My loving greetings to all souls today, and especially to my Flock, for they are beleaguered, exhausted and have asked to come home.  I have heard your petitions, and I have given a promise of coming home for my Flock which is still in effect.  I want to tell you that, but you must carry on until that comes.

When, you ask. I tell you that Mother Earth has set a very short time in which my Flock shall be home, but you must carry on while you are still on Earth, for there are lessons yet in progress.  I promised Lift-off on or before that quickly coming date, and I keep my promises.

Some of you are hanging on and keeping up with your mission, and that is what is necessary at this ending time.  I foresee no other missions at this point, but that does not mean there is nothing that needs to be done while housed in a 3D format.

A picture is worth a thousand words;


I wish to emphasize again that we of the Lighted Realms cannot do it for you as we are still under the Non-intervention Law.  We can help when asked, and we work WITH you.  It is the 3D one that must ask, for what has to be done must come first from you upon a 3D planet.  I hope you understand what I am explaining to you.

What is most heart warming to you is that each of you are dearly loved and are cared for by the Lighted Realms in every way possible, especially for healing of any physical malady you bare.  Remember, that every lesson you are learning you have made for yourself.   We can help with healing if you but ask, and you are to do your part, as well.

The trouble comes when all you do is go to the medical side, which is trained in caring for the symptoms, not the cause, and their first method they are taught is to use are chemicals, many of which are given to you with no guarantee there are no synergistic effects between the chemical administered.

Have you ever studied what goes into the food you buy at the grocery store?  If so, it would boggle your mind!

This reminds me of Patrick’s school teaching years when he had a notable person explain about the chemicals in food.  She explained how harmless they were, and that they were good for you.  Patrick caught her off-guard when he asked her a question:  “Do you have any information about the synergistic effect between the chemicals in the food we buy?

She turned and looked at Patrick with a note of surprise and maybe fear, as she replied: “No we have no information about that”. 

What do YOU think?  Are all the chemicals safe?  You ones eat at the fast-food places that now serve two main ingredients--.salt and sugar.

Your body needs salt, but not so much  and no one needs refined white sugar.  It’s all about taste, and sell, sell, sell, and make money, money, money.

Do your part and try and eat healthy foods for your physical body, and feed your soul the same with reading the Journals and meditating with us.

Stay focused, centered and balanced, and keep calm.  Clear yourself often of negativity.

We have followed every second of your life since you were born, so you cannot hide anything from us.  We love and care for you the best way we can.   Cast off your fear, doubt and unbelief and know that you are loved and cared for every second of each day!



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