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I want you to all feel Our Indomitable Courage within you which just sends you forward like a rocket in all achievement, even in the small details of your outer life. Oh, just feel the Glorious Joy from the Presence surging forth to do things, and when you get there, all is right! Just feel It in the morning when you get up. Hold your arms to the "Presence" and say:

"Mighty I AM Presence, I feel the Glory of Your Energy, Health, and Strength today. Charge them forth into my world; send them everywhere; harmonize and bring everything into Perfect Condition, and when I physically arrive see that all is prepared. See that there is only joy, harmony, and successful achievement when I arrive in physical form."

Oh, Precious Ones, if you would only do that, there would not be a single thing touch you during the day.

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  • Marvels: Do I startle you when I say that one minute a day of actually, joyously feeling this Mighty Perfection of God permeating your mind and being with its Full Intensity, would in a few months transmute and transform your entire outer appearance?

    SGP#04 – Ascended Master Instruction, XVI, p. 154

    Strange to say, there is only now and then one who will stay close enough to this simple thing to produce these glorious results. The same may be achieved in the use of this great Love, Wisdom, and Power. Do not wait for something to demand it; but continuously, every time you have a few moments during the day, do the following: Just be still and feel this Perfection of God filling every cell of your being, mind and body; and you will soon see sufficient results to go joyously on until the complete transformation takes place.

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