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Comet Elenin — The Woman and the Dragon
Wednesday, June 1, 2011
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GUESTS: Richard St. Laurent and Producer Richard Shaw

The Comet Elenin buzz on the Web today, all essentially boils down to one question. “Just what the heck are we looking at?” A good question as some believe that this relatively young comet, possessing a fraction of the brightness and mass of a great comet such as Hale Bopp or Halley's Comet, is actually a brown dwarf sun entering the core of our solar system. So how much of this spaghetti sticks to the wall? Some of it does.

In our last Comet Elenin show, we looked at the correlations between the Hopi Blue Star prophecy and Sumerian and Hebrew Accounts. In this follow-on interview, we explore a striking correlation between Revelations and Hopi prophecy. These two prophecies cover the same harbinger event from different world views, but fit together like the pieces of a great puzzle.

Tune in to hear researcher Richard St. Laurent and Watchers 2 producer Richard Shaw of conduct a purely secular comparison of the Hopi Blue Star prophecy with the Book of Revelation Chapter 12,

Verses 1-4

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