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Please pray for one of our members who contracted pneumonia and was hospitalized for a week.  ** update They have recovered!

If anyone has any other prayer requests please reply below.

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  • prayers for Elizabeth E. who also needs her horse returned to her.

  • Prayers needed for my mom who is supposed to have a partial cornea transplant left eye in November.  (and she still has other health problems)

  • Nancy F. with MS. 
    Sharon with Stage 4 eye cancer and Hodgkins. 
    Nancy S. with stroke and falling injury. 
    Carol with many infirmaries. 
    Helen with knee pain. 
    Janice recovering from multiple thigh and knee fractures. 
    Judy with dental issues after whole mouth implants. 
    Kim that she gets her horse returned to her. 

  • Another of our dear members has tested positive for the Omicron variant virus. Please pray for her full recovery. 

  • Special request for healing. 

  • RSV is one step up from Covid. It’s a respiratory virus usually seen in children. Must mean I’m young at heart… Thank you.  I will say this, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. And that’s all I have to say about that. 

  • And you are welcome.

  • Dianna, I am sorry to hear about your friend Blanche.  Deepest condolences....

  • RIP. My friend, Blanche, is with the Lord. 

    I want to thank all of you who added me to your prayers during my recent illness. I was one of the lucky ones, surviving. I was actually hospitalized with a double pneumonia caused by the RSV virus. God bless you…

    To me, this thread is so important. What are we if we cannot pray for one another?  Thank you, Kim, for posting this thread. Please feel free to add your special concerns.❤️

  • This is a big one.  Pray that war is averted in the Ukraine...

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