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Prime Creator: Current Experiences Posted on 04/29/2021 by EraOfLight

Prime Creator: Current Experiences

galaxy bright eraoflightdotcomGreetings My Beloved Children,

I am Father, Prime Creator and I am pleased to be here. I would like to speak to you today about the transformations that Mother Earth is undergoing now. Your world keeps changing and evolving with every nanosecond. I deliberately changed the time flow more than once to expedite your Ascension Process. The Divine Plan is coming to fruition to bring peace and happiness to humankind.

You are experiencing daily many hardships such as financial struggles, health issues, relationships problems and etc. All of these imbalances and obstacles in humanities existence have been brought by the Darkness, which has been dominating your planet for a long time. The Negative Ones kept orchestrating their ‘’perfect’’ scenario of constantly putting barriers in the way for every human being in their every day lives.

They created a cycle of misfortunes for everyone on Earth. These souls crossed the line too many times, and they forgot one big detail that Universal energies always naturally rebalance themselves by bringing back the balance between the Darkness and Light.

Also, I have been reminding and warning these corrupted souls that their negative behavior is going to be dealt with or punished. Their arrogance of being invincible blinded them completely, they think about themselves as Gods. They are going to have a rude awaking, their time of being Queens and Kings are coming to the end with no return.

The tortures and miseries they put mankind through are all recorded, their souls are going to be repurposed or vanished completely depending on their remorse and willingness to change. Most of them are not showing any remorse and continuing to harm all life on Mother Gaia. My patience with them is on thin ice, I gave full authority to Ashtar and Galactic Federation to use full force of eliminating the Darkness from this part of the Galaxy.

Some of you have been questioning, why is it taking so long to get rid off all of these negative entities. The main reason is we need to be careful by not destroying the planet when we are going after and chasing the Dark Ones around. They have been attacking and occupying other worlds in different parts of the Universes, Galaxies and Planets for a long time.

I am tired of their behavior, and I am using my authority as Prime Creator by warning them for the last time, if they are not going to willingly leave this planet, they are going to face heavy consequences.

I would like to also to talk about that some of you are loosing hope and desire to be here. Please, remember you can’t give up, no matter what is going on around you. This is not your first life, most of you had thousands or more reincarnations. Low energies always get replaced by higher ones.

You can’t give up now as better times are coming, and prosperity is going to be given to everyone. This 3D Matrix is cracking everywhere and nothing can sustain it anymore. Stay in Divine Flow and do daily meditations to raise yourself to high vibrations, which is essential right now during these times.

The old system is falling apart left and right, so you need to stay balanced and not give up on yourself and others. All of you have a lot strength and courage within you, please never forgot that. Open wide your heart and see through all of the chaos around, and you are going be surprised by what you are going to see.

My Dear Children, I am always around and watching over you, please remember WE ARE ONE nothing can ever separate you from me.

Prime Creator

**Channel: Erena Velazquez

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