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Origin of the Scepter of Power Also known as Magic Wand

By :Morgan Le Fay

Origin of the Scepter of Power
Also known as Magic Wand

A few days ago, while researching a theme in my books, I was led to open a book and came across a text that, as I read it, my heart almost jumped with such joy. In the speech of the beloved Maha Chohan, he clearly explains the origin of the scepter of power, which in popular jargon is also known as magic wand. The information fits perfectly with what I received in the Master's private teaching and so I have decided to transcribe the text here for you.

Description of the God Parents
(The Ascended Masters write the Book of Life, p. 23)

To describe the beauty of the Cosmic God-Parents of our Galaxy, would require a vocabulary of much more delicate perception than that presently enjoyed by man. These glorious God-parents may be visualized as the fairest of the fair; their robes of authority the purest shimmering white, their entire beings representing the apex of embodied light and flame, softened and tempered by contour and outline that it might be enjoyed by others.

Those of us who have witnessed the initiations whereby a pair of exquisite and perfected beings were endowed with the privilege of experiencing the creative powers of a sun, are strongly impressed with the transfer into the hands of the initiated of the scepter of power, within which is vested the magnetic center of love and the rhythm corresponding to the place which the sun will have in the solar system. This is mystically connected with the heartbeat of all the lifestreams who will embody and mature in a particular chain. It forms the magnetic pull that holds the souls within the orbit of that sun and its planets; it holds our sun itself in a proper and permanent location in the on-moving galaxy to which we belong.

When our particular sun Helios and Vesta sent forth the Elohim to build and create the planets, each One was given a Scepter magnetized from that which forms the Cosmic Scepter of our System. That scepter remains with the Lord of the World during the entire time the planet is peopled by evolving life. The scepter for the planet Earth was in the keeping of Sanat Kumara until His return to Venus, and is now in the keeping of Lord Gautama and held within the secret chambers at Shamballa for the greater part of the year, being taken out on certain mystic occasions.

The scepters which the crowned heads of Earth carry are symbolic of this Divine Authority which is manifest in the lifestreams who are the guardians of the people, and the magnetic power that runs through the spinal column of every individual, is a replica of the vested power described.

If this cosmic scepter were removed from the planet Earth, the bodies of the people would fly into space and the souls who are presently within the realms of the discarnates, would be loosed into the universe. You will see then, how very important is its magnetic power! It contains two cylindrical balls representing the positive and negative aspects of life’s power. When it is placed upon the pyramid which holds it in repose, it is in perfect balance. One end of this great scepter represents the gravity pull which in itself is a blessing to the unawakened. When it is reversed through the activity of the individual’s own life, it represents the ascension.

Through the spinal column of every man, both activities work constantly, the descending arc of electrical energy which anchors the body on the surface of the Earth, and the powerful ascending current which enables you to stand erect and move about, rather than be supine on the ground. When the activity of the life is more powerfully charged into the ascending arc, we come to the point where the gravity pull of Earth no longer can hold the lifestream and the ascension is possible. For each person who comes to the point of ascending from the wheel of birth and re-birth to return no more, this Rod of Power is brought by the presiding Master and its power magnetizes the rising current and assists in the actual cutting free the lifestream from the gravity pull of Earth.

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