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" Q Anon: Happened. Not Public" by (Anonymous) - 4.26.18

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 3:43 AM EDT on April 26, 2018

"Q Anon: Happened. Not Public" by Sierra (NZ) - 4.25.18

Yes it appears the first UNsealed indictment happened quietly Wednesday.

See "You Are Free" U tube post in the Group postings for Wednesday. It is "read out loud" and indicts Comey, Clinton, Lynch and Federal Agents, and others with regard to Uranium One and the Bundy Ranch incident. It's just the start, but it's Murder 1 among other things. This is real. It is happening...


Whether you LIKE President Trump or not, he is risking life for all of us for FREE! Whatever you believe he has done imperfectly in life, God's judgement lies in whether or not we choose "redemption", not in whether or not we made mistakes.

How is he feeling today? Alone?

Like maybe he's missing the best years of his life away from family, joy, good would you feel? Could you do it for an annual salary of $1. And losing money while the dark bastards sabotage him and get richer themselves.


I really don't think this applies to regulars here but maybe " visitors ", so regulars except for skeptics and whiners can stop here.

If you have not voluntarily red-pilled yourself by now, it is your civic duty to do so. You have no idea how much you and your loved ones' lives depend on Trumps success as President. There are plenty of resources on YouTube and other websites out there. Turn off the TV, cut back on self obsession, wasted time, self gratification, and just do it. Know the truth. It will empower and free you.

For your own safety and wellbeing and that of anyone you value, you need to know how close we came to being obliterated, if Hillary had gotten elected and continued the bidding of the 27 levels of Satanists above the President, that exist still.

Please people if you want a future, pray for the safety of our President. He is working for FREE, to save us from globalist socialism and death for speaking out about chem trails, pedophiles in high places, mind control, satanic rituals, human sacrifice, and everything else evil and satanic. You cannot even imagine.

God forbid if we lose Trump the way we lost Kennedy, you will go down not even knowing how close we came to having a bright future, free and clear.

Please meditate and use all your energy to focus on a favorable outcome...If you love at least yourself... If you love your friends and family...

You don't need a middle man to ask God to be with us. Talk to him directly. A ping will pop up on his radar and you have his attention.

(Good requests only. Wrong camp for the other).

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