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  • You  know  somewhere in the  recesses  of  your  mind  you  keep  hoping against  hope that  this is  not  the  reality  of things.  That  somehow things have  become misconstrued and this is all just a  big  misunderstanding and a lot of  circumstantial evidence.  One  cannot  fathom  the   evil  the  lurks  within the   soul  of a  person  or persons  who are  capable  of  something  like  this.  The  premeditated  annihilation  of a populace for the  simple  purpose  of  greed  and  power.  Sometimes I  wonder if I  have  simply  gone  insane and am  imagining  all of this as  my   family  seems  to  think.
  • Well people in that area and along the new madrid best be prepared now.
  • looks  that  way!
  • Hmmm so they are trying again eh?


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