi was arrested ties to O started coming out from the military on Egypt's TV about money given to Morsi to expand his brotherhood control of Gaza and money being funneled through the state dept, so we will see now that O is no longer in control od Egypt.   

Comment by Keith H on November 1, 2013 at 6:22am
Stay tuned to LSM for all the latest and up to date details.


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