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Greetings!  Do you have you ticket to the Lighted Realms?  I make the analogy of a train ride.  In order to get on the train, the conductor stands there and asks for your ticket. 

The Lighted Realms are no different.  How to you get your “ticket” to the Lighted Realms?  I have offered the WAY!   Start with Journal 27, for it contains the Laws of God and Creation in detail, which are a guide for your daily living.  They are sensible and not hard to live by,

Herein I shall quote that message in part  because, of its length.



I come this day that ye shall be given to recognize of My pres­ence. I Am! I AM the LAW, the TRUTH, and the WORD. You need no burning bushes nor snakes into the staff--nor do you need blazing wheels in the cosmos. Hear Me clearly, chil­dren, for you who have been misled into the comers of darkness and into behaviors which have unbalanced your planet and soiled the places of perfection, shall hear Me, find Truth and turn unto that Truth in the days that follow, or you shall be sep­arated into the places away from My presence.  For as you have made your choices, and continue to act in ways against the laws as given unto your species to maintain balance and wholeness of soul direction, you shall continue in the places of the adversary which have pulled you down.  You have put reason and Godly thought to the side and entered into the places of darkness-­claiming that you know not that which is Truth and living ac­cording to that which Man has made "legal", but that which re­mains "unlawful". Now you spread the shackles of the "voted ­in ‘legal’ " evil which have been thrust upon you in your "modern" world and have defiled ALL that remained sacred and wondrously gifted unto you.

I have sent My Hosts to give Truth unto you of the planet Earth (Shan) and I have sent the WORD and until the ending of the cycle so shall it be thus. You have no way to know of the "time" which might be given unto you to find your way into the lighted path of Godly behavior and Truth.

You continue to flail about in your carnage and denounce My messengers. Blessed are the ones who see and hear for theirs shall be MY KINGDOM. Blessed are you who pass the Word of Truth unto thine brethren in giving and tolerant sharing, for you shall shortly see of MY BEING. I am as near as the breath you draw; I see and know all within each of My Children's be­ings and you have taken Me into the holes of Hades in your sloven and evil practices which you conceal and hide in the dark secrets and deceptions even against those you claim protection and love of; you commit treason against that which was placed into your care and destroy it; you deceive your children which were given into your care--those which you have left unmur­dered--now you fill them with lies and teach them to murder, rob, live in deceit, war and addictions. That which you have done shall be visited likewise upon them, for neither shall they who have been misled be within the places of Light--for YOU have extinguished the flame of Truth and Light within them.

You ask, "What means, "The sins of the father shall be visited upon his children'?" This is that which it means! That as you have bent the twig into the contortions of the diseased tree, so shall the disease have spread and the fruit ruined and in spoilage. You shall bear your own bloodline into the void of separation if ye change not.

You interpret the laws as given for your journey and you con­sume the fuel which consumes the energy which thrusts your vehicle instead of moving it in glorious motion unto the lighted places of immortality in wondrously gifted wonders and growth into the places of the soaring Eagles of My fleet.

What mean I when I say unto you, "To everyone who over­comes--who to the very end keeps on doing things that please Me--I will give power over the nations---And I will give you the Morning Star!"? I mean that you shall have abundance, glory and the evil empire shall fall into shambles at the feet of My Hosts and of My people and the place shall come again within the laws laid forth in Truth, Balance and Harmony. The Morning Star? The adversary (Satan) has taken the label given unto his first perfection and torn the beauty and perfection asun­der and yet still labels himself the "Morning Star" ---“The Great White Morning Star". The adversary shall be handed into the hands of My people who have turned unto the WORD.

I have watched and waited as you have taken Truth and turned it into lies. I have watched as those of the evil adversary have la­beled themselves as MY CHOSEN PEOPLE and called them­selves "Jews" which never was of Me nor of My people. My children of Judea were blessed and, when you failed, the pun­ishment was great for you lost your relationship with the Christed beings sent to set you to right direction as you turned Him and those who were sent with Him away--as you clung unto the adversary of My lighted teachers. You were scattered about the Earth and unto lands which were not yours as you were put into separation from myself by your own choosing. Now you have allowed the very evil leader, himself, to take all that was gifted unto you and follow an empty idol unto the abyss of restlessness. There can be no fulfillment which flows from the physical flesh for the physical flesh is but dust and unto dust shall again return, and you who follow the beast within thy be­ingness of soul shall be left to continue the endless search in restless agony and find no peace within your beings.

I know that you ones have lost your strength as forfeit unto the bastard child of evil. You have followed and consumed that which he has given you and called wonderful. You have poi­soned your bodies and corrupted your minds and chased madly hither and yon to gain of the lustful, greedy luxuries and ill-be­haviors of that which is taught to bring pleasure to the human physical. But you have found chaos, pain, non-fulfillment, rest­less searching and you have found no peace. You have become diseased and plague-riddled robotic zombies who stumble hither and yon without direction and bow to those who send you forth in battle for their evil wishes.

You have FEW who will stand against the dragon even as he spews his fire upon your being but rather wallow in the ashes declaring it wondrous and good. You give lies unto your brethren while you say that some of that which is brought by My Host, Hatonn (for instance), is taken with "great difficultly". You claim "great difficulty with the attitude displayed by the one, Hatonn, who communicates the information (for instance) about AIDS, and many other relevant topics to today's troubled times, but his information supports one, Dr. Strecker's re­search." So, the inference is that sent of God can be peered upon for it "supports an Earth man's' research'''. I shall just give you the rest of the quotation coming from one in Canada and who actually came and had interview with Hatonn and shared in the gracious hospitality of ones who serve our Hosts. He came on more than one occasion and did, in fact, claim to be in total, unflinching service unto God and did, further, want funding for his projects (of course) to come from these ones--but he liked not the attitude of Hatonn as Hatonn pronounced the Truth of the laws. In other words, "I will serve God and do God's work--as long, by God, as I can do it MY WAY! He continues in his advertising for his own gain: "We have ordered all of the books (,listed on their order form, and we receive each new publication as it is printed. They produce one or two new books each month. Hatonn, we are convinced, DOES NOT UNDERSTAND THE STRUC­TURES OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS, THE HIGHER PURPOSES AND FUNCTION OF SEXUALITY, NOR MANY OTHER HUMAN ACTIVITIES. WE DISPUTE MANY CLAIMS HE MAKES ABOUT HIS 'HIGHEST INTELLIGENCE' (ME-GOD, ATON) AND UNDERSTANDING OF. OUR PLANET'S NEEDS, SUCH AS OUR PROTECTION, ETC., BUT THE INFORMATION HE HAS ACCESS TO IS MOST VALUABLE, AND HAS CAUSED GREAT DISTRESS IN THE U.S. GOVERNMENT. "

He continues later with, " ... keep yourself updated with the SPOTLIGHT and the PHOENIX (not giving your attention to Hatonn's critical nature and focus on the negative which only hurts and isolates himself and others) ...”

Perhaps I should mention to you that Hatonn denounces the lack of RESPONSIBILITY of the sexual unions as you of Earth have come to practice them--the murders of the unborn, the USE of another for gratification of human power needs and the activities which are given and experienced--in most despicable ways bearing diseases and killing the very body seeking acceptance and pleasure. LOVE AND UNION OF EMOTION IS A GIFT OF EXPERIENCE GIVEN UNTO THE SOUL (EMOTIONS) AND HAVE NAUGHT TO DO WITH BODY PHYSICAL. THAT FOR WHICH YE SEARCH IS NOT FULFILLED BY ANY CONJURED ACTIVITY OF THE HUMAN PHYSICAL BEING. IT IS THE "BEHAVIOR" DENOUNCED, NOT THE LOVE AND ABIDING CO-RELATIONSHIP OF THAT WHICH YOU LABEL HETEROSEXUAL ORHOMOSEX­UAL. IT IS NOT “LOVE, RESPONSIBILITY, OR EVEN CARING, WHEN ONE WOULD GIVE FATAL DISEASE UNTO THAT OTHER HE CLAIMS TO ABIDE WITH IN LOVE.  Therefore, when ye are told the truth of it, you de­nounce and turn away.

How can you believe and accept one thing from Hatonn and dis­card that very portion which allows your immortal soul transi­tion into the glorious realms of higher dimension? Is the infer­ence, somehow, that if you have experienced the things which are against the Laws of God and The Creation that you are doomed and lost forever? Do not be foolish--all done in IGNO­RANCE is instantly forgiven as TRUTH IS NOTED AND FOLLOWED.  As in the "homosexual" participant in any rela­tionship--you turn from the placement of your parts of procre­ation or that which was purposed for speech into the places of fecal expulsion. Is that so very difficult to attain in truth? Is that act a true expression of your caring LOVE of another be­ing? What about the soul of the one so used, especially as he turns into the terminal case of cancer or pneumonia from the act? Can your soul find peaceful rest after having delivered your closest friend or child into the agony of death by disease which shall snuff out their experience in incredible suffering and lingering sickness?

MY LAWSand those of THE CREATION were given unto you of physical experience to honor total simplicity and gain won­drous fulfillment and joy from your relationships with your brethren, to pass the journey of experience in learning and then make passage into higher levels of understanding and knowl­edge. You have now bound yourselves by shackles of lies into the endless rotation of the wheel of experience worsening with each experience until you have forgotten all the Truth of LIFE. Most of you have wasted your experience and are the movingDEAD searching after bits of physical dregs to pass the journey.

To be Continued……



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