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September 03, 2014

Anna Merkaba ~ "Tremendous Opportunity" Portal Opens Today

Beginning today and continuing until September 9th is a portal opening that is apparently one which offers us great opportunity for our cosmic awareness.  The energy is affecting everything and can be utilized for our benefit if we tune into the waves of light. grasp them, hold on and have them work their magic.  This means to take extra time each of these seven days to go a bit deeper, a bit higher and bring the two together in  physicality.  We are in the process of bringing Heaven to Earth, with our very own selves as the catalyst for these changes. 
Lots of upgrades to our DNA going on as the energy magnifies and releases ancient ancestral patterns embedded within our cellular structures.  This is a big one and is something that is at the heart of why our ascension symptoms have made us feel as though we are losing our grip on "reality".  Because we are.  What used to work doesn't anymore, an idea that requires a great deal of faith, until the time comes when we can experience it for ourselves.  And we do, except it is usually subtle and indecipherable in the day to day.  But when we step back we see how far we've come and how much has improved, it feels like a new day.  We understand the work we've done and the help we've recieved - and this isn't slowing down anytime soon.  For each letting go of the old, something of a more beautiful and refined frequency takes its place.  We feel more detachment, more love more forgiveness more patience more health, etc and so forth.
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Comment by Kim B on September 5, 2014 at 2:16pm

I would like the junk to be rid of ...

"When we speak of such informational decrees, we encompass the understanding of war and peace, religion, customs, theology from the past. Behavioral patterns, and a list of dis-eases with which the ancestors of your human vehicles have been plagued with. All of these energies have indeed been imprinted into the DNA structure of those who have come before you, and have indeed found their way into the subconscious, and sub-atomic structure of your being. Coupled with the knowledge that you have acquired through your own experiences and the social understandings of your upbringings you can understand the tremendous amount of “JUNK” that you are all affected by from eons past.
And so and thus, with the opening of each of your earthly portals, a new energy wave is delivered into your bodies in order to assist you in pushing and cleansing all that does not belong in the new world into which humanity must move into in order to ascend to the understanding of that which they are."

Comment by Kim B on September 5, 2014 at 2:11pm

The process of bringing Heaven to Earth which is repeated through other channels and prophecies over the past 50+ years.  Glad it is finally in process.


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