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Justin Deschamps recently made a post explaining the reasoning and delivery behind Q’s posts. Here is an extract:

‘’A good coded message is designed to have many meanings. Steganography is the practice of hiding messages in another message, file, video, or letter. While modern technology gives new meaning to this practice, it is far older than computer code, used by professional spies and governments for centuries.

Coding a message is intended to hide the correct meaning, or the one that the coder is intending to transmit to the recipient, amongst many other interpretations. This confuses parties that intercept the messages.

In the case of Q Anon, all the messages are public, which means the Q team knows full well they will be decoded by the Deep State in an effort to expose alliance communications.  As such, the team behind Q likely employs extremely dense and complicated coding techniques to ensure there’s a lot of confusion. ‘’

After posting over 3,000 drops over many, many months, there clearly IS a very, real and dramatic story- the FULL DISCLOSURE that everyone has been waiting for.  

If you were Q and knowing that EVERY SINGLE social platform was compromised, and you had to deliver, without exaggeration,  the most spectacular information our civilization will ever have heard, whilst at the same time, building and maintaining interest and order, the only way to do it would be in code.  

This is exactly what has happened and we are almost at the finish line for it going mainstream.   As the Military Intelligence & Dept of Energy Q team said repeatedly, it was NEVER anything to do with USA politics as most have interpreted it as being, and that misinformation was necessary.  

It is instead everything to do with exposing a serial killing, cannibalistic world hierarchy, who have been utilising heavily classified technologies including stargate travel, to farm and trade us ‘humans’ in return for more advanced technologies, that most cannot even begin to comprehend. 

You will discover who some of their victims have been.  Who murdered them, where and how.  Real crimes with most world leaders and celebrities directly involved.

How do I know this?  Because three of my family members are involved at the absolute HIGHEST LEVEL, whilst I have had direct contact with other key players, including four that were murdered. 

And here’s the rub: I myself, initially had no idea, and could therefore not understand why many of the Q drops were personal to me, with information, that was not in the public domain.  I was thoroughly confused to say the least.

What better way to deliver the world’s biggest secrets by utilising an unknown civilian, who themselves, had no idea, enabling them to quietly crack the codes in the background, whilst the movement grew.  

Thus this is a post that I never thought I’d be making.  I struggled to know where to even begin and resisted for a very long time.  Even when I wrote the bulk of my own

story (found in section 5), I did it using the third person, so as to protect my identity, but it rapidly became apparent as the story unfolded, that I would have to reveal myself.  

When Q answered ‘Yes’ to the question: ‘Are the Anons safe?’  I had to completely put my trust in that, even though, at first, I could not understand ‘how’ they could keep me safe, especially with the emailed threats I had received before I saw that drop.  I had also never experienced having my computer completely taken over.

I did nearly give up but it was the image of the tapped up girl found in a box that enraged me enough to continue.

I saw the post from MiamiGhostChronicles....and hope that they don’t mind me reproducing it here.  It was the answer to my problem on how to address this issue. 

Here and at where I use the avatar trusttheplan, you will get the full story outline, so let me begin:

It has become clear that the time is NOW.  Here you will get the full story outline, so let me begin:

When Q ANON first started posting I was as intrigued as the next person.  I could never have envisaged that myself and my extended family would be playing a key role in the unfolding disclosures. Why?

Quite simply, because of WHO I am connected to.   Before going any further I will now list the key players:

Uncle - Marc Verdier: Deputy Grand Master (Free)Mason of the Prague Grand Masonic Lodge in the Czech Republic, which was formally known as Bohemia.  This position, which I knew nothing about until only recently, makes him the SECOND most powerful Freemason (after the Grand Master and UK Royals), on the planet. He is the son of French Diplomats, lived in many countries around the world and was once married to my Mother’s sister.  I stayed with him and my Aunty as a young child.  (They did divorce many years ago).

As you can see Q is guiding you to seek key articles on Freemasons. Why?  Because they ARE the Deep State, AND my Uncle wrote ‘THE’ article that is going to bring them all crashing down and probably lead to the death penalty for the top tier ones, including him.

Older Second Cousin & My GODFATHER – name withheld: Nuclear Physicist at C.E.R.N –Switzerland, worked on the CLASSIFIEDLooking Glass’ or ‘Lotus’ project, also known by the following acronyms: HRC = HadRon Collider,  A.L.I.C.E = A Large Ion Collider Experiment, L.A.R.P = Large (Collider) Accelerator Research Program, ALL involving wormhole/portal/stargate/ & time travel employing the time chamber. He will most certainly also be a Mason.  I was taken there for a visit as a young child.

Paternal Grandfather (deceased) – Maurice Lambert: Teacher of Physics with Atomic Theory who declined an invitation on ethical grounds, to participate on the French Atomic Bomb Development Project.  He also worked with a Doctor in his town on natural cures and remedies for all the major illnesses, including the distribution of a very successful cure called Ostreiode marine plasma, that had also been independently discovered by a Rene Quinton further up the coast, who was successfully curing terminal cancers amongst other things.  During the War the Nazis stole all their research and patents and financially ruined them.

Pictured is an original 1934 un-opened box of ampoules containing the marine plasma, now in possession of my cousin.

Family friend – Peter Saunders:  Survivor of childhood Sexual Abuse from teachers/priests, who went on to sit on the Vatican Pontifical Commission to try and assist the Pope in exposing and addressing the Catholic Church’s historic and notorious sexual abuse crimes.   He was regularly in the Press and eventually resigned his position on the back of extreme resistance from the very top of the Vatican to tackle the issue. Peter Saunder's parents were my Mother's Godparents and knew both my parents during their early courtship in Wimbledon, UK.

Older second cousin – Sandra Hale: P.A./Secretary to the Australia Morgan Stanley Bank CEO.  This cousin revealed that the now, recently retired CEO Steven Harker had ‘ping pong’ bats in his office that he used on his ‘girls,‘ meaning he is a paedophile, which she thought was hilarious.  She also copied me in on an email thread between herself and another Morgan Stanley employee from their ‘Research Dept’ called Amie Gramlick where they discuss procuring a ‘child’ to be abused, concealed as a fake conversation about floppy eared bunny rabbits, which is code that paedophiles also use.  Other damning revelations were also made that cannot be repeated here.  The declassified FBI documents on paedophile codes used by the elite reveals that ‘ping pong’ bats are code for being a paedophile and part of a paedophile ring.

Meeting and knowing the Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen and his Security Advisor/Right Hand Man Art Hillinga who wanted to marry me, and discovering via Q that they were already both paedophile serial killers.  Art told me he was a Search & Rescue volunteer 'tracking' and searching for ‘missing’ people.


Young second cousin – Cecile C....: (one of Q’s Where is CC right now?) during a recent internship in Seoul, South Korea, she ended up on the front page of the newspaper as the chosen ‘model’ leading the 2017 Daegu Festival (Q’s Scaramucci model & parade), wearing a bright pink ‘LOTUS’ flower costume, which, is code for the C.E.R.N classified SSP- (Secret Space Program) ‘Lotus’ Project which also involves WorldWide and off world ‘child trafficking.’

This is why Q posted an image of Leaders, including Bill Clinton, standing and sitting in front of a picture of a wave in Korea. Q asked ‘What are they sitting on?’  He clearly did not mean ‘chairs,’ but what was on the floor underneath the chairs.....lotus flowers, code for the international child trafficking operation run through North Korea, the perfect decoy country, historically portrayed as a dangerous enemy, but in fact hosting human battery farms, secret space programs and a stargate. 

As you can see Q’s Meet me in Seoul was encoded with the reference to D’s & R’s really meaning DEVELOPMENT & RESEARCH Projects of the classified kind, ALL taking place in (North) Korea,  that has always been presented to the public as a dangerous and forbidden place, as a cover for completely illegal,  Deep State activities,  involving interspecies cross breeding & cloning programs, as well as wormhole travel using stargates to transport ‘human meat’ and enslaved humans.  That is what the NUCLEAR really means.  Nuclear T Cell Division where the DNA is interferred with to create cross breed animals and humans.  They did not stop with solely producing designer pets and pooches that has become a multi billion $ industry.  IRAN was the country that perfected the interspecies breeding programs.  There was NEVER a nuclear threat from IRAN or North Korea. It was a lie and cover for ‘nuclear cell DNA’ breeding and cloning projects.

My Dad – Michel M.E. Lambert: murdered in a ‘remote controlled’ car crash in France during a business trip.  He was a devout Catholic. He had a profound dislike/distrust for Freemasons,  and had confided to two of his siblings that he was having a very hard time from Masons,  something none of us knew at the time of his 1996 death, which was reported in a local newspaper the following day as occurring at 17:20 (5.20pm).  Q: ‘the anons are bringing up every #17 under the sun.’

Most truthers have heard the word Archons (to describe satanic entities) and the notorious 33 degrees that belongs to Freemasonery, (but ultimately has an innocent meaning outside of freemasonery, as explained in Wayne Herschel’s starmap research).

My Dad’s French hometown of birth is the beautiful town called Arcachon famous for its pine trees and Atlantic Ocean facing sand dunes.  It’s post/zip code is 33120 whilst the telephone dialling country code for France is also 33.

Q: ‘You are ‘SHEEP’ to them.’ = Mr LAMBert.

Princess (Diana) of Wales & Dodi Al Fayed: 1997 murders in a remote controlled car crash.  The most jaw dropping connections to my Dad’s murder.  Most people are aware that MS13 is code for ‘GANGs’ as in high profile gang/mafia killings.


Both cars crashed in France, each carrying 4 people.

Mr Lambert died 31 July 1996 on the A4 road 13 kms from Montreuil Aux Lions.  The Lion is the symbol used by the Monarchy.

Diana & Dodi died exactly 13 months (to the day) later on 31 August 1997, with their car supposedly hitting the 13th pillar in the Pont D’Alma Tunnel in Paris.


10 minutes before her crash, Diana is photographed leaving the rear exit of the Paris Ritz Hotel and being led to her car.  Mr Lambert’s NAME appears on the wall of the Hotel by the exit that she used.  What else is visible as she walks past?  The only  information visible on the back of a black car that she walks past as she heads to her car is 92 WH and Cherokee as the car model type. 

Mr Lambert had Black & Native American  ‘Cherokee’ ancestry.   His UK house name was White Heathers, and 92 is the first 2 digits of the postal/zip code of the Parisian suburb where I was born.

Those familiar with Zach Hubbard’s extensive research on the study of Gematria where words are encoded as numbers e.g A = 1, B = 2 etc, will discover that the number 42 translates as the word  ‘Freemason.’ The Freemasons frequently use this number as a signature during/in their false flag attacks, especially racially motivated ones. Their other key number for racially motivated attacks is 59.

Diana’s partner Dodi Al Fayed who died with her was Egyptian and aged 42, whilst Mr Lambert was 59. (They reported him as being 60 and living in Scotland (Ecosse), when he lived in Southern England). Why Ecosse? So that they leave their Schwarze Sonne = SS Black Sun signature as a marker.

The irony is not lost on them that all their ‘symbology’ is clearly that of an Egyptian themed Satanic Cult (Q’s SC), yet they kill an Egyptian.  The resemblance between Mr Lambert (at the same age) and Dodi is striking.

Above the tunnel where Diana was killed now sits a Satanic Cult ‘Blackstar’ Memorial supposedly in her honor.  My Masonic Uncle, unbelievably met my Aunty, (my Dad’s sister-in-law) at the exact same spot where Diana would be murdered years LATER, with my Dad’s family NAME displayed at the same time.

My friend - Claire Webb: one of the 15 victims burned alive as human Sacrifices in the Australia Childers Palace Hotel Backpackers Fire, revealed by Q as a deep state Masonic murder. All that was left of her was a tooth and her charred passport found in the safe.

My friend and work colleague, Greg Rose,  brutally murdered in 1990 as a Human Sacrifice with his body found in a Bangkok Hotel room.

World famous ‘jockey’ Frankie Dettori: revealed by Q as a paedophile serial killer, whom I met on a 1998 work flight to Dubai and even shared a lift with him and several other jockeys in Dubai, with my friend and her Mother.

About to become a new friend - Caron Winter: British expat- gang raped and hacked to death in Nairobi, Kenya, leaving a 14 month old baby daughter and bereft husband, again revealed by Q as a deep state, masonic murder. 

I was about to meet her on my next scheduled work trip to Nairobi.  I told her to send me a shopping list of things that she wanted bringing out.  She posted the list to me just before her murder, which I received a few days later.

Other family members with Masonic links.

My own 2003 Chicago bus crash which Q has revealed was attempted murder, and which ended my 17 year aviation career because of the injuries I sustained. How can I be sure?

Because just one of many proofs that I found was a drop that again featured my staff number (5 digits) and was quoting directly from emailed court papers detailing my injuries sustained in the crash with GCHQ (MI6) involvement.  I dislocated both discs in my jaw joints, was operated on and was left with muscular pain and severe osteo-arthritis as a long term result.

The jaw joints in medical terminology are referred to as the TMJ’s which stands for Temporal Mandibular Joint.

To return to the beginning of the story,  my initial interest and light bulb moment concerning the Q drops was the mention of Snow White and Godfather III.  Why?

Because I had only just discovered the stunning research of Wayne Herschel, archaeo-astronomer and expert on globally repeating starmaps, ancient sites and petroglyphs. 

Banned, threatened and almost completely silenced around the world, few have heard of him or his discoveries, which is why Q has made him their main ‘go to’ for the historical, carved in stone evidence that not only reveals the Freemasons true secret that absolutely no one else has ever deciphered, but by default, confirms the SSP or Secret Space Program, particularly, instant wormhole, interplantary stargate travel, that MY CERN Godfather/cousin worked on and hinted at.

In astronomy Snow White is a nickname for the star Sirius because it is the brightest.  It’s SEVEN dwarfs are the SEVEN dwarf planets of the Pleiades.  If you start at Snow White (Sirius) position, the famous 3 main stars of Orion (mirrored on earth by the 3 Giza pyramids) act as a pointer to 3 (Q Godfather III) very special earth like planets (each with their own suns just like we have, and are called exoplanets) near the Pleiades.  You will see that the REAL meaning behind the Masons 33 degrees, is, in fact, the angle the line makes to reach one of the 3 exoplanets when starting at Orion.  In astronomy the measurements are always in degrees.

Wayne Herschel has discovered 43 repeating starmaps all over the planet, either carved in stone petroglyphs, or set up as huge outside geoglyphs (stonehenge is one) or laid out as a floor mosaic in a church or vatican, that all demonstrate the SAME Map showing that these 3 planets –that cannot be seen with the naked eye- yet are correctly depicted astronomically by ancients going back thousands of years, are where our original human ancestors first came from, using instant wormhole/stargate travel, that CERN and the SSP has been keeping secret from us since the very beginning.  WH found evidence for stargates at many of the sites and decoded that the SERPENT, LION, ROSE and LOTUS flower are all secret, elite code for wormholes or portals through which people and craft traversed space. 

This is also why the UK Royal Family’s BUCKingham Palace (one of Q’s Buckle Up), when viewed from above resembles a pyramid with stargate, the same being on the US dollar bills and a UK Driving Licence.

One of his major ‘boom’ discoveries was the same identical starmap on MARS when ESA (the European Space Agency) released images of a clear Map up there which features a giant LION geoglyph. It’s  famous 5 sided D&M Pyramid is the lion’s nose, and hence why the Monarchy use a lion as their symbol, whilst the famous FACE, already being featured in 1958 publications, is in the correct astronomical position for  the most important one of the 3 exoplanets where our fore FATHERs originate from- Sol1.

Another massive ‘boom’ was his discovery of an identical MARS type face in Jordan by the Israeli border. In ancient times this part of Jordan was called MOAB so Q’s MOAB is code for Jordan and the giant secret face there.

Needless to say, WH had visits from Masons who warned him in no uncertain terms to be very careful about what, and how he tried to present his life’s research to the public.  He was unable to get a publisher, unless he dramatically adjusted his ‘discoveries,’ something he refused to do.  The 3 pillars on the Masonic Map represent these 3 exoplanets that we all originate from.  The 7 stars on the top right hand side represent the Pleiades and NOT the Moon.  This is why the Statue of Liberty has 7 rays on the crown, the crown representing a stargate, whilst the statue base sits on a star shaped base (only seen from above), one of Q’s ‘Under the statue.

In the end he self published his only book using private investors and suffered massive interference so that it barely reached anyone, especially in the USA, and resulted in ruinous financial loss to himself and investors.

To add insult to injury, such is the importance of his discoveries, that they encoded his name into the Prometheus Movie as an anagram and left him a message, also within the anagram.

This was one of Q’s drops about the LORDS PRAYER and it’s particular wording as opposed to other wordings.  The anagram message to WH was:

A Hallowed Holy Wait

They stole and used all his research in the Prometheus 2012 movie, whilst the 1994 Stargate movie, with the main character Daniel Jackson, played by James Spader,  was secretly based on Wayne Herschel, which only Wayne Herschel and friends would know but could do nothing about.

Thus for the early months my sole focus was decoding the history/space aspect of the Q drops, that, for obvious reasons Q had to present as embedded in riddles and double meanings, to get past the extreme censorship that we all know only too well.

All the Q talk about USA politics is simply noise, the misinformation part, to act as a carrier for the REAL messages and disclosure, as the movement grows. Q has always said misinformation was necessary AND that the disclosures went well beyond one country and well beyond politics, trade and money.

This is about exposing and removing an entire planet’s stranglehold of ALL current Leaders and Monarchy and starting from scratch with a brand new, clean and honest system that our world has never known in our short term history of the last 2,000 years.   It was vital to understand that POTUS, HRC and MOAB had different meanings.

It should be obvious by now that Q is a group of military intelligence operatives being heavily assisted by off world benevolent (good) ET races to help us gain full knowledge of their existence and free ourselves from the iron grip of the hostile Ets that currently have control of us and the planet- the human looking GMO’d Freemasons.

To conclude, the key to fully deciphering Q was his posts about – ‘Find the articles about Freemasons’. Why?  Because my Uncle, Marc Verdier did a 2008 radio interview that was littered with coded references to many False Flags including 9/11 and the jaw dropping statement (when not even asked about it), that, they the Masons do not kill newborns or drink their blood....Boom.

So this is how I discovered via Q that my Uncle is MI6, working for the British Secret Intelligence Service (Q’s SIS), in the pay of the UK Royal Family, whom he regularly entertains at the notorious Bohemian Moravia Zidlochovice Castle in Prague (Q’s MZ & Lock) and Bohemian Grove in the USA. The UK Royal Family’s Windsor Castle is also located on LOCK Road, and is Q’s Green Castle Red Castle.

Furthermore, the Queen’s brother-in-law was Lord SNOWDEN, thus @snowden is mainly referring to the Queen.

Q’s SIS also stands for the name of the Gmo’d sub species that the Masons are: Homocapensis, whilst we are Homosapiens.

After finishing the Wayne Herschel material, I started decoding the most famous murders and False Flags and saw a hideous, repeating ‘matrix’ pattern in all of them, no matter their world location, number of victims or type of death.

It is this need for ‘symbolism’ and blatantly encoding their ‘signatures’ into the reporting of the crimes that is, going to lead to their downfall and what Q has revealed to us without even breaking the law or releasing classified information. 

In so doing, ‘they’ the Masons have effectively ‘hung themselves out to dry’ and incriminated themselves.  This is why Q said: ‘It cannot be defended.’

They choose victims, circumstances and locations that ALREADY fit the repeating template. E.g the name of a victim or location will often either be very similar to their own names or rhyme with their names.  One example is two of the Santa Rosa Hitchiker victims were called Nancy P and Nancy Fuesi which implicates and reveals Nancy Pelosi as a killer, presented in a huge piece of work on the Santa Rosa Murders.

Russia, Australia, UK, Africa, USA, Norway, Poland, France, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Morocco etc.

It confirmed that there is no such thing as a country with borders and independent Leaders as most people perceive. The huge, all encompassing satanic cult that controls the planet headed up by the UK Queen & her husband (Q’s PP) - Prince Philip, control EVERY country and EVERY Leader in EVERY country, committing the same crimes with identical signatures. 

The one that really confirmed this fact  was the Russian KURSK submarine disaster that killed 118 (Q’s image of a Submarine).  It's template was no different from that of the TWO crashed Air France (Q’s AF1) planes, one the Paris Concorde, the other in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on its way from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.  This proves that (Q’s other  PP) - President Putin is complicit in the same cult and loyal to the Queen.

From my perspective I started to notice personal information in the Q drops that could only pertain to the above mentioned people that I am connected to, and, information that had never been seen publically.  It was very unsettling and a deep unease was born, since, early on, I did not have a clue who Q was.  And when Q dropped my own 6 digit former airline staff number, I really had to start digging and expand my thinking.

At that point I wondered if the three murders that I’m connected to detailed above fitted the ‘template’, which they did. 

That is when I dug out my Dad’s file, and to my horror found out that his ‘accident’ was also murder (reported as occurring 17:20) , a fact that the Coroner alluded to at his inquest using the word ‘negligence’ as a cover and telling us to forget trying to pursue it because we would never succeed. It then snowballed from there including the discovery that my own ‘accident’ was a masonic ‘hit.’

Having studied law I tackled the drops as if I was preparing the evidence for a Jury so that they could reach a verdict.

After completing all the work on the murders I then discovered that Q was making multiple, coded drops referencing the Stargate SG-1 series. 

He had also dropped directly from a Prayer found in my Dad’s wallet after his murder (Another of Q’s Lord’s PRAYER meanings).   I knew then that Q had to be from an offworld, benevolent ET origin (Pleiades-see Wayne Herschel’s work) source working with the intelligence services here. 

They dropped that the Anons would be ‘safe,’ so I just had to get on with it.  They also greeted us as ‘fellow extraterrestrials.’

I have only made my way through a third of the entire Stargate collection but basically Q is directing us to watch it, as it is giving FULL disclosure like no other, and is the correct decoding of Q’s HANNITY.

In the Stargate episode called 2001, you actually hear the character Daniel Jackson say:  Q's we must ‘DIG DEEPER.’’  This was referring to an entire modern, civilization like ours, that they find under farmland, that was killed off by the Aschen, using their ‘sterility’ vaccines, and exactly what is happening to us as a race right now.

The Deep State ARE the ASCHENS and use freemasonery as a cover for their world network of complete control and dominion over all of us, with their long term goal being to wipe us out using their disease/sterility VACCINES.

So to conclude, for all those clamouring for FULL DISCLOSURE, I hope that I have demonstrated that Q HAS indeed delivered it with just this small selection of the 1900 infographics that contain the entire story in great detail.

Q: You have more than you know.

But it requires expanded thinking and the willingness to actually face it and read it.   You are the JURY and you cannot reach a verdict unless you review the full evidence.

The thousands of Q drops obviously lead to hundreds of articles that provide the disclosure.   The drops cannot all be read as stand alone drops, but instead were designed to be read with their corresponding articles, in a layered and overlapping delivery, concealed in ‘noise,’ the ‘noise’ being the pretend interest in Trump, USA politics, walls and abortion clinics. 

Q has revealed it ALL- real crimes, real victims and the names of the actual deep state players...something truthers have demanded.  It is done using misspellings, foreign words, rhyming words and overlapping stories.

The D Party means the Donald/Podesta pizzagate parties that they all attend such as the cannibal themed one in Hollywood. The real disclosure has only ever been about deep state murders and the SSP, cleverly concealed as a never ending tennis match of political trivia, in order to bypass the censors, grow the movement and avoid mass panic. 

Q said mass arrests cannot occur until the people know what the crimes are.


They have a very clear plan for when Pakistan born Trump has been removed. Boom.  

And here is Q confirming Trump’s participation in one of the UK’s most notorious child murders- the murder of 8 year Sarah Payne, found dead and mutilated on 17th July 2000.   Hence Q’s reminder on the 17th March,  of yet another FF involving the number 17.

You cannot create such a huge movement without knowing the solution, so the good news is that a new system, never before experienced in our entire known history, will be rolled out when appropriate, ending the one leader billionaire/Monarchy system once and for all. Only a more powerful, technically and spiritually advanced off world race could help us achieve that, which is clearly what Q is.

Thus this is a very brief introduction to the Q drops, where a forensic and detailed examination that leaves one in no doubt whatsoever, has been spread across 5 parts called:

Once Upon a Q- The Greatest Story Ever Told.

And the Link to Wayne Herschel's website, who has also recently revealed the real and actual location of ATLANTIS!

Please therefore help spread this message, because the quicker it goes viral, the quicker we all gain JUSTICE, and our Freedom from the slavery, tyranny and mass murders. 



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