No "fluff" here... #1

Ever had a question you seriously wanted information on, but wiki and the encyclopedia just didn`t "have it"? Allow if you will several information depositories and research "Institutions" where I have been permitted to get the required info (or a reasonable, non evasive response to matters which may hold import for yourself)... I will gift them to you (their location) and what you do with them from there, is at your discretion.
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  • Wow, cool, I've looked at this before, and actually have a bookmark for this site, since sometime last year. Tons, and tons, of information here, stepping outside the gilded cage... :-)
  • The Nations were and are Gifting and Sharing Societies... it was my pleasure as well as the "right thing to do".

    Be well (in Body, Mind and Spirit)
    Do well (in constructed use of your imagination, the spoken utterance and the all important example you set... whether it is readily observed or quietly investigated, the testimony of walking one`s talk or not)
    Respect all which you did not create... Stewardship is a privilige, not a job or duty
  • Thanks Wayinktelo
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